Interested bidders must complete AIA Document A305, Contractor’s Qualification Statement together with the Supplement to the Contractor’s Qualification Statement. This material will be available from the library website from 2/22/18 and can be submitted to Sandra Hill and Graham Harwood via the following e-mails and by 2 PM on 3/5/18. Hard copies can be delivered to Villa Park Public Library before 2 PM on 3/5/18. All materials delivered must be submitted in a clearly marked envelope stating “Villa Park Public Library Prequalification Materials”. Failure to perform the above may deny prequalification to the bidder by the Owner. A set of construction document drawings prepared by Williams Architect delineating the scope of the project is available for review only at Villa Park Public Library, 305 Ardmore Ave. Villa Park, IL 60181. Documents can be found here:

Building Project Updates