Finances & Annual Report

Here is some information about our annual circulation and collections for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.  View the full Annual Financial Report here: View PDF

The Resources

Total number of Books Owned 106,254
Number of E-Books 9628
Audio Recording materials
Physical Units 7840
Downloadable titles 7487
Physical Units 7140
Downloadable titles 221
Magazines & newspapers 213
Licensed databases 51

How the items were used

Total items loaned 300,218
Reciprocal borrowing (Materials checked out to other libraries’ patrons) 16,708
Interlibrary loans
Sent to other libraries 24,331
Received from other libraries 28,089
Number of persons who visited the library 246,339
Number of reference questions asked 20,161
Number of registered borrowers 8,936
Total program attendance 9,137


Local government – Property taxes $1,934,653
State Government
Per capita grant $22,463
Penny Severns grant $4,900
Personal Property Replacement Tax $64,586
All other sources $123,323
Total Funding $2,149,925


Salaries $1,044002
Benefits $274,520
Printed materials $124,860
Electronic materials $74,341
Audio-Visual materials $35,874
Operating expenses $439,280
Total Spent $1,992,877