Villa Park Facts and Figures

Village Origins

The source of the following information is Recollections: Story of Villa Park, Illinois, pp. 26-46. Several copies of this book are available in the Library’s circulating collection at 977.324 VIL.)

gardvillThe Chicago real estate firm of Ballard & Pottinger began development of a subdivision called Villa Park in DuPage County in 1908. The same firm developed the Ardmore subdivision in 1910.
In 1914, the subdivisions of Villa Park and Ardmore were united and incorporated as the Village of Ardmore, with a population of 300. William H. Calhoun was elected as the first village president on September 12, 1914.

The name of the village was officially changed to Villa Park in 1917.

Three theories of how Villa Park got its name:

1. Named after two of its principal streets: Villa Avenue and Park Boulevard.
2. Name suggested by Charles C. Heisen, an early and wealthy resident, who owned a Florida estate of the same name.
3. Developers had planned to build villa-style homes in a park-like setting.


Land area of the Village of Villa Park:

4.6 square miles (12.0 square kilometers).
(Source: United States Census Bureau data.)

Map coordinates of Villa Park Village Hall

41 degrees, 53 minutes, 19 seconds North Latitude;
87 degrees, 58 minutes, 42 seconds West Longitude.
(Source: Geographic Names Information System.)

Villa Park elevation above sea level:

675 feet to 725 feet.
(Source: United States Geological Survey topographic maps for Elmhurst Quadrangle and Hinsdale Quadrangle, 1974. The maps are available in the Community Files at the Adult Services reference desk for in-library use.)

Interactive aerial and street map of the Villa Park area:

View here.

Population and Other Census Data

(Source of all data, except where noted: United States Census Bureau website and publications.)

Villa Park data from 2010 Census with 2015 estimate