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Big Bad Bubble
Adam Rubin
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In this book, both the narrator and the reader urge the main characters to face the thing that most terrifies them.  If you want to get really philosophical you could say that this book is about recognizing your own gifts and abilities and using them to fight your fears.  Or perhaps it’s about having the courage to face your fears because sometimes there’s no reason to be afraid at all.  Or it might be about giving something a second chance, even if you had a bad experience previously.  Or you could just say that Big Bad Bubble is a silly story about monsters who are afraid of bubbles.  Personally, I find the idea that my greatest fear may be no more harmful than a fragile ball of soap and air to be a very lovely thought indeed.

–  Julie

Woodpecker Wants a Waffle
Steve Breen
Woodpecker wants a Waffle

Have you ever wanted something and worked hard to get it, only to be thwarted at every turn–and then told that you shouldn’t even try? If so, you’ll identify with Benny, a woodpecker who wants nothing more than a delicious waffle to eat. Will Benny realize his dream? Read this picture book to learn the fate of Benny’s quest!

–  Jean

Dragons Love Tacos
Adam Rubin
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Sometimes disastrous things can happen, even when you think you’ve prevented them.  We just have to do our best to pick up the pieces afterwards, and maybe have some fun while we do.  Dragons Love Tacos is a wonderfully silly story involving dragons, tacos, and the dangers of hot sauce.  It’s a rather outrageous story, and the illustrations are absolutely fantastic from the thousands of tacos to the adorable dragons.


All for Pie, Pie for All
David Martin
All for pie, pie for all

Sharing is important, especially on a mathematical scale!  Grandma Cat baked a heapin’ helpin’ of her famous apple pie and everyone is invited!  An excellent allegory involving empathy! This story brought back fond memories of my grandmother and how she made sure everyone went home with a full belly!

– Dan

Readers Advisory Staff

Looking for something new for your child to read? Are you a teacher looking for something to read to your children The Villa Park Public Library has a fantastic Readers Advisory staff that is happy to recommend all sorts of genres and titles. Whether you’re looking for new authors similar to old favorites, or you’re ready for something completely new, our staff is here to help. They organize fun programs like Toddler story and song time to help make reading a more social experience. These folks know their stuff!

Looking for a Recommendation?

If you’re looking for a recommendation you can contact one of the readers advisory staff.

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