Building Project Update

February 12, 2018 update:

The Library Board expects to go out to bid on the building renovation project this March, with ground-breaking taking place in April. During these past few months, collections have been moved around in preparation for construction.

The primary focus of the first six months of construction will be on building the new addition to the library and on replacing existing building systems: new water supply lines; new storm water and sanitary connections; a new sprinkler system; new rooftop HVAC units; new electric supply; and a new roof. In addition, new bathrooms will be built in the existing building and 55 parking spaces will be created in the lot north of the library. At the same time, some of our existing chairs will be reupholstered and put to use during the process of construction and will be reused in the new building space.

Once the addition has been completed, patrons and staff will use the new space while the existing building is renovated. New walls, new pipes, and energy-efficient windows will be installed to finish updating the existing building.

While all of this is happening, the library will continue to offer service to our patrons. When you visit the library and are unable to find an item, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff members for assistance. Building project updates will be made available on our website at: and also on our social media outlets.