3D Printing

The Villa Park Public Library 3D Printer is available for any patron to create three-dimensional objects such as game pieces, figurines, tools, jewelry, and 2D art from a computer file submitted as an attachment.

Request a Print

Submit a request by completing the 3D Printer Request form. 

Printing Specifications

Supported Files
The library accepts .STL files. Files can be acquired from 3D printing databases such as Thingiverse.com.

Printer and Plastic Information
The library uses a Bambu Labs P1P Printer. Print files can be 256 × 256 × 256 mm³.
PLA plastic is used for 3D printing and is currently available in the following colors: white, black, blue, red, and yellow.

After a print is received, it may take up to three weeks to complete the printing project. Many projects are completed sooner. Completion depends on how long the printing queue is as well as the size and complexity of the order.  Library staff will contact the patron when their order is complete. 


Pricing is based on the final weight of the object. Rafts and supports are included in the final weight of the print. Patrons are not responsible for the cost of failed prints.

Printing cost: $0.05/gram. There is a $1.00 minimum charge for all prints.

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3D Printer Policy

I have read and agree to the Library’s Policy on 3D Printing. I understand that the Library reserves the right to refuse any request for 3D printing *