Argus Obituary Index

The Library maintains an index of obituaries published in the Villa Park Argus, beginning in 1931, of people who were Villa Park residents or had some other connection to the village. This index is updated periodically. Gaps exist in the index due to issues missing from the Library’s microfilm collection of newspapers. Dates listed in this index are dates of publication, and not of death.

Visitors to the Library may view and print copies of Argus obituaries at the microforms reader/printer in the Adult Services Department. A fee of 10 cents per page is charged for printing. If you live outside the area, you may request a copy of an obituary by mailing a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope to the Library or by submitting a request through your local library’s interlibrary loan service.

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NamePublication Date
Daddenzio, Rose M.1995-01-14
Daddezio, Edmund J.1991-01-19
Daeschler, Florence1994-11-18
Dahleen, Edith T.1984-02-21
Dahlem, Kathryn M. Mock2007-02-21
Dahm, George C.1976-10-27
Dahm, Harold M.1993-04-01
Dahm, Marion M.1992-03-18
Dahm, Mary Kay2013-09-13
Daily, Susan R.2002-10-23
Daker, Richard T.1993-01-20
Daker, Susan A.1997-01-10
Dall, George W.1965-03-24
Dallmann, Bernard R.1982-03-10
Dallmann, Myra1967-03-16
Dallmann, Ruth M.1993-07-30
Dalton, Betty Lou1996-06-14
Dalton, Richard R.1984-09-19
Dalton, Thomas F.1992-12-16
Damalas, Helen1976-03-12
Damalas, Mary1985-01-11
Daniel, Mary L.1972-09-15
Daniels, Alice1960-04-22
Danielson, Carlyle S.1974-03-15
Danielson, Elline1986-05-23
Danielson, Leon S.1998-05-13
Danielson, Margaret1970-07-24
Danko, Geneviev L.1988-09-14
Danko, Stephen W.1978-09-27
Danner, Beryl J.1975-10-10
Darbyshire, William L.1982-06-23
Darlak, Casimer1978-10-11
Darling, James J.1972-02-14
Darrow, Edward1974-09-13
Darst, Verta B.1969-03-22
Daudelin, Jo Ann1998-11-11
Daum, Della O.1968-07-26
DaValt, Harlan1968-06-12
Davenport, Allan D. Sr.1982-09-29
David, Peter1991-03-15
David, Phyllis M.1978-08-23
Davids, Katherine1996-02-07
Davidson, Jessie K.1958-09-25
Davidson, Lloyd1954-03-11
Davidson, Sterling1972-06-28
Davies, John E.1941-10-30
Davies, John M. II1996-03-22
Davies, Marie1977-04-17
Davies, William T.1955-03-24
Davis, Bernice R.1995-12-08
Davis, Doris A.1987-03-04
Davis, Ethel1961-10-13
Davis, Harry H.1978-09-27
Davis, James H.1994-03-23
Davis, Lillian A.1983-01-19
Davis, Marjorie A.1980-01-13
Davis, Mrs. Harry H.1957-08-15
Davis, Nancy L.2001-04-11
Davis, Orlando W.1977-08-10
Davis, Vincent M.1986-10-22
Davis, Walther1976-03-19
Davison, Lillian1972-11-23
Dawaliby, Jamie1995-05-08
Dawson, Charles1973-01-14
Dawson, Lillian1959-12-31
Dawson, Robert1944-07-13
Dax, Mary T.1973-10-11
Day, Vern1970-01-24
Deal, Hubert1969-08-13
Dean, Gerdrude Marie1994-04-13
Dean, Robert L.1981-09-23
Dearborn, Elizabeth1942-06-11
Deardoff, John M.1969-03-22
DeArmand, Harry1938-05-08
Deasy, John P.1987-04-24
Deaton, James William1992-04-10
DeBois, Frank1961-05-06
DeBolt, Edward I.1978-12-15
DeBolt, Elizabeth M.1996-12-27
Debowski, Kate1967-09-20
Debowski, Sigmund1974-03-28
Debrowski, Sigmund1958-11-18
Decker, Florence1964-09-23
Decker, Franklyn1972-10-25
Decker, Roland1985-01-26
Deckert, Anne E.2004-08-11
DeCola, Marie1993-05-01
Dedricksen, Elizabeth1969-08-27
Deeds, April S.1976-03-12
Deffner, Martin G.1993-02-24
Deffner, Vera A.1993-02-17
DeFiglio, John J.1997-03-28
DeFilippis, Jennie R.1985-07-24
DeFlorio, Ralph1994-12-23
Degman, Rosemary A.1978-11-29
Degnan, John S.1986-11-19
Deike, George W.1965-01-25
Deiss, Agnes T.1980-03-26
Deiss, Francis E.2004-01-26
DeJong, Pauline A.2001-05-20
Delancey, John1973-10-11
Delancey, Margaret M.1980-02-20
Delaney, Williams s.1980-09-10
DeLarco, Isabel M.2000-04-28
DeLaurier, Lillian1981-05-02
DeLetti, Zaira1960-04-22
Delke, Michael2001-04-22
Delmonico, Ann2001-02-28
Delmonico, Nick2006-03-03
Delong, Russell E.1971-12-24
Delponte, Bernice C.1980-02-20
DelPonte, Ernest J.2003-10-29
DelSanto, Helen Rose1995-02-15
DelSanto, Robert J. Jr.1990-08-29
Delulis, Ida M.1996-12-20
Deman, Mary E.1997-07-30
DeMarke, Dorothy C.2003-09-17
DeMasi, Cynthia L.2001-10-26
DeMasi, James D.2002-02-22
DeMasi, Lorraine C.1998-11-13
Demco, Joseph1960-01-21
Demeris, William A. Sr.1992-02-27
DeMicco, Gaetano1960-10-13
Demoss, Clarence1972-04-27
Demoss, Kathryn1976-08-25
Dempsey, George M.1975-05-05
Dempsey, John Joseph2013-08-30
Dempsey, Kyle P.1988-06-22
Dempsey, Mildred B.1959-08-13
Dempsey, Phyliss M.1962-10-17
DeMuro, Frank1965-06-23
Denk, Alma M.1944-03-26
Denk, Caroline1937-03-28
Denk, John1936-02-12
Denk, Marie1975-07-25
Denk, William A.1961-05-17
Dennehy, Alice M.1989-07-19
Denner, Emma J.1996-12-18
Denner, Herbert O.1980-12-10
Denner, Hubert W.2011-04-02
Dennhardt, Duray1961-03-12
Dennison, Bessie1975-02-19
Dent, Esther2010-11-19
Dent, Phillip B.2003-04-16
Denz, Helen B. Patton1993-05-03
Depaw, Robert R.1966-01-19
DePiano, Marion2006-03-15
DePinto, Sarah M.1983-10-12
Depner, Hilde2018-10-12
Depner, Rudolf1985-12-20
Deppe, Fred H.1949-12-23
DeRango, Agnes1957-02-21
Derer, Leona1998-05-29
Derfler, Jerry A.1994-06-22
Dermody, Isabel1957-06-27
Dern, Marvin L.1992-02-26
DeRoeck, Leonard1975-03-05
DeRosier, Doris C.1964-05-13
Derr, Edward C.1985-04-12
Derrick, Lydia A.2003-09-24
DeSalvo, Lisa1990-11-14
Desentz, Walter R.1989-01-28
Desideri, Mary J.2014-04-18
Desideri, Raymond J.2009-03-27
Desmedt, Anna1972-11-23
Desmedt, George A.1973-09-12
Destefano, Edward1969-05-14
Dettwiler, Shirley M.1995-11-29
Devaney, Cecilia M.1990-04-29
Devaney, Thomas A.2002-10-18
Devaud, Jean D.2015-04-06
Develakos, Sharon R.1993-01-15
Dever, Mary1972-03-17
Devera, Hazel1966-07-29
Deveraux, Alma H.1989-01-23
Devine, Beatrice1963-04-10
Devine, Carl C.1984-12-27
Devine, Jack L.1986-01-17
Devitt, Fanya1988-05-18
DeVries, Robert C.1970-02-25
DeWitt, Mrs. Robert O.1945-09-20
DeWorth, William1966-10-12
DeWyze, Louise1987-11-18
Dexter, Betty J.1979-04-06
DeZur, Donald P.2001-12-19
DeZur, Mary V.2003-05-30
DeZutel, Alvina1961-01-15
Dezutel, Karl1951-02-23
Dianza, Helen P.2013-04-12
Diaz, Cesarea1968-02-27
Dickens, Harold R.2009-12-18
Dickerson, Arthur1973-03-22
Dickerson, Regina1956-06-14
Dickhaut, Alfred E.1993-05-08
Dickhaut, Heather M.1988-01-25
Dickhaut, Mary J.1999-04-16
Dickman, Roselle1967-12-15
Dicks, Nancy K.1975-08-13
Dicks, Russell E.1970-01-11
Didier, Gary P.1986-01-25
Didrichsen, Ole1974-01-11
Didricksen, Bernard1996-03-05
Diebold, Richard O.1996-06-26
Dieckmann, Mary1966-02-23
Dieden, James E.1990-01-27
Diehl, Gladys1953-08-27
Diehl, Harriet1970-02-17
Dieka, Helen E.1993-06-23
Dietz, Frank J.1965-01-23
Dietz, Magda M.1989-10-20
DiFiglio, Michael J.1995-09-13
Digman, Charles1946-05-05
Dihel, Dorothy H.2005-04-22
Dihel, Herbert1965-01-22
Diletti, Adornino1964-02-26
Dilger, Edgar1985-04-12
Dilger, Robert1962-11-30
Dillin, Robert1961-09-13
Dillion, Archie C.1988-01-16
Dillman, A. J.1945-03-08
DiMatteo, Anne1984-04-25
Dimella, Mary A.2003-02-28
Dimpf, John1950-02-17
Dimpfl, Carolyn H.1993-04-18
Dimpfl, Cheryl1989-03-25
Dimpfl, Mary1958-05-09
Dineen, George1973-06-20
Dingerson, William C.1958-12-16
Dipadova, Bette1987-07-29
Dipert, Eugenia K.1986-08-27
Dipert, Merlin H.2006-09-27
DiPiano, Joseph1993-02-11
Dittman, Carol L.1988-08-19
DiVincent, Anthony1989-05-17
Dixon, Frances1955-07-28
Dixon, Theodore F.1960-06-30
Dlonka, Edward J.2009-12-18
Dnew, Alan E.2005-11-25
Dobbins, Mary S.1984-10-31
Dobbs, Thomas1961-01-31
Dobey, Alice L.2006-02-10
Dobrick, Albert J.1955-07-28
Docery, Margaret1970-01-11
Dockery, Sherman1967-01-16
Dodds, Erman1965-02-24
Dodge, Kenneth C.1994-02-08
Dodge, Marion M.1984-12-12
Dodge, Ray B.1965-02-26
Dodson, Percy J.1965-02-17
Doege, Harry L.1969-02-28
Doege, Lydia1970-06-18
Doer, Charles F.1935-12-20
Doerr, Edward J.1982-03-04
Doerr, Louise M.2000-03-24
Doerr, Marion Ann1992-11-13
Doerr, Mary1968-02-23
Doerr, Robert W.1999-04-28
Doerr, William A.1987-04-24
Doerring, William H.1973-02-28
Doge, Lillian1966-03-12
Doherty, Anna Lee1999-11-17
Doherty, David R.1978-06-14
Doherty, Dennis J.1996-06-26
Doherty, Robert1987-05-09
Dohlberg, Lloyd O.1982-10-13
Dolan, Elizabeth P. "Betty"2007-05-23
Dolan, James R. Sr.1995-03-16
Dolan, John L. Jr.2013-10-18
Dolan, Marcella B.2005-03-02
Dolan, Mary1953-03-20
Dolan, Raymond J.1994-07-29
Dolan, Thomas A.1965-01-29
Dole, Charlotte M.1982-08-20
Dollimore, Benjamin E.1988-06-17
Dombro, John W.1998-01-24
Dombroski, Stanley J.1978-11-15
Domin, Mrs. Stanley1955-11-24
Domin, Stanley1959-01-18
Domke, David R.1999-09-10
Donahue, Mary C.1978-07-21
Donahue, Robert J.2004-04-22
Donald M. Chernetzki2005-01-15
Done, Delwin Carl1944-01-13
Donovan, E. Barry2001-11-16
Donovan, E. Harry2001-11-14
Donovan, Mary T.2000-04-12
Donovitch, Frances E.1982-05-21
Doody, Thomas J.1964-02-12
Dopp, Cecilia Joanne1943-04-17
Dorn, Edith1959-01-22
Dorn, Ethel M.1968-02-27
Dorn, Vern1977-09-14
Dorn, William G.1972-03-22
Dorris, Margaret J.1991-07-10
Dorris, Margaret J.1991-07-12
Dorsey, Catherine1976-09-15
Dorsey, Edward L.1983-05-07
Doswell, Anna M.1979-12-27
Dotson, Rev. Claude J.2003-02-28
Dotto, Louis1987-02-25
Dougherty, Dorothy L.1998-04-09
Douglas, Alida1956-05-31
Douglas, Walter1972-03-24
Doukup, Mary2001-02-28
Dowiarz, Connie M.2005-07-27
Dowiarz, Frank J.2002-09-11
Dowling, Catherine M.1974-02-13
Dowling, Florence A.1989-01-11
Dowling, Michael E.1995-04-01
Downer, Taylor L.1981-05-28
Downer, Virgil1976-03-03
Downs, George J.2010-01-22
Downs, John1967-05-17
Downs, Mary E.1968-09-11
Doyle, Elmer J.1999-03-03
Doyle, Joseph F.2001-03-07
Doyle, Linda K.2005-05-11
Drafz, Wilbur "Will" A.2007-03-24
Drake, Cecil1977-06-29
Drake, Chester J.1983-05-02
Drake, Donald Jay2009-07-17
Drake, Leota I.1988-02-10
Drechler, Max1971-03-25
Drechlser, Sara1976-07-14
Dreher, Florence1973-11-30
Drenth, Arthur1995-04-21
Dresser, Marguerite G.1988-01-25
Dressers, Claude1971-01-18
Dressier, Alta B.1988-02-17
Drew, Ralph E.1994-10-14
Drew, Viola S.2001-05-16
Drews, Henrietta1965-05-12
Drews, Michael1959-10-15
Dreyer, Louis A.1933-01-14
Drigot, Florence1989-05-06
Drigot, John D.1992-03-18
Drinkert, Elizabeth W.1976-11-10
Driskell, Evelyn A.1986-03-20
Driskell, Florella1953-04-30
Driskell, Wesley L. "Bud"1995-04-28
Driskell, Wesley L. "Bud"1995-02-22
Drotziger, Charles1968-07-12
Drovitz, Ferdinand P.1966-01-15
Drummond, Kenneth W.1992-07-15
Drummond, Mary A.1989-01-16
Dryfhout, Glen Albert2008-02-22
Drzymala, May I. Fyfe1992-10-21
Dubois, Hedwig1959-03-20
Dubrowski, Paul S.1990-06-13
Dubsky, Lillian G.1991-08-16
Duck, Marvel R.1988-03-23
Duclos, Frank D.1963-02-20
Duddridge, Norman J.1994-11-16
Duerr, Ben Sr.1970-03-18
Duffin, Eunice H.1996-07-24
Duffin, Joy Marie2003-08-15
Duffin, William1946-10-10
Duffy, James C.2007-02-01
Dugan, Clarence A. Jr.1990-02-13
Dugan, Loretta R.1991-10-23
Duggan, Robert J.1993-01-25
Dugid, Ethyl1978-01-25
Duguid, Alexander1973-05-07
Dujka, Mary1979-03-09
Duke, Isabella1970-02-18
Dumall, Frank J.1964-04-15
Dumall, Margaret2003-02-28
Dumycz, Michael1987-03-27
Dunate, Lupe1978-03-17
Duncan, Gloria1961-03-10
Duncan, Lois1961-05-01
Dunham, Marion2005-03-02
Dunk, James M.1997-11-12
Dunk, Karyl G.2006-01-21
Dunk, Mary1959-07-23
Dunk, Michael Edward2010-04-18
Dunn, Cavole A.2009-09-25
Dunn, Dale L.1997-04-16
Dunn, Dale L.1997-04-18
Dunn, Genevieve B.1989-03-30
Dunn, John J.1992-05-13
Dunne, Emma M.1977-01-15
Dunne, Ethel1956-07-19
Dunning, Bessie O.1993-04-23
Dunning, James Linden1994-01-17
Dupaw, Ronald G.1978-07-28
Duple, Mark A.2004-06-11
Duple, Richard A.2004-01-24
Duple, Sally A.2018-01-19
DuPre, Carrol1935-10-18
DuPuis, Grace E.1970-10-30
Durckel, Alphonse E.1974-11-13
Durette, Janet1970-08-12
Durette, Raymond W.1990-10-24
Durkin, Gertrude, M.1980-03-19
Durnil, Mildred J.2004-01-19
Dury, Helen S.1990-11-16
Dusenbery, Frederick1937-02-11
Dusza, Alice F.1974-12-11
Duxbury, Anna1971-08-11
Dvorak, Alice B.2009-02-27
Dvorak, Emanuel1989-07-14
Dvorak, James E.1981-08-26
Dvorak, Thomas L.2009-09-11
Dwoinen, Dorothy M.2007-09-21
Dwoinen, William W.2000-01-22
Dyer, August A.1987-06-17
Dyhrberg, Howard K.1991-04-12
Dykema, Herry1959-02-19
Dykema, Pearl1964-06-17
Dykstra, Jacob1990-03-07
Dzadon, Gary E. "Swede"""2014-07-18
Dziak, Elizabeth R.2009-10-30
Dziak, Sylvia1970-01-17
Dziak, Walter1947-07-24
Dziak, William1993-07-21
Dziennik, Geraldine "Gerry"1998-10-30