Argus Obituary Index

The Library maintains an index of obituaries published in the Villa Park Argus, beginning in 1931, of people who were Villa Park residents or had some other connection to the village. This index is updated periodically. Gaps exist in the index due to issues missing from the Library’s microfilm collection of newspapers. Dates listed in this index are dates of publication, and not of death.

Visitors to the Library may view and print copies of Argus obituaries at the microforms reader/printer in the Adult Services Department. A fee of 10 cents per page is charged for printing. If you live outside the area, you may request a copy of an obituary by mailing a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope to the Library or by submitting a request through your local library’s interlibrary loan service.

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NamePublication Date
Cable, Albert1972-03-17
Cabo, Jack P.2010-06-25
Caccavelli, --1976-10-13
Caccippio, Lawrence R.2001-08-22
Cain, Edward1992-03-13
Cain, Violet H.1994-04-17
Calabrese, Heather W.1981-07-15
Calabrese, Mary A.1994-04-20
Calahan, Ellen M.1965-02-04
Calahan, Thomas1960-12-15
Caldwell, Betty1984-03-23
Caldwell, Jack D.1998-07-10
Caldwell, Jack D.1998-07-15
Caldwell, John D.2007-04-22
Calhoun, Effie M.1938-09-22
Callahan, Calvin2003-12-31
Callow, Margaret M.1976-01-28
Caluillo, Anna R.2006-02-22
Calvino, Carmello "Carl"2008-02-13
Calvino, James Vincent1997-02-28
Calvino, Laverne2006-01-25
Calyn, Michael B.2014-06-20
Calyn, Paul M.1964-08-26
Camerini, Alfonso G.1984-04-18
Camerini, Anna Marie1995-03-08
Cameron, Duncan A.1970-04-17
Cameron, Marie1970-02-18
Caminata, Angelo J.1978-12-13
Campagna, Mary "Agnes"1996-01-26
Campanaro, William Joseph1996-12-25
Campbell, Alan F.1997-12-10
Campbell, Archie N.2008-01-21
Campbell, Bert Sr.1979-06-20
Campbell, Clifford1936-07-17
Campbell, Francis "Bud"1987-10-21
Campbell, Frank M.1966-05-07
Campbell, Fred W.1965-10-14
Campbell, Milton1966-10-12
Campbell, Mrs. Bert1949-05-02
Campbell, Rosanna B.1986-03-19
Campbell, William G.1991-05-17
Canella, Guiseppi J.1965-01-25
Canfield, Shirley R.1973-01-27
Caol Reedy, Mary2010-04-25
Capper, Betty1980-12-17
Cappetto, Anthony1969-12-17
Cappetto, Rosemarie1982-07-23
Caraher, Catherine1972-10-13
Carbonara, Joseph2014-01-10
Carbonara, Michelina2011-05-13
Carbonara, Patsy1973-09-26
Carco, Anna R.1988-10-12
Carco, Frank V.1987-01-17
Carco, James1981-09-18
Cardosi, Richard J.1990-01-15
Cards, Vivien A.1967-05-24
Carellas, Gus1972-02-25
Carellas, Irene1982-03-26
Carey, Florence L.1987-01-14
Carl, Bruce D.2003-02-19
Carl, Lola M.1978-06-21
Carl, Robert H.2006-04-01
Carlin, William T.1969-04-30
Carlini, Nello J. "Ned"1992-11-20
Carlquist, Arthur W.1952-03-14
Carlquist, Nicholas A.2006-07-12
Carls, Raymond W.1967-09-15
Carlsen, Chris A.1983-09-21
Carlson, Alyce2002-11-15
Carlson, Arthur G.1980-08-20
Carlson, Carl1973-01-24
Carlson, Corl M.1984-10-31
Carlson, Eleanor M.1987-10-23
Carlson, Elmer M.1987-03-26
Carlson, Eric E.1962-01-29
Carlson, Esther C.1984-04-25
Carlson, Helen C.1985-08-28
Carlson, John1971-05-26
Carlson, John C. "Swede"1991-01-11
Carlson, Josephine1944-06-29
Carlson, Judith1961-04-23
Carlson, Susan E.1977-01-12
Carlstedt, Paul R.1978-04-07
Carlstrom, Oscar K.1952-03-28
Carlton, Allen R.2005-02-23
Carmelle, Bruce J.2011-05-09
Carnahan, Francis J.1978-01-11
Carnahan, Francis J.2001-05-05
Carnahan, Violet1981-06-12
Carney, Louis1964-04-15
Carol, Frank A.1942-10-15
Carow, Cora L.1966-12-14
Carpenter, Anna E.1994-03-17
Carpenter, Eleta1966-05-02
Carpenter, George H. Sr.1966-08-17
Carpenter, Marie1999-09-15
Carpenter, Marie1999-04-08
Carpenter, Minnie H.1943-04-24
Carpenter, Ralph1971-01-18
Carpenter, Shirley M.2003-01-18
Carr, Jason Scott2004-05-02
Carrigen, Lee1975-01-27
Carroll, Frederick1973-09-12
Carroll, Gordon R1957-01-13
Carroll, Howard R.1976-01-14
Carroll, Virgie W.1974-03-15
Carsley, Alice V.1989-08-18
Carsley, Charles E.1979-02-21
Carsley, James G.1985-09-20
Carter, Arthur A.1991-03-28
Carter, Audrey F.2003-03-12
Carter, Charles H.2001-10-12
Carter, Charles J.2003-02-28
Carter, Edward K.1978-01-31
Carter, Jane M.2013-12-20
Carter, John1965-05-08
Carter, Richard H.1982-06-16
Cartwright, Amanda C.2011-09-16
Cartwright, Josephine E.1976-12-22
Caruso, Betty J.1996-04-10
Caruso, Betty J.1996-03-22
Caruso, Josephine M.2014-02-28
Caruso, Karen2001-04-20
Caruso, Lena1970-07-31
Caruso, Michelle1976-12-15
Caruso, Philip1965-01-20
Caruso, Rose1988-06-29
Carwell, Glen M.1993-04-08
Casa, Donna J.2006-04-14
Casaga, Gidvaniana1955-04-21
Casaga, Mary1962-04-13
Casaway, Katherline1958-12-11
Cascio, Alice E.1986-06-11
Cascio, Joseph J.2004-04-22
Cascio, Michael1947-03-06
Cascio, Pascal1986-09-12
Cascio, Steven P.2015-04-08
Case, Catherine1988-02-15
Case, Frances A.1963-06-26
Case, Warren1963-02-13
Casey, John J.1981-11-11
Casey, May J.2001-02-28
Casey, Michael J.1954-09-10
Casini, Lucien1984-03-28
Caslin, Luke E.2000-02-22
Cassidy, Anne M.2011-10-28
Cassidy, Barbara L.2014-01-10
Cassidy, James B.1953-06-11
Cassidy, Vivian1976-01-28
Cassier, Margaret1986-02-26
Cassier, William C.1987-05-27
Castaldi, Isadore1983-02-15
Castelvecchi, Frances P.1984-04-25
Castillo, Ethel B.1988-11-16
Castner, Carlton W.1998-05-13
Castner, Donald O. Sr.1984-09-28
Castner, Dorthea M.1990-03-30
Castner, Harry E. Sr.1976-12-22
Casto, Jean M.2013-12-20
Casto, Martin J. "Marty"1992-04-17
Catania, John B.1999-08-27
Cates, Roy F.1995-09-20
Caudill, Anne M.2001-02-15
Cauley, Sarah1962-03-28
Cavaliere, Dominick2002-01-14
Cavaliere, Mary1975-05-14
Cavallere, Dorothy L.1999-10-27
Cavallo, Charles S.1985-04-26
Cavanaugh, Edmund S.1982-04-28
Cavanaugh, Ellie T.1965-10-21
Cazes, Marie C.1968-06-12
Cecil, Kathy G.1986-03-12
Cecola, Leonard2006-10-25
Cederholm, Harry Nels1993-01-11
Cederholm, Lorraine B.2006-11-22
Cernick, Lawrence M1993-05-26
Cerny, Vlasta E.1980-06-27
Cerveny, Venia L.1997-01-29
Cesario, Lewis M.1978-01-28
Chaddick, William B. III2005-01-24
Chaffer, Florence W.1978-02-22
Chaffer, Merle F.1976-05-07
Chamberlin, David B.1949-02-16
Chambers, John1965-01-13
Chambers, Mary Bridget1994-01-14
Champene, Charles D.1960-12-29
Champene, Marguerite M.1976-12-29
Champness, Nellie1962-03-14
Chancellor, Mrs. Franklin1948-08-12
Chandler, Mary P.2002-09-18
Chandler, William Jr.1981-10-21
Chaney, Mabel (R.N.)1996-04-24
Chaney, Marvin H.2004-06-30
Chaney, Paul1957-02-28
Changler, Joseph L.1983-01-21
Chantos, James D.2015-10-06
Chapleau, Alice1968-03-29
Chapman, George1988-10-12
Chapman, Irene M.1991-01-11
Chapman, John T.1998-05-13
Chapman, Joseph L.1991-02-20
Chapman, Lorraine D.2007-02-06
Chapman, Walter1962-01-10
Charem, John1959-07-23
Charest, Rodolphe1988-04-28
Charmelo, Christine2010-09-17
Charnon, Peter J.1999-12-24
Chartrand, Charles W.1983-01-15
Chartrand, Jeanne M.1959-01-15
Chase, Emma1959-06-25
Chase, Harold M.1995-11-22
Chavez, Mary C.1998-02-20
Chellman, Thelma1978-12-28
Chenelle, Shirlee A.2004-02-26
Chennel, Judith Lynn2006-03-30
Chernetzki, Alice L.1993-01-15
Cheskie, Felix J.1998-09-30
Chevens, Alice M.1983-02-23
Chevrier, Margaret1987-03-26
Chiapetta, Aldo2014-03-22
Chidlow, Florence A.1980-02-29
Chidlow, Louise1959-05-27
Chieepaes, Edna B.1963-05-31
Childlow, Alexander D.1951-05-07
Chindlund, Jim W.1995-01-28
Chinn, Hannah1953-03-05
Chism, Charlene2001-02-13
Chism, Elmo E.1982-07-16
Chittenden, Mary1935-02-01
Chlysta, Charles J. Sr.1995-07-19
Chmelik, John W.1994-05-02
Choiniere, Edmund J.2002-04-21
Chole, Charles A.1979-02-01
Cholle, Bessie1959-04-11
Chrabot, Edward P.2002-03-28
Chrastka, Margaret Jane1996-10-25
Chrastka, Robert F.1993-03-17
Christen, Claudia A.1984-02-21
Christen, John C.1984-05-16
Christensen, Agnes E.1974-05-10
Christensen, Alfred1981-01-28
Christensen, Anna K.1976-12-15
Christensen, Arline1973-09-12
Christensen, Charlotte G.1983-01-26
Christensen, Donald C.1993-05-26
Christensen, Esther L.1983-09-23
Christensen, Hazel M.1989-01-25
Christensen, John T.1968-08-28
Christensen, Robert W.2008-03-06
Christensen, Thomas1989-05-10
Christenson, Clara1957-10-24
Christian, Lou A.1984-09-14
Christiansen, Arthur1969-06-13
Christiansen, Catherine Anne1997-03-05
Christiansen, Elise M.2005-03-16
Christiansen, Frederick J.1972-08-23
Christiansen, Kay Lorenty1967-12-15
Christiansen, Kenneth R.1993-03-05
Christianson, Eugene1987-01-14
Christianson, Ray2000-06-14
Christie, Erna M.1962-12-28
Christoffel, Roy T.2005-01-24
Christopherson, Earl1973-11-23
Chrobak, Violet M.1978-11-15
Chrobak, William J. Sr.1979-01-31
Chruscielski, Stephen1987-05-27
Churchill, Helen1962-03-21
Ciano,Kathleen E2019-01-18
Cicero, Joeseph G.1980-09-24
Cichocki, Mary C.1976-08-20
Cico, Eva1991-12-13
Clabots, Charles1962-02-28
Clabots, Margaret1971-07-21
Clamer, Amanda1964-09-10
Clamer, Julius1963-01-18
Clamer, Laura1954-01-14
Clapp, Martha2006-04-28
Claps, Jean F.2015-06-24
Claps, Rocco J. Sr.1999-12-10
Clark, Alfred G.1986-12-30
Clark, Grace1986-08-22
Clark, Irene E.1992-04-03
Clark, John F.1984-10-10
Clark, John Roland1932-02-03
Clark, Robert E. Sr.1987-09-11
Clarke, Josephine2010-12-24
Clarkson, Virginia L.2002-03-29
Clarkson, William B.1990-05-18
Clayburn, Irene J.2001-12-14
Clayburn, Walter J.1973-03-30
Cleary, Emily A.2006-08-16
Cleary, Frank1973-03-14
Cleary, Joseph S.1998-03-12
Cleary, Joseph Sr.1978-01-23
Cleff, Agnes E.2009-04-17
Cleff, Walter1969-10-22
Cleland, Morris1944-08-31
Clemmings, Linda L.1995-04-26
Clemmons, Dolores E.2001-09-12
Clifford, John T.1980-12-10
Clifford, Thomas D.1979-12-27
Clifton, Rebecca H.1947-07-31
Clingen, Christine1948-07-22
Clutterbuck, Clara1991-04-26
Coa, Valerie G.1988-08-24
Coari, David L.1986-02-06
Coari, Florence E.1977-04-17
Cobb, Warren A.1999-09-15
Coblentz, Kenneth G.1975-06-25
Cockfair, David1935-01-11
Coduti, Margaret1991-12-27
Coduto, Josephine1981-03-11
Cogdal, Anna L.1988-01-29
Cogdal, Constance M.1985-12-31
Cohen, Martha J.1971-07-21
Colabelli, Julio J.2005-03-04
Colagrossi, Michael John2002-05-15
Colagrossi, Michael John2002-05-17
Colburn, Hazel1961-04-01
Colburn, Lyman1972-10-25
Cole, Esther M.1996-07-31
Cole, Marie1960-02-24
Coleman, Diane1986-05-05
Coletta, Florence E. "Tiny"1992-02-12
Coletta, Michael G.1997-03-19
Colin, Edward C.1958-10-28
Collicut, Myrtle1964-03-05
Collier, Effie1967-05-19
Collins, David1956-01-26
Collins, David M.2006-02-24
Collins, Dorothy E.1978-02-22
Collins, John V.1978-02-07
Collins, Meghan E.1994-06-10
Collins, Richard E.1968-06-12
Collins, William E.1981-09-23
Collins, William J.1963-08-28
Colpo, Pierina1966-06-29
Colpo, Rudolph1967-03-23
Colweck, Ruth L.1972-08-30
Combes, Mrs. Alfred1949-06-24
Comel, Jennie1984-06-22
Commare, Vito1957-03-15
Comstock, James H.1939-09-14
Congdon, John1978-07-26
Conklin, Caroline1951-05-25
Conley, Margaret M.1993-01-27
Conley, Martin J.1994-09-16
Conley, Martin J.1994-09-21
Connelly, Bennie L.1981-08-28
Connelly, Edwin J. Sr.1970-06-10
Connelly, Thomas1975-03-20
Connelly, Waunitta M.1993-02-24
Conrad, Joseph H.1993-01-18
Conrad, Shirley T.2013-09-27
Conradi, Edward A.2000-05-19
Conradi, Gertrude A.1988-11-30
Conran, Dolores D.1985-11-29
Considine, Francis S.1990-07-11
Considine, James M. Sr.1989-04-19
Considine, Mary E.1986-10-15
Constantine, Elizabeth2005-07-22
Constantine, John D.1988-06-22
Contri, Frank J.2011-12-23
Contri, Mary2010-03-20
Converso, Herman L.2006-09-27
Converso, Margaret B.2003-05-16
Conway, Marion V.2007-01-24
Conyers, Ralph1957-11-21
Cook, Alfred1955-02-02
Cook, J. O. Jr.1979-01-17
Cook, John B.1968-01-27
Cook, Navilla1960-08-25
Cook, Ralph E. Sr.1967-03-03
Cook, Raphael R.2009-01-12
Cook, Reuben L.2004-06-18
Coomer, Ronald J.1964-02-12
Coonrad, Virgil L.1969-02-11
Cooper, Barney1959-01-15
Cooper, Charles1973-02-28
Cooper, Dorothy P.1989-04-01
Cooper, Ella Jane1945-03-22
Cooper, Fleta B.1953-12-24
Cooper, John H.1990-04-20
Cooper, Mabel F.2008-01-12
Cooper, Mary1942-04-30
Cooper, Millie1937-03-25
Copeland, Christine1968-01-14
Copland, James1979-08-29
Copland, Vivian N.1995-11-22
Corbin, Pearl1966-05-18
Corbin, Walter L.1963-09-20
Corbly, Elizabeth1995-12-13
Corbly, Hiland P.1963-01-23
Corbly, Julia S.1967-03-17
Corbly, Parker1971-08-11
Cordes, Margaret1967-06-30
Corkery, Sara H.1966-02-17
Corley, Gordon1952-02-28
Corley, William1951-04-07
Cornell, Charles O. Jr.1993-06-16
Cornell, Mary E.1995-07-26
Cornett, Nellie1970-02-25
Corso, Mary A.1966-01-29
Cortesi, Genevieve L.2003-02-28
Cortesi, L. R.1983-02-08
Costello, Arthur J.1974-04-19
Costello, Helen E.1980-09-19
Costello, John1973-05-07
Costenaro, Gail1981-04-12
Cott, Margerite1960-08-25
Cottingham, Joseph W.1981-01-16
Cottrell, Merl1961-05-01
Coty, Joseph W.1955-05-12
Coughlin, Helen M.1989-03-03
Coughlin, James W.1962-06-13
Counsell, John1958-04-17
Counsell, William1996-01-17
Countryman, Estelle E.1975-01-27
Courtneay, Helen G.1983-01-15
Courtney, Mary1956-01-22
Covington, Carl J. Sr.1976-01-17
Covington, Earl J. Sr.1976-01-17
Cowan, Carol M.1997-07-23
Cowan, Charles R. Jr.2006-03-16
Cowan, Mungo1959-06-11
Cowan, Stephen1965-04-17
Cowell, Mary1973-01-10
Cowgill, Jesse L.1968-10-11
Cowley, Charles A.1935-05-06
Cowlin, Alfred B.1945-09-27
Cowlin, Ethel1962-02-23
Cox, --1937-03-18
Cox, Anna M.1992-06-24
Cox, Donna J.2004-04-30
Cox, Elizabeth1974-04-17
Cox, Thomas J.1999-01-18
Coyle, Lottie1978-01-11
Coyne, John P.2006-02-14
Crabb, Arlen2005-06-15
Crabtree, Rose1960-02-25
Craft, Lewis John2013-12-17
Craig, Charles E.1958-05-22
Crain, Aleen1996-04-10
Crain, William J.1937-02-25
Cramer, Henry G.2001-07-20
Crandall, Claude A.1982-04-16
Crandall, Marilyn2010-03-20
Crandall, Sannie1974-08-30
Crane, Donald R.1987-11-20
Cravens,William B.1971-05-05
Crawford, Daniel V.1995-06-14
Crawford, Elinor Y.1996-01-27
Crawford, John R.1965-11-12
Crawford, Walter1953-04-30
Creamer, Louise C.1971-04-28
Cregar, Arthur A.1976-03-31
Crego, Marie C.1961-03-29
Crenshaw, Barbara1995-08-30
Crest, Jules L.1936-03-13
Crighton, Robert E.1983-08-12
Crill, Richard E.1983-10-19
Crilly, Philip J. Sr2009-03-06
Crivelli, Kathleen1981-05-28
Crlson, Harry G.1996-01-22
Crockett, Patrica2009-01-26
Cromey, Edward R.2015-12-02
Cromey, Thresia E.1974-04-12
Croneis, Jon E.1968-04-19
Cronwall, Holda1972-06-28
Cronwell, Marie L.1971-03-13
Cross, George1947-06-26
Cross, James E.1992-03-11
Cross, John W. Sr.1999-03-24
Cross, Lucille A.1994-10-12
Cross, Mary R.1969-04-25
Cross, Robert A.1999-07-16
Crotty, Antonette2015-12-18
Crowe, Joan W.1976-03-19
Crowell, Julia M.1991-10-16
Crowell, Renus1989-05-31
Crowell, Richard "Dale"1998-05-02
Crowley, Dorothy C.1987-04-24
Crowley, Edward J.1990-06-29
Cruger, John W.1932-12-22
Crum, Edna1974-01-25
Crum, Elizabeth1931-05-22
Crum, George1961-12-27
Crum, Melvin W.1978-03-29
Cruz, Jose F.1992-09-11
Crynen, Harry1972-01-21
Csekme, Gregory J.1983-02-25
Cullinan, Michael1978-07-26
Cullinan, Thomas W.2005-02-23
Cullum, Lewis1971-09-29
Culver, Helen M.1999-11-12
Cummings, Elvin C.1970-01-14
Cunningham, Alice E.1979-03-09
Cunningham, Barbara1997-02-21
Cunningham, Barbara Anne2002-03-16
Cunningham, James1969-02-04
Cunningham, James F.1986-10-22
Cupkendall, Edson1988-02-17
Cupper, Lola B.1999-02-10
Curlee, Addie1961-06-21
Curley, Fans B.1987-04-17
Curley, Ruth1960-11-10
Currie, Mildred1969-07-25
Currie, Robert B.1961-02-22
Curry, Bernard1974-01-14
Cushing, Thomas F.1950-05-19
Cusimano, Mary1964-04-15
Cuthbertson, Betty Jean1999-03-25
Cwiklik, Boleslaus "Ben"2010-02-18
Cwiklik, Mary Leona Urban2004-04-17
Cygan, Regina W.1994-09-23
Czarnecki, Edward C.1979-06-29
Czech, Elizabeth B.2014-11-14
Czechanski, Edward A.1983-06-29
Czerkas, Mary V.1996-01-19
Czerwonka, Isabel E.2004-03-17
Czerwonka, Mary A.1989-04-11