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This book just ate my dog!
Richard Byrne
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This humorous, delightful and interactive 2017 Monarch Award Nominee is a must read, indeed! Bella is taking her dog on a walk through the pages of this book when people and her dog mysteriously disappear as the pages are turned. After these disappearances occur, the pages let out a BIG burp! A note appears and asks readers to kindly help out. Readers of all ages will enjoy this colorful picture book to help Bella with her puzzling dilemma!

We’re in the Wrong Book! and This Book is Out of Control! are two other suggested books by this author which you may like to check out as well.

A suggested read for ages 4 to 7 with a Lexile® # of 460 adult-directed text.


Céline Claire
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A blizzard is coming! The animals of the forest begin preparing, gathering food and wood. But what will happen to the two bears stranded outside? Seeking shelter, they knock on the doors of all of the forest families, but are turned away. Only Little Fox helps by giving them a lantern by which they find a hilltop where they build a den out of snow. When the roof of the fox den begins to collapse, they retreat into the storm, where they run into the two bears. There, both families find that they have just enough to help each other brave the blizzard together. Shelter is a heart-warming tale of generosity that boasts beautiful, vintage-style artwork.

–  Christina

Germs are not for sharing/ Los germenes no son para compartir
Beth Verdick and Marieka Heinlen
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Germs are not for sharing goes through the directions of what to do in order to not spread germs. It shows children how to throw away a used tissue after blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing; how and when to wash their hands; and what to do if food falls on the floor. There are also tips for parents and caregivers.

Los germenes no son para compartir  muestra las instrucciones para que hacer para no se pasan los germenes a otros. Les muestra a los niños como tirar un pañuelo usado después de usarlo para la nariz, de toser, y de estornudar, como y cuando se lavan las manos, y que hace cuando la cominda se caye en el suelo. Tambien, hay consejos para los padres y los cuidadanos.


One Plastic Bag: Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia
Miranda Paul
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This 2017 Monarch Award Nominee is a wonderful true story about Isatou Ceesay, a woman in Njau, Gambia who realized too many plastic bags were accumulating in and around her village. The bags were strangling plant gardens, bringing invading bugs and disease, and killing livestock among other unwanted issues. Something needed to be done, and she found a way to recycle the bags and transform her community. Reading this inspiring story shows just how one person’s actions can make a difference in our big world. This book is a great cultural and educational read in addition to being a go-to resource when writing school reports about ecological awareness, recycling or inspiring women.

A suggested read for ages 5 to 9 and has a Lexile®# of 570 adult-directed text.


Snow and Rose
Emily Winfield Martin
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In this reimagining of the Grimm fairy tale “Snow White and Rose Red,” two sisters live in a cottage in the woods with their mother following the disappearance of their father. Living on the edge of the forest that stole him, the girls find themselves constantly drawn to it. One day, they venture inside, unaware of the prophecy that has predicted this very moment. Will they ever find out what happened to their father? Or will they meet the same fate? Snow and Rose is full of danger, mystery, beauty, and enchanting characters. The illustrations are beautiful and the prose is written in a poetic, natural style that is easy to read. If you enjoy fairy tales and Disney films, you will love this book.


Maya Lin: Thinking With her Hands
Susan Goldman Rubin
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Maya Lin is best known for designing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., which she did while she was still in college! She has since designed several more incredible memorials and buildings across the country. This book goes into detail about her life and projects, and how she got started as an artist. Did you know she originally wanted to be a veterinarian? As a lonely child with only animals for friends, she began designing and building her own imaginary worlds out of paper and clay. She would then move on to challenge herself as an artist, working with water, wood, glass, and many other mediums. Follow her journey from ambitious architecture student to National Medal of Arts recipient.


Readers Advisory Staff

Looking for something new for your child to read? Are you a teacher looking for something to read to your children The Villa Park Public Library has a fantastic Readers Advisory staff that is happy to recommend all sorts of genres and titles. Whether you’re looking for new authors similar to old favorites, or you’re ready for something completely new, our staff is here to help. They organize fun programs like Toddler story and song time to help make reading a more social experience. These folks know their stuff!

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If you’re looking for a recommendation you can contact one of the readers advisory staff.

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