Argus Obituary Index

The Library maintains an index of obituaries published in the Villa Park Argus, beginning in 1931, of people who were Villa Park residents or had some other connection to the village. This index is updated periodically. Gaps exist in the index due to issues missing from the Library’s microfilm collection of newspapers. Dates listed in this index are dates of publication, and not of death.

Visitors to the Library may view and print copies of Argus obituaries at the microforms reader/printer in the Adult Services Department. A fee of 10 cents per page is charged for printing. If you live outside the area, you may request a copy of an obituary by mailing a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope to the Library or by submitting a request through your local library’s interlibrary loan service.

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NamePublication Date
Gabriel, Carl P. III1989-09-22
Gabrielsen, Edna H.1974-07-26
Gabrielson, Anna1953-07-16
Gabrielson, Mrs. Sam1945-02-22
Gabriz, Anna1974-09-11
Gabriz, Michael1996-03-05
Gadzinowski, Leon1966-06-22
Gage, Robert W.1976-01-14
Gaggini, Angelo W.1982-02-16
Gagle, Pearl1935-12-27
Gagle, William A.1965-03-05
Gaier, Gladys A.1987-10-28
Gaines, John L.1969-03-05
Gaines, Melvin B.2006-08-25
Gajewski, Albin1966-04-20
Gajewski, Katherine1950-03-24
Galassi, Hugo A.1984-03-28
Galassi, Mary1983-10-19
Galassi, Palma Marie1998-05-27
Gale, Lena1937-07-15
Galivan, William R.2010-03-26
Gallagher, Charles H. Sr.1990-03-24
Gallagher, Fern E.1979-10-24
Gallagher, Margot E.1981-04-26
Gallagher, Michael W.2009-05-29
Gallagher, Patrick J.1980-05-29
Galligani, James1970-02-25
Gallo, Dominic1999-03-17
Galloway, Earl H.1959-02-12
Ganett, John1960-01-24
Ganshaw, Edna A.1994-03-04
Gara, Elsie2010-07-30
Gara, Eugene J.2001-11-16
Garbacz, Mildred1988-04-21
Gardak, Martin J.1997-05-28
Gardner, Francis J.1962-03-30
Gardner, G. Duff1941-08-14
Gardner, Mrs. Jessie L.1967-05-24
Garibaldi, Edward J.1983-01-15
Garibaldi, June B.2006-01-16
Garr, Lucille C.2006-09-15
Garrett, Albert J.1947-05-15
Garrett, Christine1942-03-12
Garrett, Edith2001-04-07
Garrett, Harry A.1988-04-27
Garrett, Myrtle O.1984-12-19
Gartner, John J.1968-08-28
Gary, Betty Lorean2001-04-20
Gasaway, Christine1983-08-10
Gasaway, Harry M.1990-11-14
Gasicial, Stella M.2014-04-27
Gasiciel, William M.1985-04-12
Gaston, Charlotte1959-10-15
Gatlin, Barbara J.1981-05-02
Gatlin, Charles R.2000-03-22
Gats, Bernadine1977-08-24
Gats, Helen1996-01-17
Gats, Matthew P.1959-07-16
Gats,Thomas L.1969-08-20
Gatto, Richard J.2006-12-13
Gauchius, Matilda1988-04-14
Gaucius, William L.1995-04-19
Gaunt, Charles1958-05-12
Gaus, Elsie A.1998-04-24
Gauvreau, Julie1968-04-03
Gawrusik, Gayle2000-03-24
Gawrusik, Paul J.1998-04-29
Gayton, John A.1978-04-07
Gayton, Juan1965-02-24
Gayton, Matilda1965-05-01
Geary, Lillian1987-12-16
Geary, Michael T.1972-03-31
Geary, Rosa E.1979-06-20
Gee, Harry1947-03-20
Gee, Wesley R.1979-04-11
Geer, Irving E.1963-08-16
Gehlaar, Albert A.1963-05-24
Gehlaar, Edna1975-04-23
Gehrke, Charles1970-01-21
Gehrke, Esther Rose2005-05-07
Gehrke, Otto C.1954-05-14
Gehrke, Wayne Edward2005-09-21
Geier, Robert P.2013-11-15
Geisler, Kimberly Ann2007-03-17
Gelling, Sherry Ann1997-05-28
Genge, Katherine M.2007-05-11
Genge, Lawrence1974-01-25
Genovise, Frances1984-03-23
Genovise, Michael1983-01-12
Gentile, Dominic W.1998-11-18
Gentile, Francis J.1986-12-30
George, Dorothea V.1984-02-24
George, Edward T.1986-12-17
George, Marian1996-09-27
Gerard, Annie1952-04-25
Gerard, Henry W.1939-03-16
Gerardi, Louis R.1984-10-17
Gerardi, Zelda1997-05-30
Gerger, Leonard M.2005-04-02
Gerhard, Anna1997-12-12
Gerhard, Bodil1974-10-23
Gerhard, Herbert J.1987-04-15
Gerhard, Raymond B.1989-09-22
Gerharnd, Sadie1970-04-17
Geritano-Rizzo, Denise F.2005-01-19
Geritano, Adeline F.2007-09-28
Geritano, Christopher N.1976-07-16
Gerken, William1973-10-11
Gerlesits, Agnes1991-11-13
Gerlesits, Robert1977-10-21
Gerome, John A. Sr.2005-12-23
Gerrick, Lee A.2008-02-22
Gersmann, Alfred1959-10-22
Gerstner, Chester, J.1980-04-17
Gerstner, Rose1964-03-18
Getner, Henry1985-04-04
Giagnorio, Joseph Sr.1999-05-03
Giampoli, Anna F.2001-12-14
Gibbney, Catherine M.1999-03-03
Gibbney, Lawrence J.1999-11-24
Gibbons, Mary2005-06-10
Gibe, Charles R.1982-04-09
Giblin, William R.1997-03-12
Gibson, Cynthia1959-02-04
Gibson, Floyd D.1971-12-22
Gibson, James LeRoy1991-05-10
Gibson, Paula L.1983-11-23
Giery, Ted1976-04-17
Gilbert, Charles S.2007-03-29
Gilbreath, Rier P.1967-09-15
Gilchrist, Margaret1938-12-15
Gilchrist, Mathew1938-12-10
Gilday, Minnie1938-12-15
Giles, James E.2000-03-10
Gill, Mary K.1986-03-19
Gilla, John J.1990-12-14
Gilla,Nancy M2019-03-08
Gillespie, John A.1963-03-20
Gingery, Genevieve M.1993-02-24
Ginsberg, Max1969-09-26
Giova, Marc Robert1995-09-20
Giovacchini, Helen1989-04-26
Giovacchini, Marshall J.1992-03-27
Giwoyna, Sarah1971-05-01
Gladson, Elsie E.1960-06-30
Glaess, Alvin R.1970-12-18
Glaess, Jean1967-06-28
Glasen, Frank J.1994-02-23
Glaser, Theodore1953-05-28
Glasgow, Cathleen M.2007-04-29
Glason, Francis J.1987-09-25
Glasser, Kenneth A.2003-04-16
Gleason, Bernard M.1972-06-16
Gleason, Elaine K.2006-03-10
Gleason, Frank1960-02-02
Gleason, Frank J.1999-03-25
Gleason, Grace1979-09-26
Gleason, John W.1981-02-03
Gleason, Marilyn E. Hay1997-03-27
Gleason, Sarah A.1936-04-17
Gleason, William1931-07-17
Gloss, Gloria R.1999-02-16
Gloss, Rudolph1999-04-03
Gloviak, Rose E.2004-09-24
Glynn, Georgianna C.1970-04-17
Glynn, Michael G.1983-10-19
Godfrey, Helen1975-04-04
Goehrke, Adele1974-01-20
Goehrke, Adele A.1984-01-20
Goehrke, Edward1968-05-05
Goehrke, Erna J.1991-02-27
Goehrke, Lila1989-05-24
Goeller, Frank E.1981-12-30
Goelzlin, Louis1936-02-21
Goeman, Leota V.2000-05-12
Goerlitz, David1991-02-07
Goerlitz, Divid1991-03-15
Goetschel, George F.1992-03-25
Goetschel, Helen2010-11-12
Goetz, John H.2006-04-19
Goetz, Stanley1973-09-12
Goff, Carolyn E.1996-06-14
Goff, Harold S.1988-04-14
Goff, Lorraine J.2008-01-28
Goff, Roy L.1997-02-26
Goff,Harold S JR.2019-05-03
Goggin, James P.2007-06-27
Goggin, William1938-02-02
Goggin, William P.1947-02-27
Gohl, Antonia1994-06-10
Goldsborough, Steven A.1954-04-11
Goldstein, Raelene1956-11-22
Golladay, Isabell L.1987-01-28
Gonio, Grover C.1981-03-11
Gonzalez, Virginia1990-08-15
Good, Arthur C.1975-11-12
Good, Lillian C.1988-07-13
Goodhart, Kenneth1945-11-17
Goodman, Florence H.1999-12-22
Goodman, Robert J.1979-06-13
Gorbunoff, Harry1958-07-29
Gorbunoff, Heidi1973-01-14
Gordon, Pamela R.1992-12-18
Gore, Ann1984-01-27
Gore, Charles F.1986-01-31
Gorham, Donald W.2000-01-29
Gorke, Angeline1965-10-26
Gornik, Joseph A.1966-08-31
Gorny, Katherine M.1987-02-05
Gorny, Ted A.1993-10-20
Gorrence, Blanche B.1989-12-20
Gorrie, Blanche1963-05-29
Gorski, Elaine M.2006-04-14
Gosen, Louise T.1980-12-17
Gosen, Nannette R.2005-01-28
Gosen, Raymond H.2004-09-17
Gosselin, Kathryn M.1978-04-12
Gottfried, John1991-09-20
Gottfriedt, Gale B.2007-07-13
Gourley, Kenneth M.1996-02-05
Gourley, Rex R.1984-02-28
Goveia, Abegail M.1981-11-18
Goveia, Edward M.1978-01-25
Goyack, Christopher M.1976-03-24
Goyke, John V.1953-03-05
Grabowski, Chester1979-08-17
Grabowski, Irene R.1991-01-16
Grabske, Clara1961-03-03
Gracey, Charles O.1977-01-26
Grada, Phillip M.1971-05-01
Graf, Agnes C.1985-01-23
Graf, Edith R.1980-01-13
Graf, John1958-12-16
Graf, Leonard H. P.1986-11-14
Graf, Louis1960-10-27
Graff, Florence J.1995-01-18
Graff, John J.1997-05-30
Graff, John R.1946-02-28
Graff, Monica G.1987-07-24
Graham, Ellwood D.1935-11-15
Graham, Robert W.1989-05-10
Graham, Thomas L.1983-06-22
Gralik, James Alfred2010-05-21
Gramberg, Dorthy2018-08-10
Grammer, Nettie C.1978-01-25
Gran, Henrietta1959-01-18
Gran, Ole I.1958-05-12
Granback, Gustaf1952-03-28
Granger, James J.1988-03-12
Granquist, Minnie1963-02-12
Grant, Dorothy B.1991-02-15
Grant, George T.1949-01-20
Grant, Marjorie L.1999-08-20
Grant, Rebecca A.2005-01-29
Grantz, Leonard1932-09-22
Grantz, Peter P.1984-08-22
Granzin, August1936-04-24
Gratehouse, Margaret E.1984-07-25
Graumann, Elisabeth1953-09-10
Graunke, Gordon A.1974-01-25
Gray, Annamae D.1999-12-22
Greathouse, Claude1991-04-06
Grebasch, Harold J.2007-05-05
Grebasch, Irma P.2011-02-25
Greco, Emil1996-08-30
Greeley, Patricia Ann.2007-02-08
Greely, Sandra1959-01-29
Green, Annie1937-04-18
Green, Henry1932-05-13
Green, Jens L.1961-06-23
Green, Joe H.1974-09-25
Green, Minnie1966-03-23
Green, Patricia A.1982-11-12
Green, Ragnhild1955-08-25
Green, Selma L.1981-01-19
Greene, Charles E.1998-01-17
Greene, Jennie D.2014-02-28
Greene, Michael D.1985-12-27
Greene, Rose L.1991-05-15
Greene, Thelma V.1994-03-30
Greenholt, Einer J.1953-07-18
Greenquist, Raymond F.1978-03-08
Greenquist, Rose1980-07-11
Greensfelder, Erna1986-01-24
Greenwood, George1969-05-14
Greenwood, Julia1961-06-14
Gregersen, Adeline1978-10-20
Gregerson, Clarence1972-03-17
Greggo, Joseph J.1996-11-20
Gregie, Julia1979-02-16
Gregie, Mike2003-10-17
Gregor, James H.1989-09-20
Gregory, Dorothy1963-09-18
Gregory, John1971-09-22
Gregory, Martha1972-02-11
Greismann, Alexander1979-03-23
Grelck, Marie R.1990-10-17
Grelck, Walter A.2007-01-27
Grenier, Mark P.1952-02-28
Gribben, Shirley A.1995-04-26
Griesbaum,William G.2019-02-08
Griesmann, Nancy J.1987-11-11
Griffin, Elsiee1974-01-11
Griffin, Emma1953-01-22
Griffin, Frank1972-01-26
Griffin, H. C.1937-02-25
Griffin, Joseph P.1932-04-07
Griffin, William1967-01-21
Griffinger, Magdelena1976-09-22
Grifo, Charles1981-01-19
Grills, Hilda M.1969-05-21
Grissinger, Harry1966-04-15
Griswold, Clara1966-06-24
Griswold, John M.1965-03-27
Grobe, William D.1962-10-12
Groch, John J.1977-01-17
Gronwall, Eyolf1962-08-29
Groskopf, Clara1965-03-20
Groskopf, Henry L.1990-12-26
Gross, Edward M.1998-02-25
Gross, Eleanor H.1993-12-22
Gross, Florence L.1983-01-14
Gross, George J.1981-04-02
Gross, James1989-08-16
Gross, Jeffery R.1979-10-26
Gross, Ronald E.2002-10-11
Grote, Claire C.2007-02-01
Grote, Dale G. Sr.1994-03-17
Grove, Robert Steven2003-02-06
Grove, William2010-08-27
Grove, William H. Jr.1991-10-25
Groves, Charles1968-02-07
Groves, Kathleen P.2006-06-23
Groves, Lee E.1969-03-20
Gruber, Max1985-10-11
Gruchalski, Christopher B.1984-04-26
Gruchalski, Raymond T.1999-03-25
Gruchalski, Sophie1992-10-23
Grude, Arlene L.1998-12-30
Grude, Norman L.2004-02-25
Grumstrup, Betty Joy `2006-04-16
Grumstrup, Glen I.2003-04-23
Gruse, Frank W.2003-10-24
Grzenia, James E.1988-02-24
Grzesiak, Agnes J.1996-04-05
Grzesiak, Leo W.2004-02-13
Grzetic, Bridget M.2004-05-26
Guardalabene, Francis J.2006-01-27
Guare, George E.1947-07-17
Guare, Patricia2002-11-27
Guare, Robert W.1991-12-27
Gudze, Dorothy V.1996-12-18
Guebert, Herman1945-01-14
Guernsey, Mrs. Fred C.1938-09-15
Guertin, Frank G.2004-02-11
Gummels, Fredrick G.1959-03-27
Gunderlach, Eugene W.1976-03-31
Gunderlach, Lois C.1998-07-10
Gurdak, Irene L.1995-03-18
Gurdak, Martin J.1997-05-30
Guse, Henry F.1946-07-11
Gust, Estelle H.1989-08-30
Gust, Ludwig1984-05-25
Gustafson, Maray J.1982-09-29
Gustaveson, Amanda1964-11-11
Gustaveson, Erving1975-12-31
Gustaveson, Virginia N.1993-10-13
Gustavson, Howard W.1999-01-23
Gustavson, Sten1966-05-25
Gutchman, Eugene R.1991-03-14
Gutchman, Katherine1990-08-31
Gutchman, Ronald1980-08-13
Guth, Mary I.2014-01-17
Guthrie, Carrie1966-02-18
Guthrie, Charles M.1977-04-29
Guthrie, Vivian1968-08-14
Gutzmer, E. W. Dr.1989-05-08
Gutzwiller, Elva F.1991-03-30
Guyer, Katherine M.1990-02-08
Guzik, Anthony1997-04-03
Guzik, Zdzislawa Edith2009-04-26
Guzior, Walter1985-04-26