Argus Obituary Index

The Library maintains an index of obituaries published in the Villa Park Argus, beginning in 1931, of people who were Villa Park residents or had some other connection to the village. This index is updated periodically. Gaps exist in the index due to issues missing from the Library’s microfilm collection of newspapers. Dates listed in this index are dates of publication, and not of death.

Visitors to the Library may view and print copies of Argus obituaries at the microforms reader/printer in the Adult Services Department. A fee of 10 cents per page is charged for printing. If you live outside the area, you may request a copy of an obituary by mailing a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope to the Library or by submitting a request through your local library’s interlibrary loan service.

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NamePublication Date
Rabe, Bernard, E.1988-12-28
Rabe, Frances1955-02-16
Rabe, Graham Genevieve1950-05-26
Rabe, Irma1956-07-19
Rabe, Marian L.1998-03-19
Rabe, Martha1957-04-05
Rabe, Richard1975-03-27
Rabuck, Towne Phoebe Katharine1950-03-24
Rachor, Grace1968-05-29
Rada, George F.1989-10-13
Rada, Hattie1964-01-18
Rada, June M.2004-03-10
Rada, Kenneth, E.1977-09-23
Radic, John E.2004-11-17
Radocha, Edward F.1991-12-27
Radoe, John III1988-08-10
Radonich, Ann1983-01-24
Radonich, Milorad1997-01-17
Radtke, Jean L.1984-05-23
Rafferty, Patrick J.1963-06-12
Raffety, Thomas A.1974-01-14
Raffety, Thomas A.1984-01-14
Ragonese, Joseph1977-06-22
Raley, Beulah1973-01-27
Raley, Orlando1960-02-25
Ralls, Joyce R.1997-05-30
Ralson, Gertrude1951-03-17
Ralston, William A.1999-12-22
Ralys, Anne V.1991-06-21
Ramonda, Jean F.1981-01-24
Ranberg, John R.1992-02-26
Rank, Forrest A. Sr.2000-02-07
Rank, Marilyn F.2007-02-06
Rank, Muriel A.2000-03-29
Rankin, John L.1977-02-23
Rapaz, Barbara I.1995-01-25
Rascher, Arhur F.1970-11-18
Rascher, Elsie1965-01-13
Raschke, Eugene L.1987-06-26
Raslund, Dora A.1961-03-18
Rasmusen, S. H.1944-05-06
Rasmussen, Charlotte L.1994-07-29
Raspatello, Rocco V.2006-01-31
Rathbone, Clarence1996-05-29
Rathgeb, Erwin A.2006-03-29
Rathgeb, Marie T.2007-01-12
Rau, Carolyn C.1995-04-06
Rau, Walter1987-03-25
Raudabaugh, Julianne2014-02-21
Raudabaugh, Robert L.2002-01-26
Rausch, Thomas J.2013-04-06
Rawls Carl, Joan C.2018-04-06
Rawls, Thomas W.1968-02-21
Ray, Evelyn W.1978-03-24
Rayunec, Barbara F.1984-01-11
Rayunee, Barbara F.1974-01-11
Rea, Chrintina B.1974-09-18
Read, Ralph1931-08-21
Reagan, Albert1954-02-11
Ream, Martha1959-02-19
Reardon, Peggy P.1976-06-16
Reber, Werner W.1966-03-11
Reddoch, Katherine M.1987-01-28
Redmond, John E.1985-05-22
Redmond, John Jr.1977-08-10
Redmond, Kenneth J.1979-07-11
Redzinsdki, Francis1974-02-05
Reed, Julia Emma Conlee1992-06-10
Reed, Mame R.1932-02-03
Reed, Marguerite1953-05-14
Reed, Miles S.1979-03-09
Reeder, Timothy1971-12-29
Reedus, Roy2006-05-10
Reedus, Ruth E.1998-08-26
Reedy, Louise A.2002-05-10
Reedy, Louise Ann2002-02-27
Reedy, Mary S.1976-08-11
Reedy, Robert T.2018-12-14
Reedy, William J.1991-10-23
Reehl, Sophie1948-08-26
Reels, Millie P.1976-02-24
Reese, Audrey C.2005-01-28
Reese, Gerald A.1999-10-15
Reese, Marie A.1999-01-11
Reeves, Francis H.1991-10-11
Reger, Barbara R.2003-06-25
Reger, William R.1985-07-12
Rehm, Robert A.1968-06-26
Reichel, William C.1971-05-19
Reichelt, Anna F.1996-08-14
Reid, Elizabeth M.1953-08-13
Reid, Helen1981-10-28
Reid, Jack M.1985-01-28
Reidy, John P. Sr.1991-12-20
Reilly, James T.1979-07-20
Reilly, Lawrence P.1986-12-23
Reilly, Leo H.1978-03-02
Reilly, Loretta P.1992-12-18
Reilly, Myrtle M.1984-02-17
Reilly, Sarah1984-06-27
Reiman, Sherri L.1968-04-26
Reimer, Albert C.1981-02-11
Reimer, Sophie J.1987-01-23
Reimer, William D.1978-04-19
Reinbold, William F.1955-03-10
Reiner, Severa W.1984-02-21
Reinhold, William J.1935-03-08
Reinke Jr., LeRoy W.1998-04-22
Reinke, Geroldine2005-11-23
Reinke, Gertrude1968-03-05
Reiser, Harry1964-02-28
Reiser, Olga1940-02-15
Reising, Emma1991-12-20
Reising, Eugene1974-08-28
Reising, Martha P1986-08-13
Reising, Mrs. Eugene1935-02-22
Reiter, Herman F.1981-04-15
Rellihen, Erna1937-03-19
Remec, Margaret D.1970-08-21
Remedi, Patricia Ann2013-07-12
Remington, Dorothea M.1978-04-14
Remsington, Paul B.1963-01-19
Renfrow, Jeffrey R.2003-06-11
Reno, James A.1995-05-01
Rentfro, Laura A.2014-01-24
Rentzsch, Anna1976-04-22
Rentzsch, Walter A.1982-03-04
Rerabek, Joseph F.1973-11-30
Rerabek, Mayme1964-11-13
Reschke, Anna1973-12-21
Reschke, Walter W.1980-09-10
Reschke, William1953-04-18
Resitlund, John1935-02-22
Ressi, Olive K.2013-03-16
Restivo, Joseph R.1997-09-17
Reuland, Jack W.1991-01-11
Rex, Bette J.1999-12-31
Reyes, Elias1978-03-17
Reyes, Francisco1978-03-17
Reynolds, Bridget Aileen1994-08-31
Rhode, Hannah1991-06-26
Rhode, Warner L.1976-12-29
Ricci, Mary1989-08-25
Rice, Dudley H.1980-10-29
Rice, Elizabeth Juanita1993-05-03
Rice, Fannie1943-11-18
Rice, Helen T.1998-04-12
Rice, Howard J.1974-01-31
Rice, Rosalind H.1992-09-18
Rich, Kathryn M.1963-07-19
Richards, Anthony B.1993-02-24
Richards, Arch W.1965-11-12
Richards, Goldie M.1969-02-19
Richards, Gordon G.1997-02-26
Richards, Gordon G.1997-02-28
Richardson, Lawrence J.1999-03-17
Richter, Ardela1968-01-27
Richter, Glynn W.1988-04-16
Rickert, Katherine1955-03-24
Ricotta, Anna1962-03-17
Ricotta, Jack1981-03-12
Ridder, Janet L.1996-05-24
Ridge, Daniel L.1965-06-30
Riedl, James1964-02-20
Riedner, Lydia1957-01-24
Riegler, Robert M.1997-02-26
Riegler, Robert M.1997-02-21
Riem, Maria J.1979-05-31
Riesling, C. B. "Bob"1948-01-29
Rietz, Karen Mathieu1993-12-29
Rietzke, Ida1940-01-25
Riffe, Clarissa E.2002-04-01
Riffe, Robert B. Sr.1993-02-16
Riffle, Kevin W.2004-03-19
Riggio, Charles M.1994-05-07
Riggio, Pierina2003-03-20
Riggs, Harold J.1963-06-12
Riggs, Rosemary E.1994-05-18
Rigitano, Jean M.2007-01-22
Riley, Anna M.1982-01-22
Riley, Thomas1983-01-24
Rilling, Sarah1931-05-15
Rimkus, Leon1965-10-14
Rinan, Robert V.1994-01-19
Rincker, George1970-05-20
Riner, George C.1978-04-28
Ring, Laverne1964-04-28
Ringstorf, Helen J.1985-01-19
Rink, Harold J.1959-07-30
Rinker, George1941-04-19
Riordon, J. Stuart1968-01-22
Riordon, James K.1950-04-21
Rios, Vicenta Hernadez2009-02-12
Ripley, Anna M.1993-05-12
Ripley, Dewey1966-02-23
Ripley, Eugene R.1968-01-17
Ripley, Jane A.2011-02-10
Ripley, Leroy E.1986-02-18
Riportella, Antoinette1988-05-18
Ripstra, Ruth E.1988-04-15
Ritchey, Susan J.2001-05-23
Ritter, Marion H.1996-07-17
Ritter, Raymond H.1994-04-22
Rittermal, Elvira T.1976-02-25
Rittmueller, Norman Louis1992-01-10
Rizza, James A.1972-08-30
Rizzo, Anna A.1998-04-17
Rizzo, Peter J.1994-09-14
Roach, Albert K. Sr.1992-10-21
Roach, Loretta1999-11-19
Roak, Amanda C.1992-05-20
Roak, John W.1977-09-23
Robb, Arnold1984-05-30
Robbins, Charles B.1993-03-31
Robbins, Grace1987-08-26
Robbins, Phyllis1932-02-10
Robert V. "Bob" Toika1993-03-18
Roberta, Catherine1970-01-11
Roberts, Edith H.1989-02-17
Roberts, Edwin1939-01-15
Roberts, Eugene1940-02-22
Roberts, James C.1979-02-13
Roberts, JoAnn2004-02-11
Roberts, John F.1991-10-25
Roberts, Leona2014-10-24
Roberts, Richard R.1989-10-20
Roberts, Shirley1998-09-11
Robertson, Clarence1967-11-29
Robertson, Duncan F.1997-04-18
Robertson, Graham T.1982-03-24
Robertson, Margaret M.2001-03-17
Robinson, Fredrick D.1978-01-21
Robinson, Harriet1974-03-29
Robinson, Jennie L.2007-11-15
Robinson, Margaret E.1980-04-30
Robinson, Martha1959-03-05
Robinson, Mary H.1981-01-21
Robinson, Richard D.1945-07-19
Robinson, Robert1970-04-24
Robles, Victor2010-12-31
Roche, James H.1992-04-22
Roche, Patrick E. "Pete"""2011-03-26
Rochel, Elizabeth Ann2000-03-15
Rochocki, Savina B.2000-03-17
Rock, John1954-04-16
Rockney, Adria1994-11-23
Rockwell, Lynette S.1985-01-28
Rockwell, Martin1960-03-31
Rodda, Avice Belle2010-06-18
Rodda, Thomas A.2002-02-20
Rode, Herbert1978-04-23
Rodek, Basil M.1996-03-15
Rodek, Emily1987-04-29
Rodewald, Cecile A.1996-11-20
Rodewald, William P.1989-12-13
Rodger, Caroline E.1998-06-10
Rodger, Dave W.1962-01-21
Rodgers, Kedie M.1941-06-19
Rodocker, Jon K.2001-06-22
Rodocker, Mary R.1995-09-27
Rodriguez, Michael R.2004-12-29
Rodville, Stanley1968-04-19
Rodwell, David2008-11-23
Roeder, John T.1996-03-27
Roeder, Miriam M.1993-04-23
Roeder, Veronica1963-03-22
Roehner, Evelyn M.2002-11-13
Roehner,Curt C.1982-09-24
Rogals, Joseph G.2002-05-22
Rogers, Chester H.1991-06-19
Rogers, Elizabeth1950-03-17
Rogers, Frank Jr.1965-12-22
Rogers, Franklin W.1982-01-13
Rogers, Gary2008-10-13
Rogers, Marjorie1970-12-24
Rogers, Mrs. Orville1949-05-20
Rogers, Robert E.1991-02-05
Rogers, Rose C.1972-06-14
Rogers, Russell R.1967-11-17
Rogers, Wilma T.1979-09-21
Rogge, Edward L.1990-12-28
Rogge, Lillian J.1990-05-30
Roglin, Ann T.2007-05-23
Roglin, Charles W.1968-11-22
Rohde, Mark J.2006-04-01
Rohn, Arthur H.1968-01-17
Rohn, Edward J. Sr.1969-01-11
Rohn, Leona1965-01-18
Rohn, Mrs. Ernest1942-01-11
Rohrbacher, Robert F.1966-07-22
Rohrson, Norman G.1999-10-15
Roll, Earl1975-03-05
Roll, Kathryn M.1978-03-17
Roll, Olive1951-09-28
Rolle, Hazel1964-02-03
Rollins, Irene Elizabeth2004-03-17
Rollins, Robert H.1958-12-23
Rolson, Arthur H.1956-02-16
Romano, Anna1997-02-12
Romano, Anthony1991-02-12
Romano, Margaret V.1991-01-25
Romano, Paul1968-08-14
Romano, Robert R.2006-11-15
Romano, Rose J.1990-08-17
Romano, Yolanda1988-11-23
Romito, Liberta D.1990-12-28
Ronan, Irene G.2004-03-02
Roney, William B.1971-03-13
Rootes, Mary H.1968-02-12
Rosa, Maria2004-04-17
Rose, Evelyn H.2000-03-02
Rose, Fred L.1965-11-12
Rose, Harold H.1992-04-18
Roseberry, Bertha1973-09-12
Rosedale, Henry Sr.2009-12-18
Roselli, Florence B.1996-11-27
Roselli, Vincent Jr.2000-02-23
Rosenbach, Donald1961-05-01
Rosenberg, Alma1985-11-20
Rosenberg, Robert H.1991-09-25
Rosenthal, Sophie1962-02-14
Rosenwinkel, Martin T.1978-02-25
Rosenwinkle, Mabel2008-08-20
Roske, Richard J.1981-12-18
Roslund, Dora A.1961-03-12
Ross, Addison D.1995-03-08
Ross, Christina1937-06-10
Ross, Elizabeth1958-04-17
Ross, Ethyl1977-07-13
Ross, Harry F.1980-10-29
Ross, Helene C.1996-04-03
Ross, Howard L.1985-05-22
Ross, Mildred A.1995-06-30
Ross, Phyllis2004-04-21
Ross, Richard1987-02-18
Ross, Sally1952-11-18
Rossbach, Herbert1973-05-31
Rossbach, Ora J.1983-07-22
Rossi, Concetta M.1976-07-16
Rossman, John A.1998-04-17
Rosso, Michael1944-02-10
Rostocki, Miriam1967-03-15
Roszmann, Janet T.1999-03-03
Roth, Carl2000-06-15
Roth, George C.1988-02-17
Roth, Mary E.1979-09-21
Roth, Robert J.1997-06-27
Rothenburger, Timothy J.2009-04-17
Rothert, Bruce E.1974-11-28
Rotolo, Dominick1953-05-03
Rottschalk, Donald G.1995-07-26
Rounds, Dorothy2007-03-14
Rounds, Marston C.1993-10-20
Rounds, Pearl M.1981-05-02
Rounds, Sherley1964-05-15
Rousky, Myron1964-09-18
Rousky, Stacie1964-10-14
Routson, Donald1972-04-26
Rowan, William F.1946-01-13
Rowlen, Samuel L.1993-12-22
Rowlett, Doris1958-09-16
Roy, Bess M.1993-10-13
Roy, Mrs. Donald1971-01-16
Roy, William J.1984-03-21
Royal, Margaret1940-03-28
Rozak, Helen1954-07-30
Roze, Lucia A.2006-07-21
Rozenwinkel, Ellen1972-02-16
Ruane, Mary Ann2011-04-22
Rubeck, Flossie1959-01-22
Rubeck, Frank A.1957-02-28
Rubel, Louise A.2010-01-18
Rubenstein, Margaret C.1994-05-09
Rubenstein, Mortimer J.2009-02-27
Ruble, Catherine A.1968-01-10
Ruble, William B.1974-03-27
Rubottom, Lillin E.1985-11-26
Ruby, Ann J.1995-05-10
Ruby, Dale M.1988-02-23
Ruby, Deanna2000-02-14
Ruby, Lydia P.1963-01-28
Ruby, Robert W.2013-01-21
Ruch, E. Ruth1995-04-06
Ruch, Henry A. Jr.1992-08-12
Ruch, Richard C.1997-09-17
Ruchala, Evelyn G.1978-04-21
Ruchala, Martin1965-01-18
Rude, Leroy1983-09-14
Ruden, Lillie M.1982-04-01
Ruden, Ralph J.1979-09-21
Ruden, Raymond P.1982-04-23
Rudicil, Constance A.1996-04-18
Rudnik, Shirley L.1995-11-22
Rueckheim, William F.1964-02-19
Ruedel, Janice M.1982-09-29
Ruet, Nancy A.2009-02-13
Rufa, Dorothea M.1979-07-27
Rugaard, Cecil P.1992-08-12
Rugaard, Regin "Ray"1989-02-07
Rugen, Lenora E.2002-12-13
Rugen, Norman F.2001-12-19
Ruglio, Joseph G.1993-02-11
Ruhmann, William L1963-03-20
Rule, Mabel1966-06-24
Rulik, Marie1956-09-13
Runge, Margaret2010-05-03
Rupert, Ellen L.1974-10-30
Rusche, Frank J.1985-04-17
Russ, Michael Bruce2003-11-19
Russell, Bridget Ann1999-04-30
Russell, Connie H.1963-07-10
Russell, Lee K.1981-09-18
Russo, Bruno1974-07-31
Russo, James M.1941-10-23
Rusy, Anthony L.1998-10-28
Rusy, Ella1973-01-22
Ruther, Edward1956-03-15
Ruther, Mary1953-04-30
Rutter, Eugene E.1988-05-11
Rutter, Ida B.1966-02-11
Rutter, Lila V.1984-01-21
Rutter, Paul Edwin2000-01-17
Ruzicka, Bessie1967-06-14
Ruzicka, Frank1986-12-10
Ryan, Edward H.1965-08-13
Ryan, Elisa A.1995-04-21
Ryan, Erin P.1991-10-16
Ryan, Irene M.1978-03-29
Ryan, Jack R.1979-06-27
Ryan, James T.1954-08-27
Ryan, John C.1969-02-04
Ryan, Noreen F.1999-01-22
Ryan, Sadie1969-02-12
Ryan, Thomas V.1976-05-14
Ryan, William J. Jr.1962-03-28
Rybak, Anthony1950-10-14
Rybak, Lorena1962-09-21
Rybandt, Margaret D.1998-08-26
Rybarczyk, Arthur1996-04-24
Rymut, Ann D.1972-03-24
Rymut, Richard C.2013-04-12
Rymut, Rita "Joyce"""2014-01-10
Rynes, William G. Sr.1967-04-28
Ryva, Elaine2004-03-04