Argus Obituary Index

The Library maintains an index of obituaries published in the Villa Park Argus, beginning in 1931, of people who were Villa Park residents or had some other connection to the village. This index is updated periodically. Gaps exist in the index due to issues missing from the Library’s microfilm collection of newspapers. Dates listed in this index are dates of publication, and not of death.

Visitors to the Library may view and print copies of Argus obituaries at the microforms reader/printer in the Adult Services Department. A fee of 10 cents per page is charged for printing. If you live outside the area, you may request a copy of an obituary by mailing a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope to the Library or by submitting a request through your local library’s interlibrary loan service.

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NamePublication Date
Saari, John G.1992-05-13
Saari, Ruth E.2006-03-22
Saatkamp, Thelma M.2005-07-15
Sabado, June M.1986-10-31
Sabo, Bernice S.1998-08-26
Sacharia, Jaroslava2000-03-17
Sadkowski, Bernice1961-08-30
Sadkowski, Mary1965-07-16
Safford, Mathilde1974-10-11
Sahly, Irene1990-07-13
Saidat, Bret Arthur1996-03-27
Saidat, Elsie F.2001-07-27
Saidat, Otto A.2002-03-15
Salava, Charles "Chip"2010-02-26
Salazar, Judith2001-11-21
Saldek, Henry R.1993-10-27
Salomon, Alice B.1976-09-15
Salomon, Alvina1948-03-11
Salomon, Earl F.1966-11-30
Salter, Adeline1965-09-10
Salvaggio, Lawrence M.1994-07-13
Salvatori, James J.1975-10-22
Salvesen, Erling N.1969-05-14
Salvo, Mary L.2013-10-11
Salvo, Victor A. Sr.1986-04-03
Salzman, Marilyn A.2005-10-14
Samela, Carmy1976-07-28
Samela, Celeste M.2001-03-23
Sample, Eugene1974-02-20
Sample, Marie1974-12-11
Sanaghan, Mary J.1987-02-25
Sandberg, Leonard R.1984-04-20
Sander, Emma1973-02-08
Sanders Olsen, Bette2011-02-18
Sanders, Gertrude1949-04-21
Sanders, Nellie M.1986-03-07
Sanders, Samuel E.1951-08-31
Sanders, Warren W. Sr.1967-01-18
Sanderson, Arthur G.1973-01-29
Sanderson, Robert W. Sr.1990-08-17
Sandner, Edward1985-06-21
Sanfilippo, Ann A.1995-12-29
Sanfilippo, Paul1983-05-27
Sansonetti, Gino P.2004-03-04
Sansonetti, Reno P.2002-01-31
Santa Ana, Luis D.1991-09-25
Santamour, Donald H.1984-06-15
Santeralli, Ernest2013-11-15
Santercier, Dorothy J.1999-03-24
Santi, Dora H.1987-07-29
Santi, Vasinto1963-01-16
Santoro, Daniel1981-05-02
Santoro, Jerome1999-01-16
Santoro, Steve1981-12-16
Santy, Carl .1936-11-12
Saporito, Pasquale2010-10-22
Sarceno, Joseph A. Jr.1969-01-15
Sarley, Anne P.2006-08-25
Sarley, Julia Louise1993-09-10
Sarlo, Oretta E.1984-04-18
Saterfield, Fred W.1950-03-25
Sauer, Robert G.1989-05-26
Sauer, Shirley L.1997-04-05
Saul, Arthur D.1972-12-29
Saunders, Herbert G.1984-01-20
Saunders, Herbert G.1974-01-20
Saunders, John G.1982-01-18
Sauvage, Cedric P.1971-05-26
Sauve, Raymond J.1978-02-22
Savage, Anna1984-10-31
Savage, Kenneth G.1979-11-28
Savoy, Lydia1986-08-13
Savoy, Raymond J.1997-07-23
Sawyer, Carelton A. Sr.1974-08-14
Sawyer, Maxine R.2006-01-18
Saxton, Arthur F.1975-01-25
Saxton, Beaulah F.1999-09-24
Sbarra Sr., Anthony P.1998-08-26
Sbarra, Rita C.2015-10-24
Scahill, Bonnie J.2013-07-19
Scala, Michael1986-08-13
Scalzitti, Glenn A.2018-01-12
Scanlan, Theodore J.1965-01-13
Scanlon, Catherine1972-07-14
Scarpace, Augusta F.1988-04-28
Scarpelli, Genewa1989-04-26
Scarpelli, John1972-01-15
Scarpelli, Ruth1989-01-28
Scavone, William M.1988-12-21
Sceske, Lee J.2001-03-24
Schaas, William G.1986-05-23
Schabelreiter, Anton P.1960-05-19
Schaber, Margaret1964-02-25
Schaber, Patricia M.1995-12-20
Schabo, John1936-03-27
Schackmann, Ralph C.1997-11-12
Schader, Rachel1968-04-24
Schaefer, Albert1936-02-27
Schaefer, Helene1977-01-22
Schaetzlein, Lillian1993-08-11
Schaff, Margaret E.2000-04-14
Schak, Robert F.1992-02-12
Schalk, Henry Sr.1956-02-14
Schalk, Mrs. Henry1957-08-22
Schaller, Albert1950-04-14
Schaller, Edward1944-02-10
Schaller, Ella1982-04-21
Schaller, George Lee1992-01-18
Schaller, George Lee1991-12-27
Schaller, Jennie M.2005-05-09
Schalow, LaVerne M.1994-08-31
Scharlau, Fannie1939-07-13
Schatz, Curtiss1977-04-13
Schatz, Vivian Heidemann1994-12-21
Schatzeder, Donald A.1997-10-10
Schauar, Ruth D.1979-05-16
Schaudt, Jean Marie2007-07-20
Schaudt, Peter L.2015-07-19
Schauer, Gordon1988-04-21
Schauer, Sandra J.1978-04-14
Schauer, William H.1984-01-28
Schay, Francis A.1989-04-28
Scheck, Gerald L.1981-01-26
Scheffer, Hector S.1984-03-28
Scheibe, Bulah L.1995-11-29
Scheibe, John E.1969-03-22
Scheider, Alice2006-01-14
Schelewitz, Raymond1981-03-27
Schelewitz, Rose M.1983-11-23
Schellenberg, Carl Robert1994-02-16
Scheller, Eleanore L.2001-08-17
Schiassi, Geraldine M.2002-10-16
Schieler, Clarence A.1988-05-18
Schieler, Elsie H.1987-02-03
Schiewe, Rose L.1971-03-10
Schiffer, Florence1970-06-10
Schiffer, Joseph1975-04-04
Schild, Charles A.1949-06-17
Schiller, Anna1935-03-30
Schiller, Frank1937-08-26
Schilt, Erich1984-03-16
Schimek, Calvin R.1986-03-22
Schimek, Joseph D.1990-07-25
Schimek, Rita1989-12-20
Schimmel, Anna1957-07-25
Schimmel, Frederick F.1988-10-26
Schimmel, Rose1976-06-30
Schimmels, Imogene F.1994-09-16
Schlechte, Magdalene1958-08-21
Schlehahn, Emil1936-04-24
Schlehahn, Harold O.1958-08-26
Schlehahn, William V.1990-04-13
Schleuning, Henry P.1979-06-20
Schlieder, Albert F.1980-05-29
Schlottman, Charles E.1961-02-07
Schlottman, Ernest L.1983-06-17
Schlottman, Grace1955-01-27
Schmalfeldt, Mae1973-02-28
Schmalz, Eleanor T.1994-02-23
Schmidgall, Rolf E.1994-01-15
Schmidt, Alfred1969-08-20
Schmidt, Charles1952-03-28
Schmidt, Delores E.2008-05-16
Schmidt, Edward1967-12-20
Schmidt, Frances B.2007-08-10
Schmidt, Helen1985-04-19
Schmidt, Henry M.1981-08-19
Schmidt, Jack F.2003-08-20
Schmidt, Julius F.1970-12-24
Schmidt, Karen A.1993-05-12
Schmidt, Karl F.1992-08-19
Schmidt, Katherine1986-11-12
Schmidt, Mayme1955-04-21
Schmidt, Nettie1983-07-29
Schmidt, Paul J.2001-08-31
Schmidt, T. A.1961-08-25
Schmidt, Willard F.1993-03-10
Schmitt, Carl1962-11-23
Schmitt, Grace1969-04-25
Schmitt, John J.1990-01-13
Schmitt, Richard J.1944-05-06
Schmitt, Ruth M.1997-01-22
Schmitz, John F.1964-01-17
Schmitz, Valerie T.2000-02-25
Schmuldt,Marvin J.1983-04-13
Schnake, Georgian I.1952-01-14
Schneebeli, Alice E.1981-01-17
Schneebeli, Paul1974-11-20
Schneider, August1960-11-10
Schneider, Daniel P.1993-08-18
Schneider, Marilyn K.2001-02-13
Schneider, Richard B.1991-02-20
Schneider, Rolelyn1972-01-14
Schneider, Virgil1986-04-23
Schneyer, Myrtle R.1985-06-26
Schneyer, Walter A.1989-05-01
Schnitz, Agnes T.2002-04-06
Schnitz, Mary1966-01-22
Schnitz, Rita C.2005-11-30
Schnulle, Richard E.1996-08-21
Schodtler, George W.1958-10-14
Schoenbacher, Clara1974-07-19
Schoenfeld, Leroy F.2013-03-29
Schofield, William J.2006-05-06
Scholl, Joseph F.1976-08-13
Scholl, Stella E.1986-10-29
Scholle, Conrad1961-04-12
Scholtes, John W. Sr.2005-06-17
Schoonmaker, Harold G.1961-04-26
Schoonmaker, Marie1974-04-17
Schopf, Frank1957-04-27
Schopper, Frank J.1980-10-22
Schrader, Anna B.1995-04-12
Schram, Edward H.2002-12-13
Schram, William R. Jr.1986-08-27
Schrantz, Thomas1973-04-18
Schreck, Emil M.1989-04-21
Schreck, Emma K.1997-10-15
Schreck, James H.2005-02-15
Schreck, Waldo W. Jr.1990-10-24
Schroder, William Sr.1979-08-31
Schroeder, Arthur R.1945-01-28
Schroeder, Carl F. Sr.1993-04-23
Schroeder, Elizabeth M.2003-06-13
Schroeder, Elmer D.1979-11-30
Schroeder, Gerald J. Sr.1996-09-25
Schroeder, Gussie P.1976-06-16
Schroeder, Harold W.1997-07-30
Schroeder, Justus R.1968-01-31
Schroeder, Mae L.1979-05-16
Schroeder, Margaret A.1990-05-23
Schroeder, Margaret E.1992-03-18
Schubert, Edward1992-01-24
Schueler, Harry Sr.1993-05-26
Schueler, Helen M.1988-01-16
Schuessler, Harold W.1982-07-16
Schuessler, Judith Ann1941-11-27
Schuessler, Mrs. Emile1951-02-23
Schuetz, Clara1972-11-23
Schuetz, Minnie1964-03-03
Schuetz, William H.1959-01-18
Schuler, Dorothy1998-03-26
Schuler, Joseph L.1998-05-20
Schuler, Mary Jo1966-03-19
Schulke, George R.1966-12-30
Schultis, Mae B.1968-01-27
Schultz, Bernard P.1982-01-23
Schultz, Charles F.1965-07-28
Schultz, Eleanor F. Routson2004-08-20
Schultz, Helen G.1979-11-14
Schultz, Irving W.1962-03-07
Schultz, Kenneth M.2011-03-18
Schultz, Margaret1940-02-13
Schultz, Mrs. Herman E.1944-05-06
Schultz, Ralph A.1991-03-23
Schultz, Raymond L.1990-12-14
Schultz, Robert A.1964-02-26
Schultz, Robert W.2005-02-03
Schultz, Roy A.2004-04-23
Schultz, Ruth1967-03-17
Schultz, Susan K.2008-04-25
Schultz, Therese E.1983-09-16
Schultz, Walter A.1955-09-29
Schulz, John1986-06-20
Schulz, Rose E.1980-11-14
Schulze, Frederick W.1981-05-20
Schulze, Hilda E.1982-06-18
Schulze, Martin1959-09-10
Schulzendorf, Ethel1999-03-20
Schumacher, Alfred E.1985-05-24
Schumacher, Benjamin1972-04-28
Schumacher, Elise L.2005-11-16
Schumacher, Elroy P.1972-05-10
Schumacher, Eugene1945-02-07
Schumacher, Gertrude D.1980-01-21
Schumacher, Gertrude G.1991-01-12
Schumacher, Joan F.1996-06-14
Schumacher, John Richard1998-04-17
Schumacher, Wesley L.1995-04-14
Schumaker, Helen1974-01-26
Schuster, Charles Zolton1995-02-15
Schuster, Dorothy C.1997-04-13
Schuster, Ruby1982-05-19
Schwall, Irene1966-09-21
Schwan, John Joseph1947-01-12
Schwan, Josephine R.1995-03-22
Schwanebeck, Charles1964-03-03
Schwardt, Donna L.2018-06-22
Schwartz, Anna M.1975-11-21
Schwarz, Genell1966-12-14
Schwarz, Henry D.1991-01-23
Schwarz, Lois1969-10-10
Schwarz, Marjorie2010-12-10
Schwarz, Ruby1968-05-17
Schwegel, George1972-11-15
Schwegel, Gladys L.1982-07-28
Schweihs, Jerome J.1989-02-07
Schweihs, John R.1988-04-15
Schweihs, Louis A.2013-04-12
Schweihs, Richard F.1999-05-19
Schweihs, Sister Teresine1995-09-22
Schweihs,Dorthy Ann2019-05-17
Schweikhofer, Edwin F.1942-10-22
Schweikhofer, Eleanor1955-05-08
Schweman, Elsie1960-02-24
Schweppe, Dorothy J.1980-10-15
Schweppe, Robert H.1979-08-22
Schwertfeger, Dolores R.1991-05-22
Schwertfeger, Jack D.1979-04-30
Schwiedergoll, Charles1982-07-14
Scianna, Marie Catherine1992-04-16
Scornavacco, Mary Jane2011-01-21
Scotellaro, Thomas J.1982-04-23
Scott, Joseph T.1963-10-23
Scott, Margaret1968-07-24
Scott, Margaret1999-02-17
Scott, Marilyn1987-06-17
Scott, Michael J.1987-09-30
Scott, Rose M.2005-04-13
Sczinski, Frances Joseph "Szczecinski"2002-10-30
Seacal, Pauline1960-03-24
Seager, Harry1932-08-26
Seaholm, Howard G.1968-03-27
Seal, Albert V.1983-12-16
Sears, Grace L.1982-04-16
Secord, Anna1970-07-22
Sedlacek, Joseph W.2006-05-12
Sedlacek, Lorraine J.1993-01-25
Sedlak, Arthur J.1979-01-24
Sedlak, Norma1976-01-28
Sedruy, Frank J.2007-11-28
Seeck, Linda1988-11-18
Seep, Mary2002-09-20
Seep, William H.1965-02-02
Sefranek, Hattie1978-03-08
Seghi, Michael G.2009-07-24
Segovia, Carlos M. Dr.2002-01-12
Sehnert, John1973-01-17
Seicke, Bruce B.1984-10-26
Seidel, Edwin, A.1980-02-18
Seidensticker, Anna1989-01-31
Seifert, Charles1965-05-12
Seifert, Charlotte1967-02-24
Seifried, John1976-11-19
Seiloff, Fred1945-12-27
Seiwert, Peter J.1990-12-14
Sekenski, Dorothy1975-02-14
Selander, Louise1979-03-16
Selby, Ken2002-03-22
Selcke, Dorothy J.1995-12-29
Seldon, Albert E.1946-07-18
Seldon, Mrs. Albert E.1944-11-30
Selepa, Robert J.1983-10-19
Selke, Dorothy J.1995-12-27
Selkey, Ida1944-09-14
Sellers, Harriet1978-01-11
Selman, Robert H.1980-02-04
Selon, Frederick1936-02-28
Semancik, Michael P. Jr.1998-10-14
Semple, William S.2002-10-18
Sena, Ida1977-10-19
Sendt, Martin D.1953-04-30
Senerius, Otto C.1983-05-25
Senkus, Mildred L.2002-08-28
Sepsis, Konstantina2006-05-24
Sepsis, Vasilios D.2002-02-15
Sequiens, Loraine J.1997-03-28
Serafin, Ross I.1969-02-12
Serafin, Wanda A.1988-04-14
Serafinowicz, Edward1972-01-31
Serafinowicz, Gerald J.1977-02-08
Seraginowicz, Josephine1981-11-11
Sererino, Elena M.1983-02-01
Serge, Julie M.1986-08-20
Sering, Adolph E.1983-09-28
Sering, Margaret P.2004-09-29
Seven, Lila W.1990-02-23
Sexton, Sarra1994-03-17
Seybold, Clairce1987-02-27
Shafer, Jack F.1963-03-08
Shafer, Margaret B.1985-07-26
Shafer, Marjorie E.1975-01-22
Shafer, Rosemary E.1980-11-12
Shaffer, Irene2014-06-20
Shahan, Gloria Jean1947-10-23
Shalitis, Walter1970-05-20
Shallow, William1937-10-21
Shananaquet, Allen L.1978-08-11
Shannon, James M.2002-02-20
Shappa, Laurie J. Longfield1994-04-24
Sharman, Gladys1960-01-24
Sharman, Stanley1970-09-25
Sharp, Christina1972-12-29
Shaw, Florence1955-04-08
Shaw, Martha Gayle1997-08-13
Shaw, Robert1946-01-24
Shaw, Robert E.1944-11-30
Shaw, Virginia1988-02-10
Shawcross, Charles1947-04-04
Shayne, Joseph1974-08-28
Shayne, Joseph A.2003-12-24
Shayne, Lynette1958-05-02
Shea, Charles E. Sr.1943-02-25
Shea, Evaline1997-07-16
Sheahan, Charles B.1976-04-08
Sheehan, Diane M.1995-05-12
Shelby, Horace W.2001-02-23
Shelby, Michael A.1994-03-24
Sheldon, Carol Ann2002-11-15
Sheldon, Mabel L.1976-04-22
Shelton, Arthur1961-07-21
Shepard, Mrs. Henry1939-09-21
Shepherd, Frank1970-02-25
Sheppard, James D.1979-07-25
Sherfy, Josie D.1985-02-13
Sherman, Frank J. Jr.2000-01-29
Sherman, Frank Joseph III2007-02-28
Sherman, Rose A.1993-10-20
Sherrod, Freda1987-04-04
Sherry, Frances M.1993-04-08
Sherry, Kate1969-02-04
Sherwin, George C.1989-02-24
Sherwin, Michael1976-04-10
Shibley, Forest1972-07-12
Shimer, Maude E.1979-12-21
Shissler, Marie "Babel' C.1995-08-25
Shoemaker, Albert J.1973-03-21
Shoemaker, Eileen F.2003-03-28
Shoemaker, Lewis1970-01-21
Shoemaker, Marcella1968-12-25
Showalter, Alice Marie1935-03-30
Shroyer, Reco1971-05-28
Shumaker, Henry Hunter1999-12-17
Shumaker, Josephine V.2003-02-21
Shurtleff, Mildred M.1992-05-27
Shurtless, Mildred M.1992-05-22
Shute, Robert E.1981-05-13
Sichterman, Essie1966-06-22
Sidders, Frank1960-03-10
Siebert, Christy M.1959-12-24
Siebolds, Rose Mary2018-09-28
Siegel, Gail A.2001-12-19
Siegfried, Donald L.1995-06-30
Siegfried, Donald L.1995-06-28
Sieh, Rolland O.1953-04-18
Siekerman, Marge R.1996-02-20
Sieloff, Marie1962-04-13
Sieloff, Raymond C.2005-03-23
Siemund, Harry W.1988-07-27
Siemund, Helen T.1990-03-21
Siewert, Alice E.2000-04-14
Siewert, Alice E.2000-04-28
Sifuentes, Alice M.2002-03-14
Signer, Aileen B.2008-01-12
Signer, Ethyl1975-03-19
Signer, Ralph J.1997-04-05
Sikorski, James M.1980-04-17
Silhan, Elsie K.2001-12-14
Silk, Floyd J.1935-10-25
Silva, Jacqueline E.2005-01-26
Silzer, Mary H.1994-01-14
Silzer, Siegfried1996-02-27
Siminuk, Stella M.2008-02-15
Simmet, Frances1982-11-24
Simmet, Joseph1961-04-14
Simmons, Claire L.1998-07-29
Simmons, Henry C.1994-06-29
Simmons, John P.2004-06-25
Simmons, Richard N.1991-03-20
Simms, Wayne Leonard2010-06-18
Simon, Charles J.1968-02-22
Simon, Joshua M.1989-09-13
Simon, Raymond C.1999-07-30
Simonetti, MaryElle2007-10-31
Simonson, Jack L. Sr.1996-10-23
Simonson, Julia1984-09-28
Simpson, Annie F.1943-07-29
Simpson, William1939-04-13
Sinbaldi, Virginia T.1984-11-28
Sincock, Arthur C.1978-04-23
Singel, Blanche I.1985-05-04
Sinibaldi, Angelo1945-02-07
Sinibaldi, Cecile K.1986-10-22
Sinibaldi, Evelyn D.1983-11-16
Sinibaldi, John1993-08-25
Sinibaldi, Joseph1993-02-16
Sinibaldi, Mae Rose1937-08-19
Sinibaldi, Margaret1969-06-27
Sinibaldi, Sigismondo1964-10-14
Sinibaldi, Tony1985-04-12
Sinning, Michael R.1981-02-18
Sipek, Janice, M.1993-03-19
Sipek, Jerry J.2003-02-21
Sipowicz, Joe1937-04-19
Sippel, Charles P.2011-12-30
Sippel, Helen R.2003-05-28
Sippy, Everett T.1968-08-16
Sippy, Helen M.1974-07-10
Siskin, Harry1935-01-25
Sisson, Edward H.2003-12-31
Sisson, Gene1951-12-21
Sisson, Mildred1976-11-10
Sisson, Vivian R.2014-02-13
Sittig, Lizella1966-07-27
Sixta, Catherine A.1955-02-24
Sjoberg, Emilie M.2002-10-25
Sjoberg, Raymond A.1989-08-11
Skala, Emily L.2006-04-26
Skarnulia, Louis A.2001-06-29
Skarnulis, Josephine B.1990-01-29
Skarry, Hugh M.1981-11-25
Skarry, M. Evarista1994-03-12
Skawinski, Alfred A.2002-01-30
Skawinski, Jessie2002-12-11
Skawski, Floyd J.1966-05-07
Skawski, Regina E.2006-04-19
Skelnar, Anna1973-12-21
Skibbie, John, Rev.1986-03-19
Skibbie, William Gerard1997-01-25
Skinner, Harry1967-08-18
Skinner, Verle A.1984-10-31
Skowron, Maxine W.1999-04-23
Skudlarek, Rita R.2009-02-13
Skupien, Joseph M.1985-02-15
Slabaugh, Anna1971-04-11
Sladky, George L.1961-06-28
Slaga, Wanda E.2003-03-20
Slama, Edith J.1995-01-21
Slater, Celestine1958-04-17
Slavik, Elizabeth1981-10-30
Slegath, Pauline1940-10-10
Slenhahn, --1970-03-12
Slepicka, James J. Sr.1992-01-25
Slepicka, Lillian A.1998-05-04
Slimmer, John P.1990-09-28
Sliz, Bruno J.2001-10-10
Slobodnick, Maria1975-02-14
Slove, Gunda1973-02-01
Slowik, Stella2006-04-06
Sluka, Marilyn J.2018-12-07
Smagacz, Anthony L.1990-03-30
Smagacz, Elizabeth1971-04-16
Smagcz, Anne H.1981-05-13
Smaller, Lisa Foster2001-08-10
Smalley, Andrew W.2001-08-10
Smejkal, Clarence2001-05-25
Smerz, Cecelia1954-03-11
Smerz, Ervin1993-02-10
Smerz, Maria M.2004-01-17
Smice, Emelia1966-06-22
Smiertka, Ernest A.1976-07-14
Smith, Alvira Nye1936-01-13
Smith, Amelia A.1953-07-30
Smith, Ana D.2015-05-21
Smith, Annie1940-06-20
Smith, Burdella1967-08-23
Smith, Donald R.1982-02-10
Smith, Earl1944-06-15
Smith, Earl1974-01-28
Smith, Eileen1975-09-17
Smith, Elizabeth A.2004-10-22
Smith, Elmo E.1981-07-15
Smith, Florence1970-09-16
Smith, Florence C.2004-08-17
Smith, Florence C.1976-04-22
Smith, Frances E.1987-02-17
Smith, Frances M.2007-08-31
Smith, Frank E.1938-09-22
Smith, Frank J.1982-02-16
Smith, Fred H.1939-11-23
Smith, George C.1993-03-24
Smith, George M.1945-10-18
Smith, Irene E.1970-12-24
Smith, Jane1969-04-18
Smith, Jay H.1978-03-22
Smith, John H.1951-03-23
Smith, Josephine K.1997-04-18
Smith, Joyce H.2007-09-28
Smith, Judith L.1997-05-28
Smith, Katherine A.2004-01-24
Smith, LaVerne M.2001-05-11
Smith, Linda Hoeft2003-07-23
Smith, Mae F.1957-01-13
Smith, Malcolm C.1997-04-11
Smith, Margaret F.1935-09-27
Smith, Mary J.1966-12-30
Smith, Mary K.1998-01-17
Smith, Mary R.1981-02-25
Smith, Minnie1957-01-24
Smith, Minor B.1972-04-19
Smith, Mrs. Charles1944-03-08
Smith, Mrs. Glenn E.1964-08-21
Smith, Nancy K.1969-08-13
Smith, Nellie1948-08-26
Smith, Orville W.1994-05-13
Smith, R. Herbert Jr.1992-08-14
Smith, Ray E.1947-02-13
Smith, Raymond J. Sr.1992-12-11
Smith, Rex G.1968-04-18
Smith, Robert A.1932-12-29
Smith, Robert M.1980-10-10
Smith, Robert W.2002-05-27
Smith, Rosemarie2014-10-17
Smith, Roy1961-11-29
Smith, Stark1967-02-14
Smith, Stephen L.1983-09-21
Smith, Stewart P.1986-02-06
Smith, Uretta1941-02-27
Smith, William E.2014-02-14
Smith, William P.1991-09-25
Smith, Wilma M.1958-04-19
Smitka, Florence H.1984-11-28
Smitka, Robert1977-09-21
Smook, Anna1967-04-14
Snatucci, Lucian A.2001-07-11
Snider, Robert1976-05-19
Snobl, Vladimir F.2000-03-17
Snowberg, Elizabeth M.1997-04-23
Snowberg, Raymond H.1986-03-27
Snowden, Claud H.1997-01-10
Snowden, Frances E.2005-01-28
Snyder, Anne P.2005-03-16
Snyder, Carl R. Sr.1982-05-26
Snyder, Catherine1979-01-22
Snyder, Chester L.1968-01-17
Snyder, Evelyn1940-01-28
Snyder, James H.1998-04-17
Snyder, Mary F.1981-02-27
Snyder, Ralph E.1990-03-03
Snyder, Raymond C.1993-02-24
Sobaski, John B.1979-05-23
Soberalski, Barbara M.2011-06-17
Sobol, Frank S.2005-12-30
Sode, Elsie A.1992-02-10
Sokolowski, Joseph1967-02-07
Sola, Magnes1980-10-22
Solecki, Hazel M.1968-04-03
Solecki, Joseph M.1970-04-17
Soley, Florence M.1974-01-21
Soloman, Andrea R2019-04-12
Solyom, Florence M.2002-02-05
Sommers, Agnes1940-01-18
Sommers, Ann1974-08-21
Sommers, Dorothy G.1985-03-27
Sommers, Joseph M.1992-03-18
Somora, Mark A.2010-05-28
Sonntag, Florence M.1969-01-27
Sopala, Genevieve A.2005-03-30
Sorensen, Anna F.1982-10-15
Sorensen, Kenneth M.1992-06-10
Sorensen, Louis M.1984-09-12
Sorensen, Martha M.1994-05-11
Sorensen, Minnie P.1986-07-11
Sorensen, Svend T.1997-03-22
Sorensen, Vera F.1981-01-23
Sorenson, Alyce1979-11-22
Sorenson, Cecile E.1979-09-12
Sorenson, Evald1982-11-12
Sorenson, George C.1978-10-25
Sorrentino, Anita L.1993-12-10
Sortman, Louis C. Sr.2003-03-19
Sortman, Steven2007-02-21
Sostak, Anton A.1996-02-14
Sostak, Charles M. Sr.1997-05-28
Sostak, Elsie Marie2001-11-21
Sostak, Patricia M.1999-10-22
Soukup, Carol M.1976-09-22
Soukup, Mary2001-05-11
Southwell, Mrs. Bensen1945-01-28
Spangenberger, Marie1961-04-08
Spano, Alice1960-09-29
Spano, Joseph F.1959-08-20
Sparf, Harold1968-02-28
Sparf, Loraine1980-12-19
Sparf, Walter H.1998-09-30
Specking, Edward1972-01-12
Specking, Gertrude1970-01-11
Speidel, John R.2009-01-12
Speidel, Randy P.1992-07-10
Speidel, Randy P.1992-07-15
Speidel, Ruth A.2007-03-22
Speldel, Ronald2014-01-24
Spencer, David Allen2014-03-21
Spencer, Donald R.1995-04-06
Spencer, Mildred T.1992-09-30
Spencer, Signe1972-04-20
Sperandeo, Concetta2003-12-12
Sperandeo, Marino1979-04-11
Sperandeo, Mary1975-05-03
Sperandro, Delores1971-03-24
Sperlik, Donald O.1998-08-19
Sperlik, Virginia M.2006-04-01
Sperry, Bonnie L.1992-04-23
Sperry, Bonnie L.1992-10-30
Spicer, Anna1966-04-20
Spicer, Roy F.1965-02-12
Spiedel, John2008-12-16
Spiers, June M.1988-03-23
Spiers, Stanley1973-03-16
Spinelli, Evelyn J.1997-05-30
Spiroplaus, Christ M.1975-01-18
Spiroplaus, Paulette J.1975-01-18
Spohnholz, Clarence F.1974-04-10
Spohnholz, Martha1970-02-11
Spradley, Norman W.1988-03-03
Spradley, Peggy1997-11-19
Sprague, Jesse E.1965-12-22
Sprague, Marjorie E.2005-03-16
Sprandel, Alma J.1965-03-20
Sprandel, Emma1935-03-15
Sprandel, George1970-01-21
Sprangerberger, Harry1961-01-31
Sprinkle, James R.2002-04-19
Spurr, Donna1966-04-09
Srch, Richard W.2009-12-18
Sroube,Roy A.1957-01-10
Sshurtleff, Charles1965-04-23
St Clair, Cheslyn1973-04-21
St. Clair, Angie1966-09-14
St. Clair, Dorothy E.1994-05-13
St. Clair, George O.1938-10-13
St. John, Jean2018-05-11
St. Louis, James H.2009-09-18
Stack, Dana D.1965-10-12
Stade, Gale1963-02-07
Staffel, Conrad1939-09-14
Stafford, Elmer V.1980-04-26
Stahl, Anna1958-06-24
Stahlke, Magdalena1966-10-14
Stahr, Alfred1950-07-28
Staite, James A.1964-12-11
Staite, Jennie E.1987-03-15
Stalder, Robert1968-01-19
Staley, Mary R.2006-03-29
Stallsmith, Diane M.2003-08-20
Stanard, Logan D.2003-01-18
Stange, Isabelle M.1996-01-22
Stanlorie, Winifred1968-07-10
Stapleton, George T.2003-09-10
Staranowicz, Ronald J.1998-05-13
Starck, Effie L.1994-10-19
Stark, Helen M.1976-01-28
Stark, Peter J.1978-08-11
Stark, Rosalie1982-05-19
Starley, James1977-07-22
Starman, Marie1988-07-15
Starr, Robert R.2005-05-27
Starrett, Elsa1984-04-26
Starrett, Fletcher P.1955-08-11
Stasi, Francis A.2005-04-13
Stasser, Fred1968-01-31
Staveley, Richard E.1962-03-14
Steder, Elaine Piermattei2000-01-17
Steecjmuller, Elizabeth L.1988-08-26
Steegmuller, Charles R.1982-03-19
Steele, Ralph M.1937-01-28
Stefanelle, Dann1967-04-21
Stefany, Marguirite L.1976-03-10
Steffey, Edward L.1965-03-25
Stefranek, Rudolph1982-06-16
Stegath, Guy1953-03-27
Stegath, Richard B.1958-09-16
Stege, Charles E.1996-12-11
Steger, Marion J.1994-06-29
Stegmeyer, Francis B.1974-05-22
Stehle, Timothy F.2018-08-31
Steier, Albert1999-03-17
Steier, Laura1975-02-19
Stein, Paul A.1968-11-28
Steinahuer, Bertha1953-10-15
Steinbach, Emily1965-12-22
Steinbach, Evelyn1962-08-22
Steinbach, Florence L.1984-04-12
Steinbach, Louis1961-06-13
Steiner, Anna M.1971-04-16
Steiner, Mathias M.1979-02-21
Steiner, Vernon D.2004-02-18
Steingraber, Frederick2005-06-10
Steingraber, June E.2002-06-12
Steingraber, Melvin H. E.2002-03-30
Steinhauer, Frieda M.1957-10-17
Steinlein, Margaret1932-07-22
Stelzner, Andrea N. K.2001-12-14
Stengebusch, Henry R.1990-03-09
Stensrud, Luella A.1994-08-31
Stephani, Otto C.1944-08-24
Stephani, Otto C. Sr.1993-12-15
Stephen, Janice F.2009-02-20
Stephens, George M.1951-04-20
Stephens, John L.1949-03-10
Sterett, Clifford M.1978-04-07
Sterett, John C.1963-11-27
Sterett, Mary1960-11-10
Stern, Charles V.1969-02-28
Sternbauer, Joseph Jr.1986-02-21
Steuerle, Blanche2014-02-21
Stevens, Ann Marie2001-03-02
Stevens, Donald V.1998-05-02
Stevens, Sadie V.1985-06-12
Stevens, William H.1958-05-02
Stevenson, Ruby1974-03-28
Steward, George C.1989-09-13
Stewart, Jennette M.1990-01-15
Stewart, Stanley J.1993-01-27
Stewart, Virginia B.2004-02-26
Stewarts, Joseph G.2003-05-03
Stickney, Alex W.1994-09-23
Stickney, Harrett B.1968-04-03
Stier, Bret A.1988-06-29
Stiglich, Eva1979-12-27
Stiller, John "Jack" M.2008-01-12
Stilmok, Dorothy1973-02-15
Stloukal, Ellen M.1998-03-26
Stock, Faraday1961-12-22
Stod, Jake1966-02-23
Stokes, Gertrude1983-01-12
Stolper, Erwin F.1983-03-30
Stoltz, Burnis2001-03-09
Stoltz, Edna Lorene1999-07-28
Stoltz, Essie1946-10-17
Stoltz, Oris A. "Jack"1994-10-28
Stoltz, Wayne1991-07-19
Stolzy, Laverne1984-03-13
Ston, Ella J.1982-04-25
Ston, Russel H.2001-11-21
Stoner, Ramon M.2013-01-18
Storino, August F.2006-12-29
Storm, Hans1966-04-09
Stott, Eva1964-06-24
Stott, Frances1953-09-17
Stott, George E.1953-02-12
Stout, Ida A.1944-10-19
Stowell, James T.1962-09-26
Strach, Edmund J.2005-03-19
Strahl, Marie V.1990-05-23
Strahs, Henry F.1980-09-27
Stralko, William W.1995-03-08
Strange, Clarence1982-02-18
Strasser, Anna1985-02-27
Straub, Emma1958-06-10
Straus, Frank J.1957-01-31
Strawrakeff, Peter1998-09-18
Stre, Marie1975-03-27
Street, Barney1991-12-27
Street, Marjorie L.1994-02-23
Streetz, Kenneth E.2002-01-23
Strehle, Rudolph1965-05-01
Strobel, Fred G.1973-03-30
Stroberg, Louis W.1976-07-14
Strock, Minnie C.1975-03-14
Stroh, Mary A.1987-11-18
Strohmeyer, Albert J.1979-06-27
Strom, Josephine L.1984-02-29
Struck, Charles E.1979-11-28
Struck, Esther M.1993-06-30
Struck, Herbert J.1985-10-18
Strugalski, Albert1987-06-12
Strum, Blanche L.1987-04-17
Strum, Raymond R.1999-04-14
Struss, Hulda1967-11-29
Stubbe, Emily1975-02-19
Stuckemeyer, Dorthea1951-05-25
Studen, Josephine1966-02-23
Stuehler, Grace1968-04-26
Stumbaugh, Dorothy1995-06-30
Stupec, Joseph, A.1976-12-15
Stura, Peter J.1981-01-21
Sturdivant, Elizabeth2008-12-20
Sturm, Michael R.2013-05-10
Sturtevant, Mae1987-05-02
Sturtevant, Theodore J.1968-02-23
Sturtevant, Theron1988-04-02
Sturtz, Mrs. Otto1945-09-27
Styha, Mildred A.2014-03-21
Suave, Mabel C.1991-11-15
Suchor, Elizabeth J.2015-02-03
Sugino, Sumiko1997-07-18
Suk, Edwin F.1983-03-18
Suk, Frances2010-06-25
Sukup, WIlliam H.1980-06-11
Sula, Laddie J.1984-09-12
Sula, Marie2004-04-23
Sullens, Floyd M.1987-12-30
Sullivan, Donald2019-09-27
Sullivan, George R.1990-05-07
Sullivan, Joseph C.1995-10-25
Sullivan, Lucille M.1998-05-27
Sullivan, Martha C.1990-02-01
Sullivan, Ruth A.2002-09-18
Summaria, Florence D.2002-04-17
Summaria, Louis J.2018-02-09
Sumner, Hollis1974-03-06
Sundahl, Robert G.1979-11-22
Sundmacher, Evelyn1963-02-27
Sundquist, Hilma A.1983-05-09
Super, Mary1965-01-25
Surges, Lester1971-04-03
Surges, Robert J.1988-03-25
Surges, Ronald L.1968-02-21
Sutherland, James R.1983-05-25
Sutton, Richard A.1993-05-01
Suzda, Frank J.1986-11-19
Svanda, Robert1969-05-14
Svec, Lydia E. "Betty"1994-11-18
Svendsen, Christine1971-12-22
Svetic, Russell V.2007-01-10
Swander, Betty M.1993-12-24
Swander, Wallace "Bill"2008-03-14
Swanson, Anna L.1945-01-25
Swanson, Arline1975-10-22
Swanson, Betty2005-11-23
Swanson, Dennis1962-12-28
Swanson, Florence June2004-06-16
Swanson, Forrest1974-01-14
Swanson, Gertrude Laura1998-07-15
Swanson, Gladys I.1984-11-23
Swanson, J. Russell1987-10-16
Swanson, James R.1988-03-11
Swanson, Jeanette D.1979-06-13
Swanson, Margaret, W.1976-04-30
Swanson, Nellie1957-05-05
Swanson, Richard G.1980-03-04
Swanson, Roberta J.2002-04-21
Swanson, Ruth A.1983-02-18
Swanson, Selma1952-02-13
Swartz, Howard W.1967-04-16
Swartz, Rosalie1982-08-27
Swartz, Stella M.1965-05-26
Swartz, Violet Helen2008-03-21
Sweeney, Barbara M.1989-01-25
Sweeney, Daniel "Chuck"1996-02-16
Sweeney, Stephen J.1992-03-13
Sweetman, Henry J.1973-08-29
Sweiger, Charles1974-03-13
Sweitzer, Madeleine R.1994-10-21
Swensen, Wanda A.1981-02-25
Swick, John H. Sr.1976-02-04
Swick, Margarette F.1977-02-11
Swick, Richard A.1962-10-17
Swierenga, Lawrence B.1989-11-24
Swieter, Lloyd1982-01-25
Swieter, Mary L.2006-10-18
Swieter, William L.2001-11-16
Swink, William1966-02-15
Switch, Thomas M.1981-01-14
Sych, Patricia A.1999-11-10
Sydnor, Charles R.1995-03-10
Sydnor, Ruby L.2009-08-14
Sydorczuk, Wasyl1996-05-31
Sykes, Dora A.1967-05-27
Sylvester, Frank1967-11-29
Sylvester, Joan A.2010-01-15
Symak, Eugene Sr.2004-01-19
Syron, Dorothy1991-11-15
Syron, Edward D.1983-04-13
Syron, Edward D. Jr2008-06-20
Sywater, James A.1999-02-17
Szalich, Janet A.2004-08-20
Szatkowski, Henry S.2003-12-19
Szczcsny, Mary P.1980-12-10
Szczepanik, Joseph H.1997-11-28
Szudrowicz, Stanley L.1994-08-12
Szuper, John R. Jr.2015-01-30