Gifts and Donations

Library Gifts are Many Gifts in One

A gift to the Villa Park Public Library will be appreciated by many. It can be a remembrance for a special occasion or person and also a gift to share with the entire community. Library users for years to come will consider the gift a contribution to their education and enjoyment. The specially inscribed nameplate on each gift will inform library users of the occasion or person you wish to commemorate. A variety of formats, including books, movies, audiobooks, or compact discs, may be requested as gift purchases. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Each gift bears a distinctive nameplate which denotes the donor’s name and the name of the person or occasion being remembered. In addition, letters of acknowledgment are sent by the Library – one to the donor and, when appropriate, one to the beneficiary honored by the gift.

A nameplate can mark a special occasion…

  • Celebrating a birthday
  • Remembering a loved one
  • Marking an anniversary
  • Honoring a retirement
  • Heralding the birth of a child
  • Or any occasion which calls for a significant, long-lasting remembrance

Library Gifts Come In Every Size

Recognition and Remembrance Gifts

Large or small, these donations are usually made by individuals or families to celebrate a significant occasion or remember people. Often, these gifts are books or audiobooks by the honoree’s favorite author or subject.

Gifts from Organizations

Many clubs and groups contribute funds to the Library each year, expanding the collection most suited to the group’s focus. A club or organization may, through the dedication of a title, recognize a member or officer for valued service.

Book Donations

We accept print donations that are either placed in the book sale or in the collection, depending on demand and condition. There are a few items we do not accept:

  • Magazines, including National Geographic and bound volumes
  • Encyclopedias
  • Readers Digest
  • Musty, mildewed, soiled, or damaged items
  • Computer Software