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VPPL Mini-Library

Thursday, December 8 3–4 p.m. Special Location: Jefferson Middle School (255 W. Vermont St., Villa Park) In partnership with School District 45 and Jefferson Middle School, [...] Continue…

VPPL Mini-Library

Thursday, December 1 3–4 p.m. Special Location: Jefferson Middle School (255 W. Vermont St., Villa Park) In partnership with School District 45 and Jefferson Middle School, [...] Continue…

Holiday Matinee

Friday, November 25 1 p.m. All ages Join us for a screening of Finding Dory (©Walt Disney Pictures, 2016: PG, 103 minutes). Registration is not required.   [...] Continue…

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Book Reviews

Kill the Boy Band
Goldy Moldavsky
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Four girls, obsessed with one boy band, spend a night at the same hotel their favorite group is staying at. They accidentally kidnap one of the band members, who ends up dead and no one knows what happened.


The Book Thief
Markus Zusak
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The Book Thief is a very emotional piece of historical fiction that engrosses the reader into the lives of children impacted by WWII in Nazi Germany. The story revolves around one young girl in particular named Liesel, who has a great fondness for reading. Liesel begins to start stealing books that the Nazi party seeks out to destroy and in the process, discovers the power of words. “The Book Thief” is a powerful story of friendship, dedication, and self discovery. Recommended for ages 12+ due to its emotional themes and harrowing depictions of war.”


Brian Jacques
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What’s that you say? Redwall is a book for little kids and not teenagers?  Well, I beg to differ! Redwall and the series it follows is chock full of select mature themes in conjunction with more simplistic plots that span several age groups.  These anthropomorphic fantasy adventures can be enjoyed by anyone, really.

– Dan

Stephenie Meyer

This book changed my life. A gripping tale of love and deception. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

– Joe

Readers Advisory Staff

Looking for that great new read? The Villa Park Public Library has a fantastic Readers Advisory staff that is happy to recommend novels. Whether you’re looking for new authors like your old favorites, or you’re ready for something completely new, our RA staff is here to help. They run reading groups and book discussions to help make reading a more social experience. These folks know their stuff!

Looking for a Recommendation?

If you’re looking for a recommendation you can contact one of the readers advisory staff.


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Mysteries, Fantasy

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Dan C.

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Primary Source Historical Texts, Horror

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Mysteries, Graphic Novels

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Historical Non-Fiction, Fairy Tales

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Romantic Suspense, Scifi-fantasy

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Books about animals that lose their hats, Mysteries

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Alternate History Fiction, Suspense

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Animal fiction

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Literary Fiction, Regional American History

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True-life biographies, Non-fiction