Argus Obituary Index

The Library maintains an index of obituaries published in the Villa Park Argus, beginning in 1931, of people who were Villa Park residents or had some other connection to the village. This index is updated periodically. Gaps exist in the index due to issues missing from the Library’s microfilm collection of newspapers. Dates listed in this index are dates of publication, and not of death.

Visitors to the Library may view and print copies of Argus obituaries at the microforms reader/printer in the Adult Services Department. A fee of 10 cents per page is charged for printing. If you live outside the area, you may request a copy of an obituary by mailing a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope to the Library or by submitting a request through your local library’s interlibrary loan service.

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NamePublication Date
Pace, Frank J.1994-09-21
Packhill, Alvin Ira2001-06-13
Pactwa, Emily1975-04-04
Padgitt, Florence1979-06-20
Pafco, Steve1980-12-31
Paganelis, Patricia E.1986-07-30
Paganelis, Peter D.1961-09-20
Page, Elizabeth "Betty"1995-03-31
Pahlow, Margaret1962-04-25
Paine, Alice M.1978-12-28
Pajak, Karen A.2013-10-25
Pajak, Mary1981-02-20
Palek, Alice K.1993-02-11
Palek, Joseph M.1962-08-10
Palermo, Lawrence P.2009-02-20
Palm, Garrett J.1990-03-09
Palm, Maron C.2007-03-17
Palmer, Dorothy A.2010-06-25
Palmer, Gertrude D.1980-07-18
Palmer, James2008-04-05
Palmer, William A.1975-06-13
Palomar, Georgia1978-06-30
Palomar, Joesphine B.1984-04-25
Paluch, Mitchell P.1979-04-13
Panarese, John1980-01-28
Paneitz, Alice M.1970-04-24
Paneitz, Clarence1969-03-14
Panganiban, Benito2004-07-23
Panico, Rose1993-11-19
Pantano, Anthony1968-02-07
Pantano, Margaret1967-01-31
Panter, James W. Jr.2014-09-12
Papenbrob, Elsie C.1985-01-23
Papenbrok, Louis1959-07-30
Papendorf, Kenneth R.2004-12-29
Parchem, Kenneth G.1976-06-11
Parerse, Rosemary C.2011-02-11
Parish, Kenneth1970-02-11
Parker, Catherine D.1998-05-29
Parker, George A.1973-01-27
Parker, George T.1984-02-10
Parker, Linda F.1985-03-30
Parker, Lydia2002-04-12
Parker, Sylvia E.1979-11-28
Parkhill, Eleanor F.2005-03-02
Parkhurst, Paul James1993-05-28
Parlier, Ella K.1939-03-30
Parnitka, Anna1970-10-28
Parquette, Duane Eliot1996-05-17
Parrent, Warren C.2002-01-12
Parrish, Mary2001-05-18
Parrot, Esther S.1971-03-05
Parrott, Robert V.2015-04-05
Parrott, Victor H.1954-06-26
Paschke, Joanna M.1988-04-27
Pasek, Alber J.1983-03-24
Pasieka, Joseph F.1978-04-19
Pasimeni, Thomas J.1994-01-28
Paskiet, Augusta1981-11-11
Paskiet, William V. Jr.1977-01-12
Pasquale, Mary F.1992-02-26
Passuntino, Philip T.2018-10-12
Patete, John Ralph1998-01-24
Patterson, Beverly J.1997-06-25
Pattison, Fay1970-02-25
Patton, Gennie1969-02-18
Patton, Mildred T.1993-05-12
Patton, Richard J.1963-04-21
Pauga, Kathleen M.2008-06-27
Paul, Alexander G.1992-05-03
Paul, Ruth K.2009-10-23
Paulan, Bruce R.2004-07-28
Pauley, John1939-01-22
Paulin, Evaline G.1988-02-10
Paulsen, Anna1973-04-29
Paulsen, Carolyn1971-03-10
Paulsen, Edith P.2004-05-26
Paulsen, Gordon1989-09-13
Paulsen, Halfdan M.1980-03-26
Paulsen, Mary M.1998-12-30
Paulsen, Ruth C.2013-08-23
Paulsen, Thomas W.1974-08-28
Paulson, Louis K.1966-04-02
Paulson, Sophia1969-04-25
Paulson, Tilmer1967-03-15
Pausteck, Glenn F.1995-04-14
Pausteck, Lucille A.1996-10-16
Pavosp, Joseph M.2005-04-22
Payne, Edward D.1966-01-22
Payne, Maude L.1967-02-17
Peabody, Joyce A.1975-09-26
Peach, Patricia B.1983-09-28
Pearce, John D. (d.1951-09-28
Pearson, C. Victor1935-02-22
Pearson, Carrie M.1939-03-16
Pearson, Dolores M.1996-07-24
Pearson, Edith L.2006-01-14
Pearson, Fred1939-06-15
Pearson, Frieda1985-01-25
Pearson, Gustaf A.1981-03-25
Pearson, Ida V.1994-02-23
Pearson, Jack B.2003-05-05
Pearson, Karl O.1986-11-21
Pearson, Margaret L.2003-02-04
Pearson, Norman C.1979-09-19
Peart, Evelyn M.1981-03-18
Peart, Raymond R. Sr.2006-07-19
Pease, Claude V. Jr.2006-05-31
Pease, Edward J.1982-07-23
Pebler, Henry J.1991-11-15
Pechman, Joseph1973-02-21
Pechman, Sylvia1998-11-18
Peck, Eleanor H.1982-11-24
Peck, George A. "Art"2002-09-13
Peck, Leroy E.1967-03-23
Pedersen, Eileen1973-03-16
Pedersen, Helen E.1978-04-12
Pedersen, Martin J.1966-01-19
Pedersen, Paul Laurence Sr.2011-12-23
Pedersen, Stella1979-06-15
Pederson, Sylvia R.1984-02-06
Pegelow, John1965-06-25
Pegelow, Nell1998-05-02
Pele, Pauline D.1966-04-24
Pelland, Elizabeth L.1997-04-25
Pellegrini, Alvin2002-01-25
Pelletiere, John P.1990-02-21
Pelletiere, Theresa M.2003-03-15
Pelnar, Joseph M.1952-02-13
Pelnar, Rosalie1984-05-11
Pelner, Joseph1986-01-25
Pelner, Nina D.1982-01-13
Pemberton, Albert1973-06-15
Pemberton, Albert E.1996-07-17
Pemberton, Eleanor1996-04-27
Penkava, Robert L.1997-09-10
Penney, Francis E.1969-02-19
Penoyer, Leslie F.1999-04-16
Peralta, Carl B.1993-03-05
Pereira, Annibal1964-11-18
Perkins, Julia D.1996-12-13
Perkowski, Anastasia Stella2000-03-29
Perkowski, Stanley J.1991-09-27
Perkowsky, Zenon P.1974-08-28
Perlberg, Edward W.1995-08-25
Perotti, Anthony1971-05-14
Perotti, Helen1967-03-23
Perotti, Helen1995-07-26
Perrine, Dwayne R.1988-04-14
Perry, James T.1986-01-15
Persowich, Cynthia A.2007-03-02
Pertl, Florence1971-01-25
Pesdan, Helen2005-03-04
Pestka, Agnes P.1996-04-11
Pestka, Joseph N.1985-02-05
Petersen, Alfred P.1955-02-24
Petersen, Dorothy L.1994-09-28
Petersen, Edna M.1998-10-28
Petersen, John A.1977-12-29
Petersen, Mary1958-06-24
Petersen, Richard1981-10-28
Petersen, Thonas B.1980-02-04
Peterson, Alfred1954-05-21
Peterson, Alma1973-01-27
Peterson, Anna R.1983-09-28
Peterson, David1973-04-18
Peterson, Edgar T.1974-01-25
Peterson, Evelyn H.1999-03-10
Peterson, Evelyn Margaret2003-01-13
Peterson, Frank E.1962-06-27
Peterson, Harold K.1992-01-24
Peterson, Harry W.1991-10-23
Peterson, Harvey1963-11-27
Peterson, John R.2000-02-22
Peterson, Katherine M.1974-02-12
Peterson, Lulu M.1984-05-16
Peterson, Mrs. Andrew1940-09-26
Peterson, Rod J.2002-04-04
Peterson, Russell1973-03-14
Peterson, Sybil H.2002-03-15
Petges, Henry J.1984-01-21
Petges, Madeline M.1997-04-16
Petit, George1958-04-17
Petrakis, Peter G.2003-07-18
Petree, Elizabeth E.1989-03-03
Petree, Ira V.1996-03-15
Petrone, Nicholas1956-06-21
Petruchyk, Betty E.1980-09-12
Pettee, Leahbelle B.1988-01-23
Petty, James C.1977-02-16
Pfaff, Mrs. Emil1957-07-11
Pfaffenberger, Eric1964-08-26
Pfannes, Robert L.1987-04-17
Pfeiffer, Joseph A.1995-01-13
Pfeiffer, William J.2011-03-19
Pfiefer, Mildred M.1994-02-08
Pfiefer, Victor J.1985-12-18
Pfieffer, Louis1948-05-13
Pfiel, Leota1966-03-19
Pflaumer, Andrew S.2004-03-17
Phachet, Anne1981-06-24
Pheiffer, Edith1970-02-11
Phelphs, Henry W.1974-02-27
Phelps, Barbara A.1999-09-24
Phelps, Martin L.1992-03-05
Phernetton, Clark1967-11-15
Phieffer, Christian1972-10-18
Philbert, Marilyn L.1979-01-22
Phillipmore, Willard J. Sr.1980-01-28
Phillippe, Marshall1941-04-04
Phillips voss Mucha, Marie Eunice2011-12-23
Phillips, Beulah B.1971-09-15
Phillips, Clifford T.1981-03-20
Phillips, David1970-02-25
Phillips, Florence K.1955-11-10
Phillips, Frederick1976-12-15
Phillips, Jennie L.1994-02-16
Phillips, Louisa E.1937-04-22
Piasecki, Janet C.1969-02-26
Piazza, Joseph2010-09-17
Pickerill, Charles L.2009-11-20
Pickerill, Jean M.1991-09-13
Pickering, Leah1974-06-28
Pickert, Eileen M.1996-06-26
Pickert, Katherine A.1974-04-12
Pictor, Leta S.1994-06-15
Piedlow, Edna Mae1995-02-22
Piehl, Helen C.2004-06-11
Pienkos, William "Big Bill"1993-02-11
Pierce, Charles T.1988-04-20
Pierce, Constantine1968-05-22
Pierce, E. Gordon1984-07-11
Pierce, Erin Katherine2006-11-24
Pierce, Gertrude B.1997-04-23
Pierce, Mamie1972-12-20
Piermattei, Andrew A.2009-07-24
Piermattei, Henry1969-04-30
Piermattei, Lena M.1987-03-11
Piernattei, Noreen F.1992-10-14
Pierson Dickey, Linda2011-08-19
Pierson, Oscar F.1954-04-18
Pierson, Robert George2011-10-14
Pierson, Thelma M.2014-12-26
Pietrarosso, Christine1989-06-23
Pifer, Carrie L.2008-06-27
Pifer, Mildred L.1988-02-03
Pike, Dolores L.2014-07-25
Pike, John R. Sr.1978-02-17
Pikey, Celeste A.2007-02-13
Pilati, Edith Jurek1999-01-18
Pinkerton, Mary1954-08-20
Pinnow, Elise A.1994-04-20
Pinnow, Elmer G.1965-12-22
Pinowar, Marion A.1991-05-04
Piotrowski, Alice1981-03-20
Piotrowski, Bernard1994-01-24
Piper, Catherine1994-09-14
Piper, Cornelia1948-04-23
Pirofalo, Ruth M1976-09-22
Pirringer, Anna1961-02-23
Pirringer, Maurice1963-03-22
Pistello, Donna Lynn2018-12-21
Pitelka, Emily2004-01-19
Pitlik, Pearl R.2000-01-26
Pitts, Robert T.1975-01-13
Pitts, William1971-09-22
Plass, Erwin E.1982-01-16
Platkowski, Stanley1959-03-19
Platt, Francis M.1985-09-25
Plattis, Constance L.1982-09-24
Plattis, Samuel1966-09-28
Plimmer, Helen L.1987-01-21
Ploughman, Agnes1974-03-20
Plumley, Kathryne1963-08-16
Pocic, Adam C.1989-05-06
Pocic, Edwin J.1989-10-27
Pocic, Frank J.1981-10-21
Pocuis, Edward2003-03-19
Podlesak, Anna1974-04-21
Poehling, Joseph H.1998-05-02
Pohley, Arthur C.1963-09-25
Pohley, Arthur Sr.1963-11-13
Pohlman, Annette L.1977-02-16
Pointee, Stanley1956-04-20
Pokryfice, Eugene F.1985-10-30
Polak, Emil1938-10-27
Polanco, Linda Rose2002-01-30
Polando, Sylvia1984-07-25
Poldow, Ronald W.1998-01-12
Polito, Joseph1969-11-12
Polito, Mary2008-10-15
Polivka, Wanda Jean1997-01-29
Polk, Marvin H.2003-02-26
Polkow, Alfred C.1995-04-26
Polkow, Wilbert1971-05-01
Pollard, Lilly1975-02-11
Pollitz, William2000-02-22
Pollock, Dorothy2002-02-20
Pollock, Michael P.2002-01-23
Polloni, Mary1981-01-14
Polonis, Stephanie1987-12-24
Ponsolle, Eugenie1941-06-26
Ponsolle, John1948-02-07
Ponzo, Lorraine L.1980-09-10
Poole, Cora1959-01-18
Porep, Christena1969-03-20
Porep, Henry1962-03-17
Porter, Donald1938-04-21
Porter, Elmer T.1981-02-11
Porter, Florence C.2009-01-19
Porter, Jared J. Jr.1969-05-21
Porter, Martha E.1979-04-06
Porter, Ralph E.1980-07-25
Porter, Thomas H.1970-01-21
Porter, William F.1983-09-14
Porto, Barbara J.2006-07-26
Porto, Carl2009-11-13
Posanka, Raymond C.2008-06-20
Posey, Julia A.1955-05-12
Posik, Anna1967-03-22
Posik, William A.2008-01-28
Posterick, Gloria M.2013-02-22
Posterick, Leon E.1999-12-22
Postula, Anna K.1977-11-18
Postula, John1959-01-22
Potee, Genice E.1985-04-26
Potesak, Libby R.1996-01-10
Pottee, Daisy1970-01-24
Potyen, Ernest A.1985-04-12
Potyen, Evelyn M.1990-06-15
Potym, Helen B.1999-02-04
Pouliot, Franklin Thomas Sr.2004-04-07
Pounds, Cecil W.1984-01-14
Powell, Buelah N.1969-12-10
Powell, David A.1983-06-29
Powell, Ella1975-06-29
Powell, James P.2015-08-14
Powell, Richard S.1954-03-11
Powers, Dennis A.2009-02-12
Powers, William1970-01-21
Prabish, Angeline E.2008-01-11
Prain, Albert F.1967-02-10
Prain, Miranda1972-07-26
Predovic, Teresa A.1992-12-11
Prehn, George J.1966-08-10
Prehn, Robert J.1960-08-18
Prell, John L.1968-01-14
Prendergast, John2003-02-18
Prendergast, Mildren1966-03-30
Prentice, Alexander W.1994-01-26
Prentice, Margaret1979-02-14
Prentiss, Derk Lenters,1994-01-15
Presley, William H.1973-03-23
Preston, Dayton1975-02-21
Preston, Thomas J. Jr.2015-10-31
Preuss, Donald C.1997-04-18
Price, Ethel D.1981-10-16
Price, Lucille M.2014-05-16
Prichett, Joe D.2006-05-24
Prignano, Hilary A.2006-03-15
Primas, Aaron L.2005-02-08
Primas, Amelia1961-03-31
Primas, Betty E.2010-02-19
Primas, Fred W.1960-12-29
Primas, Hazel M.1991-11-13
Primas, Oscar R.1950-05-19
Primas, Roland P.2004-04-28
Prince, Harold1987-04-22
Principe, Dora Del1965-01-25
Prinzing, Janet F.1985-02-27
Proball, Melvin J.1995-05-17
Probst, Jerome1938-01-16
Procaccio, Sadie R.1985-09-27
Proctor, Philip2008-03-24
Prokopovich, Lena1964-03-11
Prorok, Linda1978-10-20
Prosek, Trilby E.2004-03-31
Prosser, Stephen M.2011-10-14
Protz, Claude1968-05-22
Proulx, Carlos1951-07-13
Proulx, Lillian1959-06-11
Provo, Charles1964-07-22
Prusa, Richard C.1995-06-14
Prygocki, Wayne E.2001-10-24
Pryor, Donald R.2006-04-19
Pryor, Dorothy E.1998-02-20
Pue, Harold H.1968-11-13
Puerkel, Edward "Bob"1997-05-23
Puerkel, Edward W.1978-01-18
Pugh, Mabel1955-04-08
Pugh, Wilbert W.1968-07-24
Pulio, Bernice2002-02-15
Purdom, Harriet1976-03-31
Pusateri, Joseph Bernard1993-01-13
Pusch, Rosemary M.1964-06-26
Puscher, Josephine1977-02-23
Pusinelli, Ingeborg1992-05-27
Pusinelli, Wolfgang H.1991-06-26
Putness, Marie E.1988-12-28
Putz, Norbert F.1984-09-19
Pyplik, Marcella1967-05-12
Pyror, George J.1978-01-31
Pytel, Betty M.1983-03-30
Pytlik, Corporal1945-01-11
Pytlik, Della1979-02-06
Pyzik, Chester J.2005-03-11
Pyzik, Eleanor2010-10-29