Computer Boot Camp

Hands-on computer classes are offered at the Library Annex (317 S. Ardmore Ave). These classes are open to VPPL cardholders, high school-age and older. A fee of $10 is required at the time of registration. All Office courses will be taught using Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows XP.

Please see the Library’s event calendar for upcoming dates & times.

Intro to Computers 1

In this class, students will be introduced to the basic components of a computer, mouse techniques, and the layout of Microsoft Windows XP. Includes lecture and some hands-on work with the Windows Desktop.

Intro to Computers 2

Students will delve further into Microsoft Windows, using Windows Explorer to investigate file structure, getting hands-on experience manipulating desktop icons and files, and using the Start Menu. Basic computer troubleshooting and maintenance will also covered. Experience using the mouse is a must.

Microsoft Word 1

Learn how to use Microsoft Word 2007, a word processing program. You’ll learn basic skills such as creating, saving, and naming a document; entering and correcting text; formatting and aligning text and more. No prior knowledge of Word is required, but you must have basic Windows, mouse, and keyboarding skills.

Microsoft Excel 1

In this class, students will investigate Excel 2007, reviewing the layout of worksheets, entering data, saving and printing, and formatting cells and tables. Mostly hands-on; experience using a mouse is a must.

Microsoft Excel 2

Excel 2 starts with a review of basic cell formulas, followed by opportunities to work within an interrelated Excel workbook using sheet references, pivot-tables, and charts. Mostly hands-on; experience using a mouse is a must.