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Book Reviews

The City of Ember
Jeanne DuPrau
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The City of Ember lies deep underground. The builders created the city over 200 years ago to keep the citizens safe from the toxic world above ground. The citizens of Ember are running out of time. The builders gave them supplies to survive for a long time, but the supply is running out. Now the lights in the city are blacking out for longer and longer periods of time. It’s time to find a way out. Lina and Doon discover a box hidden in Lina’s house that contains instructions on how to escape and return above ground. Will they find a way out in time, or will the city go dark forever?


Nevermoor: the Trials of Morrigan Crow
Jessica Townsend
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Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow starts off in a magical land with young Morrigan Crow, one of the cursed children of her realm. The townspeople blame everthing on cursed children, they are the permanent scapegoats, and doomed to die at a young age. However, Morrigan’s destiny is altered when a mysterious stranger shows up at her door just before her time to die. He takes her to the invisible realm of Nevermoor, where she has a chance to join a secret society and be safe forever. This new life is not without its catch, to join the society Morrigan must undergo several difficult trials. Along the way she must discover who she really is and what her true gift can do.

–  Laura

Genuine Fraud
E. Lockhart
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Lock the doors and turn your phone off—you won’t want any interruptions when you read this book. Dive into the world of Jule, a brilliant but tough and complicated young woman who is on the run… but why? And who exactly is she running from? Through 19 chapters, the story unfolds in reverse to tell it all from the beginning—and it is QUITE a story here, filled with people who are never what they seem to be at first glance. Some disappear, some are murdered, and a few plans go awry in the worst way possible. You will be guessing all along about who’s who and what exactly is happening—but by the book’s end, you’ll see how the whole crazy mess began on an ordinary day in a young girl’s life.


Orbiting Jupiter
Gary D. Schmidt
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Jack and his parents take in a foster child named Joseph in this heart-wrenching story. Thirteen-year-old Joseph has seemingly lost everything he holds dear, including his three-month-old daughter, Jupiter. Throughout this story, Jack and Joseph learn new definitions of family, responsibility, and consequences. This book will give you a new perspective on compassion, and it will make you cry. I would recommend this for middle school and older readers for tragic and mature thematic elements.


March: Book 3
John Lewis & Andrew Aydin
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The last book of an autobiographical graphic novel trilogy, March highlights the experiences of Congressman John Lewis in the Civil Rights Movement. Book 3 depicts the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committees’ resistance through civic participation and non-violent protests in face of violence and turmoil in the Deep South. The illustrations draw readers into the story and give a sense of immediacy to the grassroots movement and 1960s American history.


Girl with a Camera : Margaret Bourke-White, Photographer : a Novel
Carolyn Meyer
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Margaret “Peggy” Bourke-White marched to the beat of a different drummer knew she’d be famous one day. In this historical novel, Carolyn Meyer traces Margaret’s ambitions of becoming a herpetologist. Despite a lack of encouragement by her peers and a marriage at a young age, Peggy, was instead able to become rich and famous from her work as a photographer through perseverance and a few lucky breaks.