Wireless Printing

From your smartphone:

Step 1: Visit your app store and download the “PrinterOn” app.  Locate the app on your device and open it.


Step 2: At the bottom of the screen, select a printer. On the next screen, use the search feature to locate an available printer in your area (Type: Villa Park Public Library into the search bar).  Please Note: Not only will you see matches for your Villa Park Public Library, you may find local businesses setup on this service too.

Step 3: Choose the printer you wish to print to, noting the option to print in color or black & white.  Black & White copies are $0.10 per page while Color copies are $0.50 per page.

Step 4: Make a selection for the type of item you’d like to print.  Once selected, follow the prompts to locate the item on your device, email, camera roll/gallery, or web, that you’d like to print.

Step 5: Choose the “Settings” option in the upper right corner to select the number of copies to print, paper size, and orientation.  Once satisfied, click the green “Print” button.

Step 6: Enter your First and Last Name in the Login ID field. Tap the check mark in the top right corner of the screen. You’ll receive a confirmation that your print job has been submitted.  To verify the status of your print job, choose the “Print History” option.

Step 7: In the “Print History” section you’ll see all of your print jobs.  Your job will show processing while being sent to the printer.  Once it reads “Success,” call the library at (630) 834-1164 to let us know. We will verify that we have received the print job and print it for you.

Step 8: You will receive a phone call with instructions for curbside pickup.

Contact the library at (630) 834-1164 for more information or with any questions.

From your laptop browser:

You can print documents and web pages using our online printing form.

Supported File Formats


Step-by-step Directions

Web printing page

From any Windows application:

Using PrintWhere, the universal print driver, you can print from any application on your laptop

Printer IDs: B/W:250-126-616, Color:682-426-191


Step-by-step Directions

Driver Download: 64-bit | 32-bit