Argus Obituary Index

The Library maintains an index of obituaries published in the Villa Park Argus, beginning in 1931, of people who were Villa Park residents or had some other connection to the village. This index is updated periodically. Gaps exist in the index due to issues missing from the Library’s microfilm collection of newspapers. Dates listed in this index are dates of publication, and not of death.

Visitors to the Library may view and print copies of Argus obituaries at the microforms reader/printer in the Adult Services Department. A fee of 10 cents per page is charged for printing. If you live outside the area, you may request a copy of an obituary by mailing a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope to the Library or by submitting a request through your local library’s interlibrary loan service.

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NamePublication Date
Haack, Ferdinand1970-05-15
Haag, John R.1991-03-13
Haas, Anna M.1991-10-18
Haas, Richard A.1981-04-12
Haas, Virginia M.1997-07-23
Haas, William B. Jr.2003-03-21
Habina, Mary1974-03-22
Hacker, Della1957-04-13
Hacker, Joseph1962-02-23
Hackman, Dellas P.1981-02-11
Hadamik, Henry S.1992-07-10
Hadley, Allen1957-01-10
Haedike, Ida C.1997-12-17
Hagerman, Lydia E.1973-10-11
Hagerty, Thomas J.1995-04-21
Hagstrom, David L.1984-07-18
Hagstrom, Dorothy I.1995-04-12
Hagstrom, Eunice1973-07-18
Hagstrom, Ruth1965-03-05
Hagstrom,Rudd S.1988-05-18
Hahn, Gerirude1964-01-13
Hahn, Grace2004-01-21
Haiman, Brenda M.1990-12-12
Hain, Ernest J.2001-07-25
Haire, Ladonna2008-08-20
Hajek, Louis C.1990-01-17
Hajek, Ralph S.1993-09-15
Hakala, Richard L.1990-03-07
Halbe, O. J.1936-11-12
Halbe, Pearl F.1987-05-09
Halbe, Thomas G. Dr.1988-03-16
Haley, Fred A.1975-12-24
Halffield, Tillie1981-02-13
Halfield, Fillmore E.1948-05-01
Hall, Elaine C.2008-02-13
Hall, George B.1999-02-26
Hall, Harold L.1965-11-26
Hall, John E.2000-04-19
Hall, Lillian S.1992-05-08
Hall, Margeret M.2007-10-17
Hall, Norman R.1986-02-13
Hall, Raymond M.1978-05-17
Hall, Robert George Sr.1997-02-12
Hallam, Catherine1974-10-30
Hallgren, Dolores L.2008-02-28
Hallman, Ida V1983-05-07
Hallman, Ruth I.2011-02-25
Halperin, Barbara N.1987-06-17
Hamblin, Anna E.1932-04-30
Hamblin, David P.1985-11-20
Hamblin, Edward D.1984-04-12
Hamblin, June1994-06-29
Hamblin, Vallie M.1989-02-22
Hamilton, Raymond1965-10-21
Hamlin, John2004-09-17
Hamlin,Sharon L2019-03-08
Hammer, Richard1960-05-19
Hammerschmidt, Louis1973-12-14
Hammersmith, Mary B.1999-01-16
Hammersmith, Vernon R. Sr.1995-10-18
Hammond, Frand1963-02-13
Hammond, James1956-09-27
Hampel, Ted1975-03-26
Hampson, Allan R.2004-09-24
Hampson, Diana C.1989-10-25
Hampson, Gerald D.2004-10-27
Hamrick, Steven R.1980-08-20
Hanck, Carl1974-01-18
Hanck, Irene G.1985-07-17
Hanck, Mary F.2006-05-10
Hanck, Nancy1949-06-24
Hancock, Helen M.1976-10-27
Hancock, John L.1976-09-15
Hancock, Lucille Lee1992-05-01
Hancock, Thomas P.1986-04-03
Hancock, Vivian2014-01-17
Hand, Michael G.1962-08-24
Handschiegel, Anton1948-03-03
Handy, Kenneth G.2014-12-23
Hankins, Irving1977-01-26
Hanley, Mary1983-02-23
Hanlon, Jacqueline A.2006-09-15
Hanlon, WIlliam E.1985-09-25
Hanna, Richard F.1963-08-28
Hanna, Robert T.1989-05-01
Hansen, Catherine B.1994-05-02
Hansen, Earl1964-01-15
Hansen, Gilbert A.1978-05-19
Hansen, Helen M.1982-05-19
Hansen, Hellen1977-05-18
Hansen, Joanne1996-05-22
Hansen, John Sr.1993-12-15
Hansen, Pamela L.1989-04-14
Hansen, Richard G.2006-01-14
Hansen, Valborg1970-03-06
Hansen, Victor1974-07-10
Hanson, Emery1973-05-16
Hanson, Ethel V.1977-02-25
Hanson, George1972-08-25
Hanson, Margaret M.1981-05-09
Hanson, Robert "cowboy"2019-07-26
Hanssen, Roberta J.2005-09-16
Hapl, George E.1986-12-26
Happel, Katharina2002-03-16
Harbaugh, Adrian L.2002-05-04
Harbaugh, Beulah F.2004-02-24
Harding, Lawrence C.1973-01-31
Hardt, Fred1991-12-13
Hardt, Julia1994-01-14
Hardt, Sophie1954-04-23
Hardy, Margaret1967-04-23
Hardy, Robert J.1975-04-16
Hardy, William P.1981-02-18
Harford, Leo E.1989-01-11
Harm, Anna M.1993-01-11
Harmann, Carl H.1966-09-28
Harmel, Gustav1966-08-17
Harmon, Dale1988-04-23
Harms, George C.1987-06-03
Harms, Irene1976-02-02
Harnden, Percy C.1981-03-04
Harold, John A.1991-07-19
Harper, John G.1985-09-20
Harrell, Joseph R. Jr.1993-04-21
Harriman, Mark A.1982-05-28
Harrington, Carl L.1979-01-22
Harris, Carrie1956-12-20
Harris, Cora M.1995-05-01
Harris, Dorothy O.1994-04-17
Harris, Gary E.1969-08-27
Harris, Nettie1961-08-18
Harrison, Florence1993-01-25
Harrison, John1961-03-03
Harrison, Terese A.2007-02-28
Harrison, Torrence B.1986-03-12
Harsh, Pearl E.1968-10-25
Hart, Gladys L.2015-11-18
Hart, Kenneth G.1996-07-10
Hartigan, Mark P.1990-03-30
Hartley, Attalie V. "Peggy"1992-11-27
Hartman, Celeste E.2007-09-14
Hartman, Clara E.1976-07-28
Hartmann, Leola M.1980-08-13
Hartnett, William M.2008-02-21
Harvey, Albert J.1981-06-19
Harvey, Blanche1975-04-23
Harvey, Irene1968-06-28
Harvey, James E.1992-01-24
Harvey, Lucille B.2006-09-20
Harvey, Samuel A.1976-12-10
Harvey, Thomas1961-12-27
Harvey, Thomas1975-03-20
Harvey, William T.1996-02-27
Hasenberg, Hans H.1980-02-11
Haske, Arthur D.1981-01-17
Hass, Doris E.2000-01-19
Hass, Marie1973-10-26
Hass, Melvin2003-10-31
Hass, Otto1961-01-26
Hass, Richard1946-01-17
Hasselberg, Heinz F.1975-06-25
Hasty, Richard William1995-07-26
Haswell, Laura E.1978-12-28
Haswell, Stewart W.1937-02-15
Hathaway, Betty C.1984-01-23
Hathaway, Earl A.1977-06-15
Hauber, Caroline M.2002-11-15
Hauch, Walter J.1997-12-17
Hauflaire, Eileen M.2009-10-23
Haugen, Irene L.1969-12-25
Haugen, Walter G.1974-10-23
Hauri, Dorothy E.1982-02-16
Hauri, G. Edward2006-10-18
Hausermann, Edwin A.2008-06-13
Hausermann, Erwin1997-03-19
Hausermann, Paula2004-12-10
Hauslein, August A.1944-04-20
Havel, Frank J.1978-04-07
Havel, Lawrence J.1999-01-18
Havel, Mary S.1975-10-31
Havel, Rose1974-03-06
Havel, Veronica A.1999-10-20
Havelhorst, Leona H.1997-03-19
Havelka, --1969-01-18
Havelka, Charles L.1976-04-30
Havelka, Edwin J.1988-03-23
Havelka, Helen1975-04-04
Havelka, Lorraine H.2002-03-14
Havelka, Marie A.2001-06-20
Havelka, Otto G.1939-02-23
Havemann, William C.1975-01-18
Hawk, Agnes1969-01-15
Hawk, George1977-06-29
Hawley, Theresa1937-09-30
Hawrylak, Harry K. "Stan"1998-12-18
Hayden, Clara1965-01-18
Hayden, Valerie Ann1998-07-29
Haydon, Rosa1944-08-24
Hayes, Cathryn M.1987-05-22
Hayes, Michael A.1989-04-01
Hayes, Shirley1978-02-14
Hayford, William C. Sr.1998-11-18
Hayward, Bertram F.1971-03-13
Hazen, Charles L. II2007-05-16
Head, Thomas C.2015-02-27
Healey, Arch L.1944-08-24
Healey, Ella N.1972-05-07
Heard, Adele1953-04-18
Heard, Stephen R.1974-07-31
Hearty, Thomas1970-07-31
Heatherly, Catherine1967-05-08
Heaton, Agnes A.1974-04-10
Hebenstreit, Alma E.2005-03-18
Hebenstreit, Hattie1965-02-16
Hebenstreit, Henry1962-01-26
Hebenstreit, Martha1977-03-24
Hebenstreit, Oswin E.1955-04-23
Hebner, Oscar J.1959-04-23
Heck, Frances1960-10-27
Heckman, Ellen M.1977-01-15
Heckman, Frederick C.1973-03-22
Heckman, Malinda A.1971-05-19
Hede, Francis A.1955-03-31
Hedquist, Olaf A.1995-07-26
Heerboth, Virgina H.2008-01-11
Heerey, Josephine1969-11-12
Heerman, Antoinette1964-04-15
Heffley, Chester B.2003-03-27
Heft, Alfred W.1973-09-28
Heft, Fred1973-01-31
Heft, Fred W.1948-07-15
Heft, Ida1971-03-10
Heft, Robert2004-11-24
Heft, Theresa1997-01-29
Hegglin, Anton A.1999-03-18
Hegglin, Leone J.1994-04-29
Heibel, Elizabeth T.1997-04-30
Heibel, Elizabeth T.1997-02-21
Heide, Ernest A.1979-11-28
Heidelmeier, John1974-08-28
Heidelmeier, Rosalie A.1991-11-27
Heideman, Minnie1974-06-12
Heidorn, Erna A.2004-08-11
Heimburger, Charles1948-06-17
Hein, Edward1969-01-11
Hein, Mildred1987-04-24
Heinke, August1962-12-21
Heinrich, Esther B.1988-10-28
Heinrich, Joan Ann2010-04-03
Heintz, Mary1958-04-24
Heintz, Mrs. Arthur1954-12-16
Heisen, Charles C.1945-01-28
Heisman, Frank J. Sr.1993-09-24
Heisman, June M.2016-01-08
Heldt, Mamie1964-11-11
Helfers, Diedrich1988-06-29
Helfers, Gilbert2007-01-31
Helfers, Paula M.1990-12-19
Helizon, Bernadette A.1978-10-18
Heller, Anna1958-08-12
Heller, August1968-02-12
Heller, Hattie M.1967-01-25
Helm, George W.1982-06-30
Helm, Rita B.1967-05-12
Helms, Walter B.1957-01-31
Heminsley, Alice1983-06-15
Hemstreet, Valerie1997-03-07
Henaughan, Mrs. J. Ray1947-01-30
Henders, Catherine M.2005-03-30
Henders, Harrison J. Harry2007-12-19
Henderson, Agnes1966-06-29
Henderson, John K.1957-05-16
Henderson, Mrs. Ernest1945-01-25
Henderson, Oliver1970-02-18
Hendon-Garcia, Janet Gail2006-02-22
Hendrickson, Lilagene1975-02-11
Hendrickson, Ralph C.1989-12-15
Hendron, Bertha1974-08-30
Hendron, John E.1994-09-14
Hendron, John E. "Jack"1994-09-21
Hendron, Meta M.1995-12-15
Hendron, Robert James "J.D."1993-03-24
Hendron, William E.1977-01-29
Hendron, William J.1957-03-21
Heneghan, Ellen1976-12-15
Hennig, Augusta1962-03-22
Hennig, Edward1973-05-16
Henning, Anne M.2002-05-17
Henning, Christian1963-06-28
Henning, Christian F. Sr.1991-01-25
Henning, Isabel1997-04-11
Henning, Mary1966-11-11
Henricksen, Robert W.1976-04-15
Henriksen-Rogers, Annie L.2001-02-28
Henriksen-Rogers, Annie L.2001-02-23
Henzi, Hertha1980-01-28
Henzi, Victor A.1974-02-20
Heppe, Larry R.2002-01-19
Herbold, Catheryn L.1981-05-13
Herbold, Ernest J.1967-03-08
Herlicka, Marie1970-12-24
Herman, Hugh P. Jr.1997-03-20
Herringer, Elmer J.1995-04-19
Herringer, Olive L.1993-06-11
Herrington, Jesse1974-10-23
Herrington, Mary1954-03-18
Herrington, Nathan P.1936-03-13
Herter, Elsa1996-02-14
Herzog, Fred D.1990-09-28
Herzog, Grace1995-02-14
Herzog, Robert1948-01-29
Heseltine, Catherine1944-12-14
Hess, Brian S.1985-03-15
Hess, Natalie Bowditch2002-03-28
Hesselberg, Stanley1972-10-20
Hesterman, Frank J.1981-02-27
Hetherington, James W.1951-11-16
Hettinger, Jennie C.1942-04-03
Heuser, Andrew1991-02-20
Heuser, Christian J.1999-11-17
Heuser, Richard D.2004-10-22
Heyder, Frieda A.1971-02-19
Heyder, George1960-04-14
Hibbard, Margaret1974-04-26
Hickey, Helen1979-07-25
Hickey, James C.1985-01-18
Hickey, James F.1956-04-05
Hickey, John William1992-08-14
Hickey, Marjorie L.1995-03-23
Hickey, Thomas1967-06-14
Hickman, Sylvia1969-02-28
Hicks, Dennis Anthony "Tony"1991-12-20
Hicks, Howard H.1937-05-27
Higbie, Edwin L.1988-07-20
Higdon, Joseph L.1995-11-10
Higgins, Caroline1968-02-28
Higgins, Daniel W.1995-07-26
Higgins, Virginia M.1987-06-26
Hightower, James A. Jr.1992-12-30
Hildebrandt, Kathryn E.1966-08-12
Hilgoe, John1960-01-17
Hill, David M.1989-07-19
Hill, David M.1968-12-18
Hill, Emma1957-07-18
Hill, Esther V.1985-10-30
Hill, Evelyn F.1997-02-12
Hill, Frances1991-12-20
Hill, Francis J.1987-05-09
Hill, Gerald Russell1944-06-22
Hill, Jane A.1962-04-25
Hill, Mark1957-05-23
Hill, Raymond1991-08-28
Hill, Sarah R.1989-01-18
Hill, Shirley A.2003-01-15
Hill, William Mercer1947-05-27
Hillard, Walter1943-11-18
Hillebold, Janet I.2004-07-21
Hillebold, William2013-08-16
Hilliger, Henry1961-04-14
Hilliger, Lillian1962-01-15
Hilliger, Robert E.2010-01-25
Hills, Margaret E.1991-02-22
Hilsenbeck, Fred L.1988-04-06
Hilsenbeck, Marre Antoinette2005-04-07
Hilton, Charles W.1954-10-22
Himmes, George J.2006-06-28
Hindmarsh, Robert V.1986-12-10
Hinds, Edwin C.2005-12-14
Hines, Anna M.1999-09-15
Hines, Irene M.1991-03-14
Hines, Norma J.2019-01-11
Hines, Suzanne2015-10-29
Hinkel, H. E.1951-10-26
Hinkel, Horton E.1951-08-10
Hinkel, Nancy Jo2004-02-18
Hinkle, Amy1962-01-15
Hinkle, William E.1971-04-08
Hinrichs, Mathilde1955-05-26
Hinrichs, Otto1937-04-15
Hinrichs, Virginia M.2000-03-24
Hinz, Theodor L.1994-03-19
Hitchcock, George V.1972-05-26
Hitchcock, Vera E.1959-06-11
Hitzeman, Fred C.1944-05-11
Hixon, Mrs. Alvin1947-07-17
Hoalt, Paul1981-10-23
Hochbaum, Rosannah1936-04-17
Hochstatter, Robin L.2002-10-18
Hock, Susan2014-01-31
Hock, Thomas G.1984-06-29
Hockett, Curtis F.1995-04-21
Hodal, Anthony1965-03-20
Hodal, Mary1958-03-12
Hodgson, Beatrice1959-04-16
Hodous, Florence1970-02-20
Hodson, Albert1960-07-21
Hodson, Clara1960-07-21
Hodson, H. P.1949-01-27
Hodson, Mary Emma1936-04-24
Hoefflin, Mary1948-10-21
Hoefflin, Wilhelmina1931-12-31
Hoek, George E.1970-01-21
Hoem, Elona I.2006-03-31
Hoepner, Emil1967-04-28
Hoepner, Ernest E.1995-01-14
Hoepner, Mary E.1998-12-30
Hoepner, Mrs. Emil1944-09-21
Hoff, Anna J.1989-05-12
Hoff, Henry W.1951-03-23
Hoffman, Albert1981-10-30
Hoffman, David2014-09-19
Hoffman, Hazel1982-08-20
Hoffman, Hedwig K.1974-12-27
Hoffman, James R. Sr.1976-05-19
Hoffman, Jeanne K.2011-09-23
Hoffman, Julius1935-02-22
Hoffman, Mark W.1996-03-27
Hoffman, Maureen1970-02-17
Hoffman, Ruth L.2011-04-02
Hoffman, Walter K. Sr.1983-06-10
Hoffrage, Alma1972-11-23
Hoffrage, William G.2001-05-18
Hofman, Kurt O.1938-02-17
Hofstetter, Max A.2004-03-26
Hoftz, Elaine L.2003-06-13
Hogan, Elizabeth M.1974-04-24
Hogan, Helen L.1996-04-10
Hogan, William J.1985-11-26
Hogsett, Eileen2006-07-21
Hogsett, Eileen C.2006-02-14
Hohenzy, Andrew H.1992-06-26
Hohenzy, Eleanore M.1997-05-30
Hohenzy, Raymond R.1993-02-10
Hohman, Mrs. Rudolph O.1953-07-16
Holden, Violet B.1983-02-08
Hollander, Carl R. F.1990-11-30
Holle, Roy H.1999-05-12
Holler, Albert E. Jr.2000-03-10
Holler, Marjorie1992-10-28
Hollis, Glenn E.1968-09-18
Holloway, Bess B.2003-12-17
Holloway, William R.1963-09-18
Holm, Anna1967-05-08
Holm, Martin A.1951-12-28
Holmann, Louis J.1962-12-21
Holmes, William J.1955-08-25
Holmstrom, Lenole M.1974-01-11
Holst, Ethel A.1982-03-25
Holz, Frederick1965-10-26
Holzknecht, William J.1982-01-27
Holzmacher, Emily A.1986-02-18
Homrig, Mary C.1974-11-20
Honquest, John T. Sr.1979-01-10
Honsa, Emma1965-01-18
Honsa, Joseph1966-09-21
Hoods, Marian B.1980-12-24
Hoogsteen, Henrietta2002-02-20
Hooke, Robert D.1967-02-15
Hooper, Louis T. Jr.1960-02-24
Hoover, Rhonda, M.1977-04-24
Hopener, Dennis2008-11-30
Hoppenrath, Gerald N.2008-01-25
Horina, Carol J.2004-05-12
Horina, Jean D.2005-03-18
Hormuth, Edward J.1984-03-23
Hormuth, Irene H.1991-10-18
Horn, John1992-02-19
Horn, John P.1992-02-21
Hornaday, Cameron T.1961-04-06
Hornaday, Ruth1958-05-26
Horton, Dale A.1982-03-10
Horton, L. R.1931-05-27
Horvath, Mary E.1999-08-11
Horvath, Stephen1932-02-17
Hosek, Janet C.1997-10-17
Hossman, Emma1973-02-21
Hostetler, Leslie1973-11-30
Hostetler, Susan1973-11-30
Hoth, George J.1956-01-29
Hottell, Geraldine1999-05-28
Hotwagner, Albert1984-08-15
Hough, Carol M.2002-10-11
House, Mrs. Delavan W.1953-07-23
Housouer, Bertha1942-05-28
Howard, Edward1957-03-29
Howard, John J.1997-03-29
Howden, Robert1967-04-12
Howe, Edward J. Sr.1974-09-11
Howell, Harold H.1978-11-15
Howell, Mary G.1964-05-13
Howes, William E. Sr.2003-05-21
Howse, David L.2004-04-23
Howse, Edith1968-05-15
Howse, Olga V.1993-07-14
Hoyt, Elmer E.1945-12-27
Hrabacka, William E. "Bill"2006-10-13
Hrach, Albert1944-01-16
Hrach, Ellen Mary1943-04-25
Hrubec, Lucille F. "Sally"2006-10-11
Hrubec, William H.1991-02-20
Hrynchuk, Theodore2003-02-28
Hubbard, Donald R.2004-03-24
Huber, Bessie M.1963-09-25
Huber, Violet R.1986-09-10
Hudson, Pearl I.1968-04-19
Huebner, Darrell K.1981-05-02
Huebner, Myrle1993-03-17
Hughes, Barbara Ann1999-03-10
Hughes, Carl1973-07-27
Hughes, Diane J.2004-01-21
hughes, Edward L.2011-08-12
Hughes, Edward N.1983-08-10
Hughes, Eileen A.1977-02-08
Hughes, Elizabeth A.1968-12-18
Hughes, Genevieve1975-05-14
Hughes, infant of William1936-07-10
Hughes, John1961-03-03
Hughes, Lillian V.1988-03-03
Hughes, Loya Nell2003-02-12
Hughes, Mannie1964-05-13
Hughes, Mary1953-04-03
Hughes, Maureen T.1981-04-17
Hughes, Raymond C. Sr.1995-03-22
Hughes, William A.1958-03-06
Hull, Cyrus G.1983-10-28
Hull, LaVerne M.1995-11-29
Humanski, Patricia AS.1993-03-25
Humikowski, Raymon M.1986-05-03
Hundrjager, Grace1963-10-18
Hunnewinkel, Joseph M.2001-02-28
Hunt, Christian T.1989-01-13
Hunt, Elmer J.1984-08-15
Hunt, Florence M.2015-03-03
Hunt, James L.2005-08-17
Hunt, Ray D.1985-10-23
Hunter, Charles E.1954-04-23
Hunter, Lawn J.1974-02-13
Hunter, Valerie A.1986-01-24
Huntingford, Denise J.1970-04-19
Hurd, Helen1953-07-30
Hurley, Dienna M.1983-04-22
Husek, Mary J.1964-03-18
Husenica, Stephen M.1980-06-27
Hushyn, Joann C.2003-12-24
Huska, Barbara Jean1999-10-29
Huska, Genevieve A.1993-03-31
Huska, Martin1972-11-29
Hutchison, Seth L.1974-03-23
Huxmann, Walter R.1989-02-15
Hyba, Karen J.2005-03-16
Hyland, Kathleen1978-09-29
Hyland, Thomas2002-03-23
Hynes, Marie2007-04-22
Hynes, Thomas K.2002-04-17
Hynes,Rosa F.1970-09-30