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ABC Toon Center – Have fun with cartoons, games, puzzles, and stories.

Art Jam - A magazine featuring kids’ writing and artwork produced by the Villa Park Public Library.

Learn to Juggle – Animated instructions for how to juggle in 6 easy steps.

Let’s Play – Games and stories, printable play sheets for Clifford, Magic School Bus, WordGirl, Maya and Miguel, and more.

Blue’s Clues - Meet the characters, craft and learning ideas, videos, and printables.

City Creator  - Build a 3D city complete with roads, buildings, people, and more.

Guiness World Records - Explore records.  Search records.  Set a record!

Oaklee’s Guide Fall 2014- Select to view the digital edition of Oaklee’s Guide Fall 2014.

 Virtual Kaleidoscope - Doodle and draw using tools to make a kaleidoscope.


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