Argus Obituary Index

The Library maintains an index of obituaries published in the Villa Park Argus, beginning in 1931, of people who were Villa Park residents or had some other connection to the village. This index is updated periodically. Gaps exist in the index due to issues missing from the Library’s microfilm collection of newspapers. Dates listed in this index are dates of publication, and not of death.

Visitors to the Library may view and print copies of Argus obituaries at the microforms reader/printer in the Adult Services Department. A fee of 10 cents per page is charged for printing. If you live outside the area, you may request a copy of an obituary by mailing a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope to the Library or by submitting a request through your local library’s interlibrary loan service.

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NamePublication Date
Wach, Catherine M.1976-08-13
Wach, Edward J.1992-09-11
Wach, George E.1976-10-20
Wach, June E.2008-03-14
Wachowski, Corrine M.1974-03-06
Wachowski, Elizabeth1959-02-04
Wachowski, John B.1954-04-11
Wachowski, Leonard J.1997-03-22
Wachowski, Mary B.1982-10-20
Wachowski, Theodore L.1986-02-28
Waegelein, Augusta J.1974-06-21
Waegelein, Isabella L.1975-03-12
Waggoner, James V.1939-03-24
Wagner, Aloys1982-05-12
Wagner, Eleanore G.1995-04-26
Wagner, John C.1969-03-20
Wagner, Lieselotte M.2009-02-13
Wagner, Louis1981-08-19
Wagner,Edward R.2019-05-10
Wahl, Barbara1959-02-19
Wahlen, Henry1944-06-22
Waid, Herbert W.1984-02-28
Waisganis, Carol A.2005-01-22
Wakat, Willi1991-03-27
Walckhof, Elizabeth C. E.1983-04-22
Walckhof, May1981-12-30
Waldron, Harry1974-05-31
Waldron, Mary R.1985-06-14
Walger, Franklin J.1948-05-08
Walger, Josephine1959-12-24
Walker, Catherine P.1941-01-12
Walker, Clara M.1985-06-14
Walker, George J.1997-04-29
Walker, Jphn E.1979-11-14
Walker, Mary L.1984-08-31
Walker, Pauline1977-04-24
Walker, Robert D.1990-03-07
Walker, Wesley E.1970-07-17
Walker,Elizabeth N.1981-03-18
Wall, Joseph C.1970-04-24
Wall, Lillian Clementine1951-06-15
Wall, Stephanie A.1963-09-13
Wallace, Bill S.1982-05-19
Wallace, Gerald1937-02-10
Wallace, Hazel1966-04-27
Wallace, James1973-08-15
Wallace, James N.1981-03-25
Wallbam, Erick William1948-02-11
Wallburg, Charles R.1997-03-07
Wallen, David W.1986-08-27
Wallen, Lloyd1973-02-14
Wallen, Mabel C.1988-04-15
Walley, Anne1962-04-05
Wallich, Lorraine M.1996-06-26
Wallin, James Andrew2009-01-30
Wallin, Renae J.2006-01-31
Wallinder, Bertha1963-03-06
Wallinder, Harry A.1992-12-23
Wallis, Bessie L.1994-01-26
Wallis, Lester1958-06-10
Wallschlaeger, Alan "A.J." Jr.1995-03-10
Walsh, Kenneth F.2003-02-21
Walsh, Marianne L.2003-02-18
Walsh, Raymond1957-05-16
Walsh, Thomas1991-11-19
Walter, Dorothy K.1968-07-17
Walter, Frederick J.1987-01-17
Walter, Herman J.1974-12-11
Walter, Marjorie L.1994-02-01
Walters, George H.1989-03-10
Walters, Mrs. George H.1939-12-14
Walters, Thelma Marie1994-12-14
Walther, Edward F.1981-11-25
Walther, Jennie B.1994-11-16
Waltz, Dorothy1967-07-21
Wannacott, Anna K.1955-04-14
Wanzung, Lucille E.2002-02-21
Ward, Glenn E.1998-03-18
Ward, James1962-01-10
Ward, Marion1990-09-28
Ward, Maureen1969-04-16
Ward, William J.1969-02-12
Warenyk, Mykola1972-08-23
Warnell, Joseph1969-03-26
Warnier, Ruth1960-08-18
Warren, Claude C.1968-01-24
Warren, Florence K.1968-05-29
Warren, Julia1964-11-11
Warren, Myrtle F.1987-08-12
Warszinski, Irene A.2001-04-11
Wasson, Erwin E.1989-10-20
Waters, Charles1960-09-10
Waters, Lena1974-02-07
Watschke, Harold Henry2004-07-23
Watson, George C.1985-04-10
Watson, George L.1957-03-28
Watson, Georgina A.1964-11-18
Watson, June A.1992-03-05
Watson, Sharon1975-03-27
Watt, Helen Louise Curley2002-04-26
Watts, George T.2004-09-29
Wavak, Muriel H.2002-01-30
Wawak, Charles1966-07-20
Wawak, Frances L.2005-08-10
Wawak, Harold R.1991-02-13
Wawak, Hazel Z.2003-03-19
Wawak, Ida F.1980-08-27
Wawak, Irving R.2004-02-02
Wawak, Mary L.2006-03-03
Way, Roy D.1955-07-28
Waz, Hanna B.1996-12-25
Wcislo, Lottie1983-05-18
Wdoveca, Kalenik1964-05-08
Wdovech, Mary1968-03-22
Wdovech, Richard S.2006-01-18
Weaks, Mrs. Carroll F.1950-07-14
Wealther, Herbert L.1990-03-14
Weaser, Frank E.1984-03-06
Weatherwax, Corinne S.1984-03-16
Weatherwax, Ruby E.1987-04-17
Weaver, Dennis J.1971-03-03
Weaver, Ethel J.2002-06-12
Weaver, George C.1988-08-17
Weaver, Lillian G.1998-04-02
Weaver, Norman E.1964-04-01
Weber, Cora1977-12-21
Weber, Gertrude B.1990-11-23
Weber, Leo Paul2001-10-26
Weber, Louise1941-09-25
Weber, Norman F.1994-03-23
Weber, Robert W.1997-11-19
Webster, Edgar T.1978-08-30
Webster, Leonard E.1979-07-13
Webster, Susan E.1989-01-27
Weidemann John A.1971-04-23
Weidling, Henry R.1957-03-22
Weidling, Julius1947-07-17
Weidner, Agnes M.1985-02-20
Weigand, Margaret A.1947-05-04
Weigel, Joseph L.1986-09-12
Weiger, Jeanne D.1990-10-24
Weiger, Walter J.2013-09-20
Weimer, Dorothy A.1983-06-29
Weimer, Robert Thomas1991-07-17
Weimer, Thomas R.1992-01-17
Weinberg, Marvin L.1992-10-21
Weinstein, Arlene1969-08-22
Weir, Jerome A.2005-02-17
Weir, Lillian E.1990-01-22
Weisbrook, Margaret1955-02-24
Weisenborn, Marie A.2011-11-18
Weisgerber, William W.1936-04-24
Weishaar, Charles1972-11-23
Weishaar, Elizabeth1964-02-26
Weishaar, Eugene C.1943-05-02
Weisheit, Paul1975-08-20
Weiss, Jeanette Hannah2004-11-26
Weiss, Jo Ann1972-08-30
Weisshaar, David C.1999-03-27
Weisshaar, Doris May1996-04-20
Weisshaar, Edward1997-01-29
Weisshaar, Herbert1965-08-20
Welacha, Robert A.1976-07-16
Welborn, Joseph, F.1977-01-15
Welch, Else M.2018-10-12
Welch, John1959-12-31
Welch, Judith B.1983-01-15
Welch, Woodrow G.1986-04-13
Welker, Helen E.1968-06-12
Welker, Judith L.1987-10-21
Welling, Alan M.2002-02-20
Wellington, Nick A.2002-01-19
Welsh, Daniel Joseph1995-06-16
Welsh, Gladys1962-03-07
Welzien, Eleanor M. Enders1997-01-22
Wenc, John S.1991-05-19
Wendorf, Walter W.1987-05-29
Wendt, August H.1975-02-13
Wendt, Bess M.1986-02-19
Wendt, Theodore1972-12-15
Wendt, William H.2009-05-22
Wengryn, Panko1971-09-15
Wenshutonis, Edward J.1980-02-18
Wenshutonis, Estelle1993-02-19
Wentling, Elsie1993-04-16
Wentling, John A.1985-03-29
Wenz, Helen L.1967-03-22
Werbowetzke, Josephine1966-09-28
Werbowetzki, Michael1973-08-29
Werkmeister, Agnes C.1998-04-17
Werler, Charles1970-01-28
Wernette, Joseph P.1978-04-21
Wernick, Walter1981-08-19
Werth, Anna E.1990-01-19
Wertzler, Art1963-04-17
Wesbey, Hulda M.1971-11-17
Weselik, Mae E.2005-12-14
Weseman, Carol Ann2005-03-23
Weskrna, Joseph1965-03-12
Wesolowski, Eleanor L.1982-07-14
Wesolowski, George J.1985-01-19
Wesseln, David A.2003-08-20
West, Mary C.1981-10-30
West, Paul1971-01-18
West, Samuel L.1968-03-20
Westberg, Anna M.1968-07-31
Westberg, Reuben1965-08-11
Westburg, William R.1969-06-11
Westby, Mildred T.1976-04-08
Westerholt, Gladys1991-07-24
Westerrberg, Wanda M.1979-01-10
Westphal, Charles Henry2009-04-19
Westphal, Jessie M. "Betty" Huetson1995-02-24
Wettersten, Lillian E.1994-07-27
Whalen, Catherine E.2005-02-23
Whalen, Leo Francis II1996-02-22
Wheeler, Arthur A.1964-02-10
Wheeler, Eleanor A.1992-09-16
Wheeler, Fleming A. Sr.1992-04-15
Wheeler, George1941-01-26
Wheeler, Shirley R.2011-03-18
Wheeler, Stella1963-03-29
Whelan, Catherine M.1998-01-12
Whelen, Patricia1974-02-12
Whiston, Catherine Marie1998-10-30
White, Alice H.2006-10-11
White, Arthur L.1981-04-24
White, Beatrice J.2006-01-13
White, Betsy R.1985-09-18
White, Catherine F.1984-03-23
White, Charlotte Keck2005-02-23
White, Daniel T.1992-04-25
White, Ernest F.2001-09-12
White, Ethel E.1993-05-08
White, Flossie S.1953-03-13
White, George1962-03-14
White, George C.1991-12-18
White, George J.1984-02-21
White, Harriet1958-07-22
White, James D.1959-10-15
White, John K.1977-10-28
White, Margaret1959-02-12
White, Matthew A.1996-05-29
White, Raymond L.1980-10-31
White, Robert2006-03-08
White, Robert1983-05-11
White, Thomas C.1992-01-17
Whitington, Josephine M.2006-03-10
Whitlock, Cathryn1983-02-08
Wiard, Elizabeth1992-05-22
Wick, Mabel2006-04-16
Wickman, Raymond, W.1978-01-25
Widman, Mrs. John1945-03-24
Wieck, John1953-08-20
Wiedel, Donald I.1957-06-13
Wiegand, Herman H.2003-10-31
Wiegand, Ruth C.1991-03-28
Wiegel, Kenneth1987-01-14
Wiercinski, Frank I.1984-03-21
Wiercinski, Helen A.2003-03-20
Wiggert, Eugene E.1985-03-13
Wiggett, Rosemary2014-07-11
Wigren, Aaron C.1999-03-03
Wigren, Catherine S.1984-01-25
Wilbur, Phyllis Irene2001-04-15
Wilcox, George W.1994-03-18
Wilcox, John1943-12-23
Wilcox, Mrs. John1943-05-09
Wilde, Arno W.1997-05-30
Wiliams, Mrs. Waldo1941-02-12
Wilke, Edward1955-11-10
Wilkenloh, Anna1936-02-28
Wilkins, Richard G.1999-03-24
Wilks, Ira E. III2010-03-12
Wille, Henry1964-12-23
Willer, William H.1944-04-28
Willey, Arthur F.1984-01-14
Willey, John1961-05-06
Willhoit, John C.1995-07-19
William, Elsie1959-03-19
Williams, C. Kathryn1990-11-21
Williams, Charles H.1962-12-12
Williams, Cruger Ruth1959-02-26
Williams, Dorothy C.1992-05-03
Williams, FLorence1973-02-13
Williams, Frances1992-06-12
Williams, George R.2013-02-14
Williams, George T.1986-12-12
Williams, Grace E.1976-06-16
Williams, Grace E.1968-12-25
Williams, Henry C.1973-09-26
Williams, Jean1985-08-16
Williams, John V.1998-08-12
Williams, Leonard P.1978-07-19
Williams, Michael A.2004-01-26
Williams, Robert Tracy Sr.2018-05-18
Williams, Sally1995-03-08
Williams, Sydney N.1993-02-19
Williams, Walter D.1980-01-19
Williamson, James H.1972-08-23
Williamson, John A. Sr.1992-11-11
Willie, Esther E.1976-05-19
Willie, Ida L.1987-09-16
Williford, Olga M.1983-04-08
Williford, William1964-10-16
Willis, Alice2009-12-18
Willis, Dr. John F.2002-07-24
Willis, Lesa1967-12-15
Wills, Mrs. Edgar1946-05-30
Willsey, Charles W.2004-06-23
Willsey, June D.1995-03-15
Willwock, Virginia I.1991-06-26
Wilma, Harry M.1979-01-22
Wilma, Henry R.1986-04-25
Wilsey, Elizabeth E. "Bettie"2006-03-30
Wilson, Ella1953-03-20
Wilson, Esther D.1986-03-20
Wilson, Harriette S.1984-10-19
Wilson, Harry1961-04-14
Wilson, Ina M.1966-03-04
Wilson, James D.1999-12-22
Wilson, John1988-02-08
Wilson, John L.1965-04-30
Wilson, Mary1960-10-13
Wilson, Mary E.1943-10-21
Wilson, Mary G.1959-07-23
Wilson, Walter1961-04-19
Wilson, William D.1987-04-04
Wilson, William T.1951-03-16
Wiltgen, Amanda S.1982-03-24
Wiltgen, Patricia C.1998-07-31
Winans, Glenn1966-04-22
Winans, Myrtle M.1978-10-20
Wind, Ejolf L.1990-05-30
Wink, Charlotte M.1995-05-10
Wink, George1977-01-12
Winsdor, Jeanne2013-01-18
Winsett, Thomas H.1962-10-17
Winter, Bernard G. IV2006-03-18
Winter, Patricia A.1981-08-26
Winter, Richard N.1985-04-26
Winter, Ruth M.2018-10-05
Winter, William L.1993-04-25
Wintergast, Frank J.1975-11-12
Wintergerst, Frank J.1982-09-29
Wintergerst, Marie T.1992-04-29
Winters, Michael L.2004-11-17
Winters, Roy M.2014-04-11
Winters, Shirley A.2005-03-17
Wintheiser, Amelia A.1960-11-24
Wisbrock, Fred1986-12-30
Wisbrook, Bertram1966-01-19
Wisbrook, Marie T.1981-10-14
Wischoeffer, E. Susan2005-03-16
Wischoeffer, George M.1993-04-18
Wischoeffer, Irma L.1988-06-29
Wiseheart, Helen L.1999-06-30
Wiseman, Mark1987-04-24
Wisner, Michael P.2014-03-29
Wisniewski, Irene A.2005-10-26
Wist, Thaddeus R.1988-02-19
Witkus, James I.1974-01-14
Witt, Mary K.2004-02-13
Wittels, John2002-09-11
Witter, Mildred E.1980-12-31
Wittke, Charles H.2010-02-26
Wittwer, Marvin D.1993-03-12
Witzel, Florence R.2001-04-13
Witzel, Jerome1964-12-25
Witzel, Melvin1987-02-27
Wodardczyk, Lottie M.1993-04-23
Woith, Elizabeth F.1978-03-30
Woith, George1970-04-22
Wojcek, Daniel C.1987-06-24
Wojciechowski, Joseph G.1998-07-15
Wojcik, Joseph2003-02-13
Wojcik, Lillian2004-01-30
Wolbing, Fred M.1996-05-31
Wold, Marion C.1991-03-13
Wolf, Albert E. Sr.1989-01-21
Wolf, Edward H.1983-06-10
Wolf, Elizabeth1939-03-24
Wolf, Eugene1948-12-23
Wolf, Frank R.1990-04-05
Wolf, Marie A.1990-10-12
Wolfe, Janice1966-01-26
Wolfe, Phillip S.1992-02-14
Wolff, Alice Elizabeth1999-08-18
Wolff, Cornelius V.1980-02-06
Wolff, George C. Jr.1979-04-11
Wolfram, Eric A.1993-11-24
Wolfram, Minnie M.2007-02-21
Wolgemuth, Scott Allan II1992-02-10
Wolski, Arlene R.2003-10-24
Woltjen, Kathryn M.1998-12-16
Wood-McCord, Marjorie K.2003-05-23
Wood, Bob1975-09-12
Wood, Fern W.1993-03-26
Wood, Mary1962-03-17
Wood, Merritt F.1968-06-12
Wood, Norma1959-10-15
Wood, Robert D.1991-06-21
Woodbury, William H.1965-03-20
Woodruff, Wanda L.1964-03-25
Woods, Alice L.1948-03-03
Woods, Arthur1961-10-11
Woods, Emmett J.1995-01-11
Woods, Everiste1943-06-17
Woosley, Earl R.1965-04-28
Wooters, Cale D.1989-01-28
Worland, Claude E.1993-10-22
Worland, Ella M.2000-06-23
Worland, Mabel L.1973-03-21
Worley, Donald L.1999-02-10
Worobec, Emily1988-03-08
Worobec, William J.2007-04-18
Worth, Fred1980-02-29
Wozniak, John A.1990-03-28
Wozniak, Lawrence1936-02-20
Wozniak, Norma T.1983-01-19
Wozniak, Raymond C.1976-04-22
Wright, Anna C.2003-04-25
Wright, Billie Jean1996-07-31
Wright, Brian A.2002-10-16
Wright, Clara1951-08-31
Wright, Dennis F.1953-05-28
Wright, Elizabeth V.1986-11-19
Wright, Erik W.2018-08-24
Wright, Floyd1986-02-26
Wright, George E.2001-09-28
Wright, Gladys L.1999-11-24
Wright, James1970-05-27
Wright, James1982-03-12
Wright, Jean1970-02-05
Wright, Karen A.2004-07-28
Wright, Rauth1974-04-10
Wright, Thomas D.1982-04-21
Wroblewski, Anna A.2000-02-02
Wroblewski, Leonard F.2001-05-11
Wunschl, Anthony C2006-03-10
Wunschl, Elizabeth F.1987-12-16
Wurl, Eugene E. Jr.1985-03-08
Wurm, Ludmila2007-03-14
Wych, George R. Sr.2004-09-24
Wymer, Ethel1972-01-19
Wyns, Diane1953-07-23
Wyns, Harvey O.1990-03-14
Wyrobek, Ronald J.2009-01-12
Wysocki, Ralph W.1997-01-22