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September 14, 2018 Update

Masonry work on north side of the building – photo taken on September 13, 2018

Preparing to pour concrete foundation – photo taken on September 11, 2018

Removing sidewalk on south side of the building – photo taken on September 11, 2018




Removing bike racks and sidewalk on south side of building – photo taken on September 11, 2018

August 27, 2018 Update

Foundation for new building addition – photo taken August 18, 2018

Foundation for new building addition – photo taken August 18, 2018

Bioswale excavation – photo taken August 14, 2018

June 27, 2018 Update

Here are some photos taken by drone of the Villa Park Public Library project. Photos were provided by Wight & Company.














Here’s an animated video walk-through of the newly renovated and expanded Villa Park Public Library provided by Williams Architects.

May 21, 2018 Update

On May 8th,  the Library Board approved a contract with Wight Construction Services of Darien, IL for the expansion and renovation of the library building.  The Library Board worked with the architects, owner’s representative, and Wight Construction Services on the groundbreaking event which was held this past Saturday, the 19th.

May 19, 2018 Update

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, the library held the groundbreaking ceremony:

March 22, 2018


The Board of Trustees of the Villa Park Public Library is now accepting proposals for materials testing and special inspection services as outlined in the scope of work detailed in the request for proposal document from qualified construction materials testing firms. Testing and inspection services shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, performing concrete testing, steel testing, and all special inspections required for the project by the 2009 edition of the International Building Code as adopted by the Village of Villa Park.


This is a phased library project with the construction of a 9300 SQ FT addition and parking lot as phase 1 followed by the renovation of an existing 24,500 SQ FT building. The library will remain operational throughout the construction period.

Project construction value is $7 Million.


Request for Proposal Documents will be available on 03/22/18. The submission period will be approximately 3 weeks. Construction is scheduled to begin in May 2018. A 12-month construction period is anticipated.


Interested bidders can download RFP material from the library website from 03/22/18. Completed materials can be submitted to Sandy Hill and Graham Harwood via the following e-mails and by 2 PM on 04/16/18. Hard copies can be delivered to Villa Park Public Library located at 305 S. Ardmore Ave, Villa Park, Illinois – 60181 before 2 PM on 04/16/18. All materials delivered must be submitted in a clearly marked envelope stating “Villa Park Public Library Construction Material Testing & Special Inspections Services”. Proposals will be evaluated in accordance with the Local Government Professional Services Act, and award is subject to approval by the Board of Trustees.

Board of Library Trustees of the Villa Park Public Library.


Advertisement for RFP for CMT and Special Inspections Services

Exhibit A – Material Testing and Special Inspections Specifications

Exhibit B – Arch, Civil, Structural Dwgs

Villa Park Public Lib Material Testing & Special Inspections RFP

February 22, 2018


Interested bidders must complete AIA Document A305, Contractor’s Qualification Statement together with the Supplement to the Contractor’s Qualification Statement.  This material will be available from the library website from 2/22/18 and can be submitted to Sandra Hill and Graham Harwood via the following e-mails and by 2 PM on 3/5/18. Hard copies can be delivered to Villa Park Public Library before 2 PM on 3/5/18. All materials delivered must be submitted in a clearly marked envelope stating “Villa Park Public Library Prequalification Materials”.  Failure to perform the above may deny prequalification to the bidder by the Owner. A set of construction document drawings prepared by Williams Architect delineating the scope of the project is available for review only at Villa Park Public Library, 305 Ardmore Ave. Villa Park, IL 60181.

Advertisement for pre-qualification bid

AIA Document A305-1986

Supplement to AIA Document A305 Contractor’s Qualification Statement

February 12, 2018 update:

The Library Board expects to go out to bid on the building renovation project this March, with ground-breaking taking place in April. During these past few months, collections have been moved around in preparation for construction.

The primary focus of the first six months of construction will be on building the new addition to the library and on replacing existing building systems: new water supply lines; new storm water and sanitary connections; a new sprinkler system; new rooftop HVAC units; new electric supply; and a new roof. In addition, new bathrooms will be built in the existing building and 55 parking spaces will be created in the lot north of the library. At the same time, some of our existing chairs will be reupholstered and put to use during the process of construction and will be reused in the new building space.

Once the addition has been completed, patrons and staff will use the new space while the existing building is renovated. New walls, new pipes, and energy-efficient windows will be installed to finish updating the existing building.

While all of this is happening, the library will continue to offer service to our patrons. When you visit the library and are unable to find an item, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff members for assistance. Building project updates will be made available on our website at: and also on our social media outlets.

Fly around view of the building project

12/6/17 – Building Project Update please note:

The Youth Services Department and second floor of the library are currently closed. We have some youth materials and services available on the first floor. Midwest Environmental Consulting Services, Inc. (MEC) has provided the following information on this project:
All abatement operations are being carried out at night to minimize disruption to patrons.
The floor tile that is being abated from the library has remained in intact condition for a number of years and therefore has not been a hazard to anyone occupying the building. The asbestos content is only exposed when abatement or construction activities disturb the tile. While tile is intact and not disturbed, there is no exposure risk.
Midwest Environmental Consulting Services, Inc. (MEC) has been contracted by Villa Park Public Library to provide project management oversight and air monitoring to ensure compliance with all Local, State, and Federal asbestos regulations.
MEC will be performing daily air sampling for the duration of the abatement project to monitor potential airborne fiber concentrations inside and outside of the asbestos abatement work area, and clearance air sampling at the completion of the project, as required. 
All project management and air sampling will be performed by IDPH licensed personnel from MEC.  An Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) licensed asbestos abatement contractor will be performing all asbestos abatement activities and will also be utilizing IDPH licensed asbestos abatement workers. 

New Building Project Documents – Bid Notices and Request for Proposals

We placed a public notice in the Daily Herald (7/17/17) seeking Requests for Proposal for the Exterior Improvements to the library building (concrete fascia panel).

We have hired a survey firm to complete a topographical survey of the complete site.

We placed two public notices in the Daily Herald (7/19/17).  One is for geotechnical and soil boring services and the other is for an environmental site assessment.

These documents can be viewed/downloaded below:

Geo-technical Engineering Bid Notice

Geo-technical Engineering Request for Proposal

Hazardous Materials Survey Bid Notice

Hazardous Materials Survey Site Request for Proposal