Cover Letters

Part of our “Get the Job!” series, these titles will help you make that all-important first impression on the interview and at the job. The printable pamphlet is available for download.

Recommended Titles

  • 15-Minute Cover Letter:
    Write an Effective Cover Letter Right Now
    By Michael J. Farr
    (650.142 Far)
  • Cover Letter Magic:
    Trade Secrets of Professional Resume Writers
    By Wendy Enelow
    (650.142 Ene)
  • How to Write Better Resumes and Cover Letters
    By Pat Criscito
    (650.142 Cri)
  • Knock ‘em Dead Cover Letters:
    Great Letter Techniques and Samples for Every Step of Your Search
    Martin John Yate
    (650.142 Yat)
  • Nail the Cover Letter!:
    Great Tips for Creating Dynamite Cover Letters
    By Ronald Krannich
    (650.142 Kra)

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