Argus Obituary Index

The Library maintains an index of obituaries published in the Villa Park Argus, beginning in 1931, of people who were Villa Park residents or had some other connection to the village. This index is updated periodically. Gaps exist in the index due to issues missing from the Library’s microfilm collection of newspapers. Dates listed in this index are dates of publication, and not of death.

Visitors to the Library may view and print copies of Argus obituaries at the microforms reader/printer in the Adult Services Department. A fee of 10 cents per page is charged for printing. If you live outside the area, you may request a copy of an obituary by mailing a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope to the Library or by submitting a request through your local library’s interlibrary loan service.

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NamePublication Date
Baar, Robert C.1994-01-21
Babbitt, Eva I.1995-10-20
Babcock, Vera L.2005-01-21
Babyar, John M.1990-08-29
Baccelli, Sandro N.Engel, John K.2011-02-18
Bach, Arthur H.1981-02-25
Bach, Charles R.2002-05-10
Bach, Glenn C.1996-10-16
Bach, Marie I.1986-05-14
Bach, Mary Jane1998-04-12
Bach, Virginia2001-03-09
Bachman, Henrietta J.1988-01-16
Backhus, Arthur1955-04-01
Backhus, Mollie2004-08-25
Backman, Glen E.1976-12-29
Badali, Frank1987-05-09
Badali, Rosalia1989-07-28
Baehr, Bernice M.1991-02-05
Baehr, Edwin G.1993-05-14
Baehr, Emil1981-12-16
Baehr, Fred A.1964-03-11
Baehr, Fred John1940-04-18
Baehr, Frieda1953-11-12
Baehr, William H.2001-02-21
Baergen, Melinda1968-08-23
Bagge, Effa M.1979-03-09
Bagge, Thrina1947-04-24
Bahl, Mary Ann2004-04-22
Bahnsleth, Theresia1951-07-27
Bailey, Alice1963-03-20
Bain, Daniel E.1990-02-01
Bain, Donna M.1997-05-14
Bainer, George A.1980-08-15
Bainer, Georgia L.2015-05-10
Bainer, Margaret E.2007-09-26
Baker, Clifford1981-02-27
Baker, Doris1967-05-17
Baker, George A.1989-01-16
Baker, Harry W.1957-01-17
Baker, Hattie E,2006-05-24
Baker, Ingrid1983-05-07
Baker, Mansel W.1987-07-22
Baker, Mrs. Louis1941-01-30
Baker, Olivia Natalie2007-12-19
Baker, William' Sr.1954-01-24
Baldauf, Mrs. Robert1941-01-16
Baldock, Olive1971-09-17
Baldwin, Edson F.1961-10-18
Baldwin, Emilie M.1949-07-29
Baldwin, Patrick P.2007-01-12
Balice, Arcangela1993-03-10
Balice, Nicola J.2013-06-21
Balius, Margaret J.1984-01-27
Ball, Anna1936-11-19
Ball, Frederick A.1978-05-17
Ballatine Poggi, Joyce2011-06-24
Balling, John S.1956-08-30
Baltrus, Gregory V.2001-07-11
Baltrus, Victor G.1991-02-20
Bandur, James P.2005-02-23
Banfill, Elizabeth1964-03-25
Banfill, Mrs. Benjamin G.1941-11-20
Bang, Regine1970-02-10
Bangert, Fred1931-07-10
Bangert, Frel J.1932-03-25
Bangert, Wallace A.1948-05-01
Banister, Bernice M.1988-08-26
Banister, Fred N. Sr.1977-07-27
Banjavcic, Mike1970-09-16
Banjavic, Mildred1963-01-26
Banker, O. Henry1998-06-26
Banks, Benjamin E.1979-07-11
Banks, Harriet G.1988-02-17
Banks, Lulu K.1952-01-28
Banks, Sarah A.1989-03-17
Banning, Orlando Eugene2005-01-22
Bannon, Kenneth F.1999-12-22
Baran, Stefan1988-09-21
Barbaro, Frank1968-08-28
Barbosa, Aurelia P.2011-04-17
Barch, Eva1999-08-27
Barlets, Harold Jr.1944-12-21
Barlets, Lawrence T.1945-04-19
Barnes, Minnie Kay1992-07-22
Barnett, Richard S.1939-04-13
Barney, Ellen S.1984-11-20
Barnum, Menny1942-04-03
Baron, Sidgrid1963-07-26
Barr, Frances1960-02-02
Barr, Ralph R.1974-03-13
Barrett, John H.1982-05-14
Barrett, May S.1981-04-17
Barrie, Thomas1965-07-21
Barrile, Anna M.1997-02-26
Barry, Connie1959-02-04
Barry, Edward T.1992-06-19
Barry, Margaret M.2001-04-05
Barsotti, Ann1956-07-26
Barsotti, Nicholas J.1956-08-16
Barta, Berniece G.1987-08-12
Bartelf, Rueben P.1978-03-08
Bartels, Charles1964-04-15
Bartels, Dora C.1971-08-20
Bartels, Harold1996-05-17
Bartels, Lawrence1959-02-11
Bartels, Lawrence E.1999-06-16
Bartels, Lawrence T.1948-10-28
Bartels, Mary E.1995-04-19
Barter, Franklin D.1960-12-22
Bartgen, Walter W.1999-12-31
Bartizal, James J.1981-03-11
Bartlett, Donald K. Jr.1968-05-05
Bartlett, Roy1972-03-22
Bartlett, Walter1939-03-09
Bartlett, Winnie A.1977-05-18
Barto, Ralph C.2013-08-23
Barton, Anton J.1965-02-02
Barton, Gertrude2008-04-05
Barton, Henry Ruwe Jr.1996-06-12
Barton, Joseph T.1981-05-02
Barton, Marie1958-05-02
Bartos, Cathryn M.1991-01-16
Bartz, George1963-01-19
Bartz, John F.1960-02-18
Barz, Carl N.1963-07-10
Barz, Ella T.1978-03-29
Basic, Michael1956-12-20
Bastien, Philip1962-12-12
Bastl, James F.1991-04-26
Batchelder, Tasha L.2006-03-22
Bateman, Virginia E.2001-10-31
Batemann, Mary T.1966-03-11
Bates, Harold C.1950-06-16
Batt, Nancy A.1991-08-16
Battista, Lucy1975-04-04
Batzer, LeRoy1990-04-22
Bauer, Aino, M.1987-04-17
Bauer, James J.1990-12-26
Bauer, Laurene M.1997-02-18
Bauer, Maurice W.1996-02-14
Baughman, David Jr.1964-02-03
Baumann, John1988-10-12
Baumann, Otto H.2001-04-20
Baumann, Rita C.2015-01-01
Baumback, Jacob1942-12-31
Baur, William T.2003-04-18
Bavido, Aileen1975-02-11
Bavido, Joseph1976-03-03
Bavone, Irene2004-09-22
Baxa, Barbara1960-05-07
Baxa, Edwin J.1981-10-14
Beach, Stella M.1985-07-26
Beahm, William M.1964-04-15
Beahr, Michael L.1972-06-28
Beatty, Neota F.1991-01-21
Beatty, Walter G.1977-08-31
Beaudette, John Paul2005-03-11
Beaulier, Joseph W.1976-04-21
Beaulieu, Albert J.1988-04-21
Beaulieu, David1972-01-26
Beaumont, Joseph2014-04-18
Beaumont, Mary Margaret2008-05-23
Beauregard, Dawn M.2008-01-19
Becht, Gregory Paul2018-05-11
Bechtold, Ida1950-04-14
Bechwith, Linda M.2014-08-22
Beck, Ronald E.1995-05-24
Becker Jr., Philip Carl2015-01-02
Becker, Amelia1973-02-14
Becker, Roy1970-02-20
Beckman, Hattie1996-01-17
Beckman, Oscar J.1992-03-18
Beckwith, Alfred J.1978-11-23
Beckwith, James1960-10-20
Bedard, Frederick R. Sr.1975-12-31
Bedard, May S.1978-12-13
Bednar, Catherine A.1990-12-14
Bednarz, Grace W.1984-12-27
Beecroft, Barbara Rose1992-04-08
Beeman, Robert Nathan1999-06-16
Beer, Erwin F.1963-05-24
Beery, Carol J.1969-02-06
Beggan, James A.1995-11-15
Behegan, Charles "Dan"1992-02-26
Behenna, Nancy2008-04-16
Beher, Walter E.1973-03-21
Behm, Walter P.1980-01-16
Behrendt, Karen S.2003-03-19
Behrens, Clara1954-10-29
Behrens, Elsa2010-08-27
Beirne, Anton1977-08-12
Beisch, Mabel T.1932-12-15
Beiten, Peter1969-06-13
Belan, Adam1979-09-19
Belknap, John K.2001-11-28
Bell, Dorothy1987-04-15
Bell, Edmund1958-05-12
Bell, Edward F.1993-03-24
Bell, Margaret S. "Peggy"1994-02-23
Bell, Mrs. Ralph1941-03-06
Bellah, Lodine E.1999-05-12
Belli, Vera B.2003-03-27
Belli, William G.2008-03-21
Belling, Grace Ann2000-07-19
Belluzzi, Ubaldo1972-02-16
Belsanti, Rita D.1984-04-26
Belsky, James1966-10-12
Belter, Alice2006-08-16
Belter, Robert A.1990-04-22
Belter, Thomas A.1983-04-17
Benas, John D.1986-12-19
Benchick, Frances1993-09-22
Benda, Stephen1974-11-13
Bender, Mrs. Frank1950-01-20
Bendix, Harriet1988-04-20
Bendorf, Doris1972-01-15
Benedetto, Shirley1993-04-01
Benner, Carol T.2010-06-18
Benner, Florence M.1990-03-14
Benner, Julius F.1989-02-14
Benner, Kathleen Mary2005-01-15
Bennett, Gary1968-02-05
Bennett, James B.1954-08-27
Bennett, John R.1938-07-21
Bennett, Lois E.1974-03-23
Bennett, Raymond1974-08-14
Bennett, Rosemarie I.2015-03-15
Benninger, Otto F.1966-05-18
Benoit, Ethal Taylor1966-07-27
Bensen, Roy S.1996-10-16
Benson, Augusta1959-12-31
Benson, Donald1999-01-29
Benson, Trellia S.1990-03-24
Bentel, Catherine L.1974-08-28
Bentel, James W. Sr.1990-06-29
Bentz, Michael1967-09-13
Bequeaith, George W.1990-01-24
Bequeaith, Lillian I.1988-02-08
Berdahl, Mrs. Nils1952-02-15
Berdahl, Nils1952-02-15
Berg, Christ A.1950-04-21
Berg, Clarence T.1994-07-27
Berg, Ester M.1978-05-10
Berg, George F.1999-04-03
Berg, Helen I.1980-01-19
Bergh, Anne2008-03-09
Bergh, Clifford S.1978-05-26
Bergh, James1981-08-19
Bergh, John1988-06-15
Bergh, Mary Billie1976-02-26
Berghorn, George L. Jr.1995-02-22
Bergloff, Henry D.1985-04-06
Bergloff, Margaret M.1981-03-06
Bergman, Agnes1962-03-07
Bergstrom, Gerda1958-04-24
Bergstrom, John O.1954-12-23
Bergstrom, Roy A.1961-09-13
Bergum, Elizabeth1969-06-25
Berlin, Albert W.1966-04-09
Berlin, Anna1982-04-09
Berman, Elias1952-04-25
Berman, Joshua Irving1991-10-30
Bermea, Dr. Roland G.2014-03-22
Bermea, Roland P.2014-08-29
Bermel, Mrs. Nicholas1943-06-10
Bernas, Walter N.1987-12-11
Bernatzke, Lillian1966-01-15
Bernatzke, William F.1962-06-13
Berndt, Hulda1964-01-18
Bernet, Fred J.1945-02-07
Berquist, Selma C.1980-10-17
Berry, Hazel C.1986-06-18
Berry, Joanne G.2005-10-19
Berry, John R.1979-08-15
Berry, John Robert Sr.2009-03-13
Berry, Lewis1939-04-13
Berry, Ruth C.1986-04-05
Bertram, Arthur1967-05-06
Bertram, Ethel1958-06-12
Bertram, James J.1935-04-21
Bertsch, Marian1939-07-20
Berzynski, Stanley W.1982-07-21
Beshekas, Mary T.1992-02-19
Beshekas, William1986-08-22
Besko, Edith1973-02-16
Bess, Charles1967-02-14
Betka, Helen O.2001-12-19
BeVacco, Carol1956-04-27
Bevacco, Joseph1963-02-07
Bevacco, Mary L.1991-01-23
Bevan, Vernon F.1970-01-21
Beyer, Adeline J.1990-05-25
Beyer, Eugene M.1957-05-30
Bhathena, Shirly L.1999-10-15
Biarnesen, Alan F.1986-04-05
Biarnsen, Camille1955-12-15
Bickford, Oma Faylene1999-08-11
Bidle, Rae D.1979-11-28
Bidne, Ralph A.2010-04-23
Bieker, Barbara2005-08-10
Bieker, Joseph W.1992-04-01
Bier, Helen V.1990-02-06
Bier, John W.1958-11-18
Bierenkoven, Anton1954-08-27
Biermann, Arthur1958-12-11
Biermann, Charles1954-01-24
Biermann, Elmer H.1986-04-16
Biermann, Otto1939-08-27
Biesaga, Richard J.1990-04-22
Bieschke, George1970-02-05
Bieschke, Mary C.1985-12-11
Biesendorfer, Arthur William Jr.1994-02-16
Bigalke, Edna1969-04-11
Bigalke, John M.1951-12-28
Bigalke, Ruby E.1985-06-26
Bigelow, Anna1966-06-29
Biggerstaff, Clifford F.2005-05-11
Biggerstaff, Frances1970-02-25
Biggerstaff, John W.1974-03-27
Biggie, Rose1971-09-15
Biliskis, Albert2008-10-20
Biliskis, Genevive1974-04-17
Billings, Mary G.1956-07-26
Bilotta, David M.2003-01-25
Bina, Anton E.1974-01-14
Bina, Anton E.1984-01-14
Bingenheimer, --1971-07-21
Bingenheimer, Hedy M.2000-03-02
Bingham, Herbert Sr.1977-06-15
Bingham, Pansy P.1991-04-26
Birbeck, Charles A.2008-02-06
Birdsall, Ruby C.1958-04-17
Bischoff, Robert F.1982-06-23
Bishop, Emma J.1974-01-18
Bishop, Lonnie2018-05-18
Bishop, Michelle E.1996-07-10
Bissell, Rose1951-07-20
Bistak, Anna P.1994-08-10
Bisterfeldt, Jacob1975-06-18
Bjerregaard, Marvine1977-09-23
Bjerregaard, Walter R.2004-03-31
Blackman, Jewel Jr.1978-10-25
Bladburn, Lucile1956-01-12
Blagburn, Robert J.1951-10-12
Blaha, James1972-12-29
Blair, Minerva F.1974-02-05
Blake, Shirley L.1979-03-23
Blake, William J.1995-12-27
Blanchard, (Red) Donald1980-02-27
Blaney, James P.2007-04-13
Blankensop, Darlene Ann2011-10-14
Blankensop, John R.1998-01-12
Blasi, Lawrence Sr.1962-03-22
Blasi, Mrs. Lawrence1949-05-02
Blastik, Evelyn L.2003-02-18
Blatter, Edward H.1952-03-28
Blaul, Arthur F.1982-06-30
Blaul, Donna J.1977-09-21
Bleich, William1973-08-15
Bliss, Mildred H.1977-01-19
Bliss, Myron W.1987-04-02
Bliss, William C.1983-06-15
Block, Della1953-05-14
Block, Esther1975-03-21
Block, Teresa M.2000-02-11
Blodrey, Vernon2007-05-23
Bloede, William1957-07-11
Blomquist, Roy T. Sr.2000-06-28
Blomquist, Ruth T.1986-03-28
Blondin, Mrs. Armin1945-02-22
Bloomquist, Richard H.1998-02-18
Blout, Homer G.1990-10-19
Blout, Waneta S.1995-07-28
Blum, Edna1983-04-08
Blum, Leona T.1995-05-10
Blunt, Boon1946-01-31
Blyth, Margaret K.1994-06-15
Boardman, Charles1942-07-16
Bober, Elmer A.1980-09-19
Bober, Florence1972-03-31
Boccia, Adeline C.2002-02-14
Bochnewych, Peter M.2008-06-27
Bocian, James P.1998-03-11
Bock, Sophia1973-01-14
Bockelmann, Geraldine Emily2004-05-02
Bockelmann, Helmuth1993-05-26
Bodali, Ida1981-03-04
Boeche, Arthur R.1980-03-21
Boeger, Alma C.1978-10-25
Boeger, Edward1958-02-24
Boeker, Catherine1971-02-26
Boelitz, Paul C.1943-03-25
Boergerhoff, Eileen Mabel2001-12-14
Boergerhoff, Otto F.1968-10-30
Boergerhoff, William W.2007-03-21
Boese, Edward H.1941-02-12
Boese, Emma1969-01-11
Boese, Helmuth1975-06-25
Boettcher, Caroline C.1994-09-23
Boettcher, Rugh E.1991-10-25
Boettger, Marie H.1979-04-15
Bogacki, Marlene M.2014-02-06
Bogacki, Richard J.2018-01-19
Bogart, Frances1999-01-18
Bogda, Genevieve1956-02-16
Bogenholm, Carl Nathaniel1996-09-18
Bogenholm, Ellis2009-01-26
Bogucki, Jerzy2018-12-21
Bohasseck, Dorothy2001-02-15
Bohl, Harold C.1981-04-02
Bohlin, Robert I.1989-06-28
Bohr, Ada M.1981-02-20
Boice, Charles L.1936-02-27
Boke, Anna1988-02-15
Boke, Robert R.1988-03-23
Boland, Cecelia M.1986-04-18
Boland, Frank T.1979-09-19
Boland, Laverne A.2011-08-26
Boldebuck, Amelia1987-04-17
Boldebuck, Harold C. Sr.1990-06-16
Boldebuck, Margery I.1983-02-15
Boldt, Thomas Arthur2003-12-17
Bolen, Frederick1970-05-09
Boles, Millard M.1976-04-22
Bolke, Doris V.1990-06-15
Bollan, Steph E.1982-01-16
Bollenbach, Merle1963-07-17
Bollenbach, Mrs. Richard1940-08-29
Bollenbach, Richard P.1967-01-16
Bollinger, Ora1945-01-28
Bombenger, James1970-01-16
Bonaguidi, Evelyn L.1990-04-29
Bonas, Eileen K.1980-08-13
Bond, Clifford, M.1974-03-06
Bondurant, George R.1985-02-12
Bondurant, Helen G.2003-07-16
Bonk, Elmer G.1994-11-23
Bonk, Josephine2006-03-15
Bonkowski-Blaney, Joanne F.1998-02-18
Bonkowski, Bernard1999-02-12
Bonkowski, Bernard1999-02-10
Bonnell, William B.1965-01-20
Bonze, Raymond F.2001-02-15
Bookler, Blanche V.1978-07-19
Bookler, Joseph1981-04-17
Boone, Earl T.1990-09-28
Boone, Emma H.1979-02-28
Boone, Lillian H.2003-03-21
Boone, Roy Sr.1973-10-11
Booth, Robert L.1999-01-27
Borgenson, Ester J.1976-02-25
Borgeson, Arthur H. "Yogi"1992-10-23
Borgeson, Thomas A.1986-09-26
Borglund, Walter1975-01-31
Borke, Edwin P.1969-05-14
Borman, William C.1938-12-29
Borowski, Robert1966-05-11
Borski, Adam M.2011-01-28
Borson, Hanna1953-02-12
Borson, John E.1937-02-18
Boscher, Marcella1985-11-15
Bose, Anna L.1986-06-18
Bosek, Rociel1970-05-13
Bosson, Donald P.1990-06-27
Bossow, Marjorie J2019-09-06
Bossow, Peter1969-10-22
Boston, Romula G.1978-02-02
Bouche, Leo J.1966-07-13
Bouche, Lois A.1970-12-24
Bouchez, Shirley M.2018-01-19
Boudro, William Irvine1992-03-11
Boultbee, John H.1939-01-19
Boultbee, Mable J.1990-02-14
Boultbee, William J.1987-09-16
Boulton, Reidan E.2003-03-28
Bourgart, Ethel E.1994-11-30
Bourgart, Eva A.1978-09-13
Bourgart, Martin Jack2010-12-31
Bousfield, Floramae1939-06-29
Boussemaere, Lulu1966-03-23
Bova, Anthony G.1986-03-12
Bova, Rose Marie1997-10-22
Bovee, Eleanor C.1954-08-20
Bowden, Elizabeth1974-07-17
Bowdish, Debra1965-03-24
Bowdish, Edward1966-02-11
Bowdish, George W.1992-07-15
Bowdish, Josephine M.2011-10-28
Bowen, Andrew1995-09-13
Bowen, Catriana D.2018-03-23
Bowen, Edgar C. Jr.1962-05-18
Bowen, Florence C.1955-08-25
Bowen, Harvey1963-08-23
Bowen, Mary C.1996-06-19
Bowen, Mary C.1996-06-14
Bowen, Patricia A.1989-05-24
Bowen, Theodore R.1969-09-17
Bowers, Keith1992-04-11
Bowers, Keith1992-09-25
Bowler, Raymond W.1984-07-25
Bowman, Mrs. Harry1947-03-28
Boyce, Barbara A.2015-08-10
Boyce, John P.1998-09-11
Boyer, Charles D.2004-06-16
Boyer, George E.1983-04-24
Boyer, Goerge W.1971-03-10
Boyer, Lillian M.1985-07-24
Boysen, Anna E.1953-07-16
Boysen, Emma M.1966-01-22
Bozovsky, John F.1991-04-26
Braasch, Leila1946-08-22
Brabee, Frank J.1966-03-24
Brace, Gloria H.2005-04-29
Bradfish, Harry F.1996-02-14
Bradfish, Neva B.2001-10-10
Bradford, Harriet M.1987-12-11
Bradley, Douglas J.1992-03-05
Bradley, John E.1976-03-18
Bradley, Maggie1935-12-20
Bradley, Todd F.J.2009-03-28
Bradshaw, James P.1963-08-14
Brady, Anna1935-03-23
Brady, Betty M.1995-03-29
Brady, John F.1962-11-14
Brady, Timothy1964-01-18
Brainer, David W.2009-01-12
Braje, Alois T.1999-01-27
Braje, Sylvia1982-05-12
Brand, Carrie B.1997-10-22
Brand, Wilfred C.1995-03-24
Brandford, Ralph1992-04-15
Brandof, Alexander E.2001-08-17
Brandon, Martin1958-03-27
Brandt, Gordon M.1982-03-10
Branson, Cecile1942-01-25
Bratko, Dorothy R.2005-01-21
Bratko, Eugene A.1995-04-21
Braue, John III1975-05-14
Braun, Bertha S.1985-01-28
Brauneis, George Sr.1979-01-17
Brauneis, Ruth D.1981-05-13
Braunschaer, Alice J.1976-12-10
Braunshausen, Richard W. Sr.2015-07-25
Brautigam, Jacoba1967-03-15
Brautigam, Walter O.1985-11-20
Breitenreiter, George Jr.1960-04-21
Brennan, Alice J.1985-03-20
Brennan, Charles1998-07-17
Brennan, Clyde W.2005-05-13
Brennan, John A.1981-07-29
Brent, David Jr.1935-03-30
Bressman, Florence1943-01-17
Brettmann, Sophia1951-02-23
Brewer, Gladys E.1974-04-12
Breycha, Marie L.1977-07-27
Breyts, Lorraine M.1987-09-18
Brieschke, Opal V.2004-07-23
Brieske, Martha K.1963-10-16
Briggen, Ernest1962-02-21
Briggs, Clayton R.1956-03-15
Briggs, Debra L.2005-10-12
Briggs, Mark A.2006-11-24
Briggs, Maude G.1945-11-29
Briggs, Mrs. Clayton1949-05-02
Brija, Eleanor D.2002-01-11
Brija, Raymond L.1988-08-26
Brilliant, Mary Doris2011-08-19
Brinker, LaVera A.1992-07-10
Brinkman, Lillian1940-11-21
Brinkman, Mary1953-02-19
Brinlee, Phyllis M.1990-12-14
Brinlee, Raymond J. Jr.2004-11-12
Brischke, Francis S.1988-03-11
Bristle, Ann M.2003-08-15
Britt, Elmer R.1963-07-19
Britt, Lilian1971-01-13
Britt, Maurine1931-03-27
Broaddus, Deboria1969-02-26
Brockman, Arthur W.1976-03-12
Brockman, Marguerite1961-04-01
Broderick, Francis E.1985-04-12
Broderick, Loretta M.1979-01-29
Broers, Doris A.2006-02-15
Broers, John W.2004-06-25
Broessler, Frances1963-02-22
Bronge, Irene1988-05-06
Brons, Albert1972-03-07
Brons, Mildred A.1977-10-26
Bronski, Helen H.1978-10-25
Bronson, Wayne E.2001-10-12
Bronson, Wayne E.2001-10-17
Brooking, Margaret1976-03-31
Brooks, Jeanne1977-06-15
Brophy, Joseph T.1990-08-31
Brophy, Patricia J.2005-01-14
Brossmer, May L.1976-09-29
Broucek, Roger M.1988-09-16
Brouck, Millie2010-02-12
Brown Sr., David A.1998-04-17
Brown, Benton1964-05-13
Brown, David O.1983-04-20
Brown, Don Juanita1998-02-20
Brown, Dorothy A.2013-05-24
Brown, Dorthy Lamb2009-04-26
Brown, Glen G.1994-01-19
Brown, Joseph M.2003-10-29
Brown, Marilyn L.1992-05-01
Brown, Mary F.1992-02-10
Brown, Perry1993-02-26
Brown, Vernon E.1983-09-14
Browning, Donald F.2005-03-30
Brownlie, Mary E.1981-03-12
Broyles, Genevieve I.1991-01-11
Brubaker, Wendy Lynn2018-02-02
Bruce, Eugene F.2002-03-15
Bruce, Eugene F.2002-03-29
Bruce, Gwendoline S.1991-12-20
Brudenell, Gerald R. Sr.1986-04-11
Brudenell, Mary F.1993-03-25
Bruhn, Emma W.1962-06-27
Brumbaugh, Betty J.1982-07-16
Brumme, Frank G.1975-10-22
Brunelle, G. A.1941-12-18
Bruner, Hildegard1958-11-25
Bruner, Virgil Lee2006-01-31
Brunette, Richard L.1980-06-25
Brunetti, Lorraine J.1990-10-24
Brunner, Clyde Joseph1997-01-10
Brunst, Carl P.1996-01-19
Brunst, Dorothy H.1986-06-20
Bruschuk, Esther M.1997-08-13
Bruun, J. E.1975-01-18
Bryan, Frieda1963-04-24
Bryan, Ronald H.1971-04-18
Bryant, Joyce H.1980-04-24
Brzezinska, Marianna1994-10-19
Bsang, Marguerite K.1998-01-12
Buchner, Henry1931-11-27
Buck, Howard M.1982-04-16
Buck, Jessie T.1952-02-21
Buck, Mary E.1974-05-22
Buck, Otto A.1967-12-20
Buckingham, Heidi2010-09-10
Buckles, James1955-08-18
Buczak, Thomas J.1986-10-29
Budnick, Anna1998-10-14
Budz, Wanda L.1998-11-13
Buelow, Donald E.1983-02-18
Buer, Robert Henry2001-03-24
Buer, Robert Henry2001-07-25
Buerer, Vern1959-02-04
Buffa, Brandon W.2005-04-07
Buffa, Martha "Marty"""2011-11-18
Buik, Alexander Scott1994-04-22
Bulger, David J.1988-02-08
Bulger, Edith Elizabeth2000-12-29
Bullens, Lavergne M.2009-02-20
Bullock, David1989-03-22
Bulmann, Carl1986-09-24
Bumann, Antoinette1979-03-21
Bumann, Harry A.1970-09-16
Bumbaugh, Anna Lorene1997-09-24
Bunch, John A.1968-04-26
Bunge, Alma V.1985-12-13
Bunge, Donna L.1995-01-27
Bunge, Ellsworth E.1999-03-31
Bunge, Freida K.1995-02-22
Bunge, Martin F.1976-10-27
Bunker, Louise M.1973-04-13
Buntrock, Ellinor R.1991-02-12
Buntrock, Richard E.1992-03-18
Buntrock, Robert Sr.1997-06-11
Buntrock, Robert, B.2002-04-04
Burandt, Alvin E.1989-02-07
Burandt, Tillie L.1977-01-28
Burdett, Lila M.1993-03-05
Burger, Frank F.1987-04-02
Burgess, Elizabeth2001-10-10
Burhen, Marion1971-03-10
Burian, George1961-11-29
Burkdull, Doloris1980-03-04
Burke, Brian J.2004-01-30
Burke, Louis I. Sr.2001-05-16
Burke, Marie1961-12-29
Burke, Richard J.1932-04-07
Burke, Shirley A.1981-01-30
Burke, Thomas J. Sr.1981-04-17
Burket, James1991-03-20
Burket, James1991-03-22
Burket, Marion2002-07-19
Burket, Rollin C.1994-07-27
Burket, Scott R.1983-03-18
Burkhardt, Victor F. Jr.2011-05-27
Burlingame, Frances I.1981-04-15
Burlingame, Rule L.1980-05-02
Burmeister, Dora M.1990-01-24
Burmeister, Irvin G.1984-12-14
Burmester, Mildred E.1998-01-24
Burn, Theo1958-04-26
Burnet, Ida B.1974-08-23
Burnet, Robert1964-02-26
Burnett, Daisy R.1978-04-14
Burns, Billie L.1969-12-25
Burns, Brusilla1956-05-05
Burns, Fred1951-08-31
Burns, James N.1996-06-26
Burns, James W.1948-03-03
Burns, John M. (Jack)2000-05-12
Burns, Joseph Henry1995-10-18
Burns, Patrick J.1980-02-22
Burns, Robert B.1949-01-16
Burns, Robert B.1945-04-19
Burnside, Douglas1999-01-22
Burr, Myrtle G.1984-09-14
Burrell, Myrtle1957-01-27
Burt, Alice T.1976-06-25
Burton, Frederick1959-02-11
Burton, Kenneth E.1988-07-13
Burton, Lillian1964-02-25
Burton, Michael C.2006-04-06
Burzinski, John1990-04-27
Busch, Alida M.1990-02-28
Busch, George1993-03-25
Buschback, Frank1983-05-27
Buschback, Nora B.2015-08-27
Buss, Lucy1939-05-18
Busse, Amanda L.1986-04-30
Busse, Mrs. Emil1943-04-29
Butler, Glen2018-01-19
Butler, Lillian M.1985-04-10
Butler, Marilyn2014-12-19
Butler, Michael R.2010-03-12
Butsch, August1953-01-25
Butsch, Marie1959-12-17
Butters, Cora1969-02-19
Butts, Raymond E.1977-02-16
Byles, Ruth A.1992-10-28
Byles, Thomas C.1976-06-11
Byrger, Freda M.2011-01-17
Byrne, Irene1986-06-20
Byrnes, Edith A.1992-10-20
Bystrom, Ellen H.1978-09-13
Bystrom, Mandus P.1971-02-17
Bywater, Clifford H.1962-07-18
Bywater, James A.1999-02-19