Introducing Hoopla Flex

Villa Park Public Library is excited to offer access to Hoopla Digital’s Flex Library to our patrons.

Beginning on Tuesday, April 2, patrons will have three (3) Hoopla “flex” borrows that can be used at any time on available “flex” eBooks and digital audiobooks. “Flex” titles allow patrons to borrow new, popular, and high-demand eBooks and digital audiobooks. These “flex” borrows are in addition to the six (6) Hoopla “instant” borrows that patrons may currently download each month with their library card. Both Hoopla “instant” and “flex” titles are accessible through the same Hoopla Digital app patrons are already using and enjoying.

As Hoopla “flex” titles will be purchased directly by Villa Park Public Library, we welcome recommendations from patrons on new titles to purchase for the “flex’ borrows.

Not familiar with Hoopla? With Hoopla, patrons can read, watch, and listen to more than 950,000 eBooks, digital audiobooks, comics, movies, or TV shows that are available to stream or download. Patrons can sign up for Hoopla for free with a Villa Park Library card at or download the Hoopla app from their favorite app store.

Patrons who do not have a current library card account are encouraged to register in person for a regular library card.

What are the differences between Hoopla “Instant” borrows and Hoopla “Flex” borrows?

Instant Borrows:

  • Patrons receive six (6) “instant” borrows each month.
  • At the end of the month, “instant” borrow expire and then the patron starts over with six borrows for the next month.
  • Check out periods for “instant” titles vary depending on the format (book, music, movie, etc) of the item.
  • “Instant” borrows are always ready for check out and multiple patrons can have the same title checked out at the same time. There are no holds and no waiting.
  • eBooks, digital audiobooks, comics, music, movies, and TV shows can be borrowed using “instant” borrow.
  • “Instant” borrows are designated by a lightning bolt. This symbol is located above and to the left of the book/audio cover graphic.

Flex Borrows:

  • Patrons receive three (3) “flex” borrows that can be used at any time.
  • “Flex” borrows do not expire like “instant” borrows do each month.
  • “Flex” titles check out for 21 days.
  • “Flex” titles can only be used by one person at a time, so they may not be available instantly. Patrons may have to place a title on hold and wait until the item is returned to check it out.
  • If a patron reaches their three (3) “flex” title limit, they can return a checked-out “flex” title and borrow another.
  • At this time, eBooks and digital audiobooks are the only titles that can be borrowed using “flex” borrows.
  • “Flex” borrows DO NOT count towards a patron’s “instant” borrows.
  • “Flex’ borrows are designated by a refresh icon. This symbol is located above and to the left of the book/audio cover graphic.