Argus Obituary Index

The Library maintains an index of obituaries published in the Villa Park Argus, beginning in 1931, of people who were Villa Park residents or had some other connection to the village. This index is updated periodically. Gaps exist in the index due to issues missing from the Library’s microfilm collection of newspapers. Dates listed in this index are dates of publication, and not of death.

Visitors to the Library may view and print copies of Argus obituaries at the microforms reader/printer in the Adult Services Department. A fee of 10 cents per page is charged for printing. If you live outside the area, you may request a copy of an obituary by mailing a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope to the Library or by submitting a request through your local library’s interlibrary loan service.

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NamePublication Date
Labadie, Merrill W.2008-03-14
Labak, Larry J.1990-06-20
Labella, Angelo G.1963-07-24
LaBella, Joseph2001-06-13
LaBianco, John1997-10-29
Labit, Lloyd Jr.1972-03-22
LaCalamita, Rocco1967-03-16
Lachnit, Barbara2003-01-22
Lackaey, Jane1946-11-14
LaDeur, Julia K.1990-08-31
LaDeur, William L.1981-08-26
Ladewig, Marion L.1980-01-13
Laechelt, Jacquelyn R.1992-11-25
Laechelt, Linnea Iva1996-02-28
Lafferty, Robert T.2015-06-16
Lafham, James H.1988-03-11
LaFreniere, Kenneth J.1999-06-30
Lahey, Marguerite1980-03-26
Lains, Donald D.1988-01-18
Laitinen, Fanny1953-08-27
Lake, Dorothy A.2011-04-29
Lake, Edward T.1980-04-16
Lakes, Monika V.1962-06-13
LaLena, Josephine M.2003-03-12
Lamar, Mary A.1988-04-13
Lamb, Agnes F.1976-02-18
Lambe, Daisy A.1977-05-02
Lambert, David L.2004-05-19
Lamberta, Joseph C.1962-03-30
Lambke, Edwin J.1983-01-28
Lambke, Thomas E.2001-05-01
Lamont, Selma L.1968-01-31
Lamontagna, Andrew1978-01-11
LaMontagna, Frances1993-02-19
Lampe, John P.1979-05-11
Landberg, Anders W.1986-05-14
Landem, Robert I.2004-05-12
Landen, Amanda1957-12-12
Landen, Merlin1999-04-28
Landers, Dirk S.2006-04-23
Landes, Jackson H.1976-04-22
Landis, Florence H.2002-11-15
Lane, Dorothea A.1982-07-21
Lane, Frank1939-01-12
Lang, Elvera L.1994-11-18
Lange, Charles E.1989-10-27
Lange, Lorraine2004-07-28
Lange, Norma1999-01-16
Lange, Theodore J.1939-01-26
Langeler, Margaret L.1981-10-21
Langeler, Richard H.1995-05-19
Langels, Phoebe A.1975-02-26
Langen, Raymond O.1999-05-01
Langridge, Diane M.2005-05-27
Langridge, Edward F.1996-05-05
Langridge, Marquerite M.2006-04-01
Lanmark, Eric1986-03-05
Lanmark, Viola1971-09-15
Lanson, Charles L.1968-03-27
Lansu, Delphine M.1984-03-21
Lansu, Frank J.1986-02-14
Lantz, Donna Mae1993-02-17
Lantz, Evelyn L.1990-04-27
Lantz, George C.1979-01-31
Lantz, Helen C.1980-04-16
Lantz, Mathilda B.1986-04-03
Lantz, Victor R.1998-12-30
Lape, Anna H.1963-01-30
Lape, Fred James1993-04-25
Laperna, James A.1982-05-28
LaPiana, Elizabeth2002-02-27
Lapinskas, Alexander1972-12-29
Lapinskas, Jacqueline P.1982-02-17
Lapinskas, Vito A.2002-07-10
LaPointe, Edna S.1990-05-23
Laporta, Ronald J. Jr.2015-08-31
Lapsley, Janet B.1974-02-13
Large, Allison H.1953-05-03
Large, Launa B.1957-03-07
Large, Melvin R.1956-06-14
Laricchia, Benedetto1962-08-22
Laricchia, Grace M.1959-11-19
LaRocca, Lupe1996-03-29
LaRocca, Pat1988-02-25
Larrabee, Carrie1961-07-28
Larsen, Albert1955-03-17
Larsen, Angela M.1983-08-17
Larsen, Carl1945-03-24
Larsen, Catherine1962-12-28
Larsen, Fred J.2003-02-26
Larsen, Geraldine G.1995-02-15
Larsen, Voila L.1978-10-25
Larson, Anna1980-03-06
Larson, Anton G.2003-09-26
Larson, Edith A.1973-05-16
Larson, Eric W.1956-01-19
Larson, Harry M.1968-02-14
Larson, Henning E.1958-05-04
Larson, James W.1991-02-27
Larson, John F.2018-08-10
Larson, Mary Alice1991-03-29
Larson, Norman E.1976-01-21
Lasalle, Charles T.1955-07-14
LaSalle, Louise1970-02-18
Laseke, Christ C.1973-03-23
Laseke, Howard R.2004-07-23
Lasko, Corinne L.2004-04-10
Lasusa, Sam J.1980-11-19
Lata, Cecelia M.2007-01-26
Lata, Victor J.1995-06-23
Latham, Audrey J.2013-07-19
Latham, Mary1963-03-13
Latimer, Ronald A.1994-01-12
Latona, Phyllis2013-09-20
Lattner, Louis M.1995-04-12
Lattner, Miriam C.1984-02-13
Latzel, Frank W.1996-03-05
Latzke, George A.1971-12-29
Laug, Adoph1939-03-17
Laughlin, James D.1972-11-10
Launspach, Vera J.2007-06-15
Laurent, Alice B.1991-04-12
Laurent, Clarence P.1963-08-21
Lauritzen, Fred M.1978-11-15
Laut, Melburn C.1994-01-16
Lauter, Ruth1937-04-24
Lavanway, Luke1954-05-02
LaVanway, Thomas Francis1995-11-29
LaVeck, Mary Josephine2001-07-11
Lavendar, Lillie1956-09-27
Lavengood, Adeline1986-04-18
Lavengood, George H.1963-09-18
Lavery, Patrick L.1990-07-18
Lavin, Harry E.1980-09-10
Lavin, Helen M.2014-02-14
Lavin, Samuel1975-03-20
Lavine, Bernard J.1989-07-21
Lavorini, Norma J.2005-06-24
Lawler, James J.1976-01-23
Lawrence, William1996-05-03
Lawres, John J.1953-04-30
Lawson, Clara A.2005-02-18
Lawson, James Jr.1986-05-21
Lawson, Richard1943-04-09
Lawson, Richard2010-09-10
Lea, Frederick T.1979-11-22
Lea, Margaret K. "Maggie"1994-03-24
Leabru, Beryl E.2001-08-17
Leabru, Charles1932-03-18
Leabru, John A.2000-03-02
Leabru, Olga E.1959-11-12
Leach, Robert A.1999-05-03
Leafe, Charles1961-09-15
Leahy, Cecilia Marie1999-06-30
Leasure, Margaret E.1980-04-03
Leasure, Sara1958-02-24
LeBeau, Aurore1984-03-30
LeBeau, Carrie1959-05-03
LeBeau, Edward1938-03-24
LeBeau, Jeanne T.1991-06-19
LeBeau, Maurice1991-09-18
LeBeau, Ralph Jr.1944-01-23
Lechner, Anne F.1989-01-31
Lechner, Arthur W. S.1971-02-26
Lechner, Ruth1979-04-27
Lechowicz, Wanda C.1999-09-10
Lederer, Laverne E.2011-01-24
Lee, Don H.1969-03-12
Lee, Everett C.1967-12-29
Lee, Howard Dean1994-01-29
Lee, Howard L.1981-09-10
Lee, Mercedes E.1991-01-11
Lee, Phyllis H.1968-01-24
Lee, Robert E.2015-09-17
Lee, Vernon C.1974-02-20
Leeks, Fred1980-11-19
Leesely, Silvia2005-12-14
Leesley, Richard E.2013-07-12
Legare, Helen F.2011-03-18
Legare, Mary2005-07-20
Legate, Mary E.1970-03-19
Lehman, Barbara1992-10-14
Lehmann, Clint A.1954-05-28
Lehmann, Katherine1956-04-19
Lehmann, Mabelle I.1995-01-21
Lehmann, Warren C.1994-01-15
Leisering, Frederick W.1986-06-25
Leisering, Sharon L.1985-08-28
Leisure, Phillip E.1965-03-20
Lemburg, Anna1968-04-03
Lencioni, Donald S.2002-04-14
Lencioni, Harvey D.1991-01-25
Lenh, Elizabeth1943-04-02
Lensing, Minnie K.1941-12-25
Lenzen, Katherine E.1981-12-30
Leo, Frank T.1977-02-16
Leo, Sam2001-02-28
Leon, Adam M.1999-02-02
Leonard, Eleanor C.1990-01-27
Leonard, Frank B.1965-03-31
Leonard, Gertrude M.1973-02-21
Leonard, John E.1995-04-21
Leone, Eugene A.1988-10-26
Leonetti, Michael1974-01-13
Leonetti, Michael1984-01-13
Lepavsky, Henrietta "Hank"1992-03-27
Lepavsky, Maurice1994-09-30
Lepianka, Pankracy1998-02-13
Leppert, Marjorie M.2004-04-17
Lerdal, Orin C.2005-05-27
Lerdel, Karen L.2001-12-19
LeRoy, Gertrude1967-02-07
Leroy, Harry1975-12-19
Lesinski, Angeline S.1996-07-17
Lesinski, Gina2004-08-25
Lesinski, Irwin B.2001-12-19
Leslie, George H.1967-09-22
Lessenberry, Walter Jr.1964-03-18
Lessing, Beatrice1973-01-24
Lessing, John1982-07-14
Leston, David M.1963-01-19
Leston, Frank R.2005-03-12
Leston, John R.1989-07-12
Leston, Lorraine M.1995-03-15
Leston, Stephen1956-01-31
Leszczynski, Jackqueline2001-05-23
Letcher, Blandine1993-11-17
Letterer, Alexander Jr.1996-09-15
Leutke, Margaret1972-04-30
Levin, Kelly Samuel1940-09-19
Lewandowski, Martha1975-04-16
Lewin, Barry T.1967-10-25
Lewin, Lewis1991-01-23
Lewin, Retha M.1989-01-18
Lewis, Gordon F.1982-01-29
Lewis, Marcella1974-04-19
Lewis, Margaret M.1984-09-28
Lewis, Margery E.2007-06-13
Lewis, Melvin1960-05-26
Lewis, Robert A.2008-01-11
Lewis, Virginia F.1999-04-16
Lewis, William E.1989-10-27
Lewke, Augusta1958-09-23
Lewkowich, Michael Sr.1996-06-12
Lewkowich, Virginia1996-03-20
Leyser, Frederick J.1995-04-21
Leyser, Lois A.1971-08-25
Leyser, Theresa F.2001-07-13
Libbee, Delbert1946-01-24
Libermann Harry A.1980-08-20
Lick, Fred M.2007-05-05
Lick, Theresa1997-01-22
Lid, Charles P.1970-09-23
Lid, Robert C.1982-05-01
Lidiker, Johanna1980-10-15
Liebermann, Muriel M.1984-02-13
Liechti, Lena1999-04-21
Liechti, O'Ray1987-04-24
Liepe, Adeline L.1981-12-16
Lies, Victor G.1993-03-25
Lietz, AdeleH.1983-02-25
Lietz, Albert C.1993-03-12
Lietz, Arlette S.1979-09-12
Lietz, August1964-02-26
Ligtvoet, Gerrit2013-03-15
Ligtvoet, Helen L.2004-02-25
Lima, Phillip1970-12-24
Limoges, Gerald1979-09-19
Linbach, Pearl M.1959-04-11
Lincoln, Earl1947-01-19
Lind, Jennie1959-04-23
Lindahl, James F.2003-05-23
Linde, Alice M.1996-09-25
Linde, Howard R.1993-12-17
Lindeman, Augusta1942-07-16
Linden, Frank L.1998-02-13
Linden, Frank L., Jr.2004-02-13
Linder, Thomas Frank2006-08-16
Lindgren, Fred C.1987-02-10
Lindgren, Teresa M.1960-01-28
Lindhorn, Marylou2014-03-22
Lindhorst, John1984-12-14
Lindhorst, Robert H.2011-01-24
Lindly, Claude H.1962-01-31
Lindly, Minnie F.1957-01-27
Lindner, Albert L. Jr.1987-02-11
Lindner, Laura L.1980-12-31
Lindquist, Agnes1964-05-27
Lindquist, Harry1993-04-28
Lindquist, Hildur1989-01-18
Lindquist, John1974-03-06
Lindquist, Lawrence1972-06-16
Lindstrom, Angela1954-01-24
Lindstrom, Blaine1976-04-16
Lindstrom, David1996-12-18
Lindstrom, Martha1965-05-12
Lindstrom, Oscar1949-12-23
Lindwiecke, Frank J.1974-01-25
Lineer, Carl J.1958-07-24
Lines, Charles1997-03-05
Lines, Lois A.1985-04-19
Linius, Pearl L.1959-08-20
Link, Steven W.1971-08-25
Linton, Jeanne O.1981-11-20
Lipinskas, Raymond1967-09-15
Lipinski, Bernice C.2003-02-28
Lipka, Aldrich L.1992-01-15
Lipka, Josephine2005-04-07
Lipke, Wilbur Richard1991-04-19
Lipton, Edwin C.1981-08-12
Lipton, Lona1974-01-30
Lisauskas, Mildred L.1991-09-13
Liss, Don H.2002-06-12
Liss, George2011-06-24
Litney, Henrietta1967-04-12
Litteau-McDermott, Cheryl Jude2005-04-18
Little, Grace1960-04-14
Litz, Floyd R.1984-02-13
Livingston, Denton M.2001-06-29
Livingstone, June Faye1991-10-18
Lloyd, Helen1960-06-30
Lloyd, Lillian1960-06-30
Lloyd, Marie1960-06-30
Lobo, Annet Julie2003-01-15
Loboscheiski, Velma1979-07-25
Locasico, Joeseph1976-10-20
Locher, Howard J.1983-10-19
Locke, George D.1987-11-11
LoCoco, Debra L.1993-07-16
LoCoco, John R.1992-07-22
LoCoco, Rose M.1997-06-11
Lof, Eric1965-03-20
Logue, Ruth1981-12-18
Lohndrof, Frances R.1984-11-14
Lohrentz, Frederick W.2010-03-26
Loid, Annabelle M.1962-03-23
Loid, James H.1992-05-03
Loid, Lorraine A.1996-12-20
Loll, Sheldon1994-03-17
Lomis, Helen1973-01-10
LoMonaco, Palmyra L.2002-02-22
Long, Ervin M.1972-07-14
Long, Lewis F. III1979-12-19
Long, Mrs. Joseph1946-05-16
Longfield, Scott A.1992-12-30
Longman, George J.1967-10-11
Longmore, Henrietta D.1985-01-30
Longmore, Robert J.1979-12-14
Loomis, Charles H.1974-04-05
Loomis, M. C.1938-08-18
Lopatka Jr, Walter1998-04-02
Lopatka, Walter L.1990-05-30
Lopez, David M.1983-03-26
Lopez, Joseph I.1965-05-12
Lopez, Susan2002-05-10
Lopez, Theodore C.2002-03-27
Lorenz, Emma1954-07-23
Lorenzen, Catherine1969-06-11
Lorenzo, William A.1987-01-24
Lorin, Ronald E.1983-02-05
Lory, Dick1954-07-30
Losh, Jane F.1995-09-20
Lothias, Joseph1941-02-27
Loubsky, Francis1973-05-23
Loufek, Anthony1973-03-29
Loufek, Emma T.1986-05-21
LoVecchio, Angelo1991-06-26
Loven, Pearl M.1984-10-12
Lowe, Jean E.1982-03-04
Lowe, John W. "Bill"1991-04-04
Lowe, Thornton Chase2001-12-21
Lowery, Charles Jr.1985-05-15
Lozeau, Dorothy1959-07-23
Lozzo, Michael F.2009-01-26
Lublow, Charlotte1932-09-15
Lucas, Charles1959-02-11
Lucas, Gary1983-08-31
Lucchesi, Albert2007-02-21
Lucchesi, James J.1989-08-23
Lucchesi, Rino1996-02-21
Luchetta, Aldo J.1996-10-30
Luchetta, Lorraine M.1992-11-20
Luchetta, Peter1958-01-30
Ludeking, Mary E.1979-10-31
Ludgate, Francis G.1987-04-19
Ludwig, Chester F., Jr.2005-07-29
Ludwig, Emma S.1957-01-24
Ludwig, Otto1958-09-16
Lueck, Mrs. William C.1940-02-29
Lueck, William C.1944-06-29
Luedtke, Norman E.1976-01-21
Luessenhop, Irene B.1976-07-14
Luetke, Herman R.1945-01-18
Luetke, Richard W.1981-10-23
Luff, Gertrude1932-03-25
Lufkin, George B.1964-05-20
Lukacs, Rose1994-03-30
Lukas, Norbert J.1980-09-26
Luke, Walter L.1967-03-22
Lund, Barbara V.1990-03-21
Lundgreen, Mary J.1983-03-09
Lundgren, Harry A.1969-07-30
Lundgren, Henry V.1974-02-12
Lundgren, Lois1968-01-31
Lundquist, Beatrice1975-04-16
Lundstrom, Robert1988-05-01
Luner, Marjorie E.2001-03-09
Lupo, Nicholas, N.2005-12-21
Lussow, William J.2011-01-17
Luther, Charlotte Ann2008-04-01
Lutin, Nina T.1976-02-04
Luttenbacher, Harld1970-02-05
Lutz, Gertrude A.1963-09-13
Lutz, Nicolas F. Jr.1987-12-30
Lux, Margaret I.2008-02-22
Lux, Richard A.1972-03-17
Lyle, Eileen M.2015-09-06
Lyle, Howard T.2013-04-28
Lynch, Alice1990-07-20
Lynch, Andrew P.2002-01-23
Lynch, Annie M.1955-07-14
Lynch, John M.1980-05-29
Lynch, Lucille B.1984-09-19
Lynch, Marie1961-04-14
Lynch, Martin1967-09-20
Lynch, Michael J.2013-02-22
Lynch, William G.1990-03-14
Lyon, Carl1987-01-21
Lyons, John B.1968-04-03
Lyons, Mrs. John B.1957-10-17